Trouble Maker

"He hasn't been the same since you guys got together. He seems happier and kinder. He acts like a totally new person, like he has a new purpose to live. You're changing his life."

"No, he's changing mine."


10. Ten

Tonight we’re driving to Kansas City. The boys were already asleep. I was stretched on the couch, with Niall next to me. He was dosing on and off. The Bachelorette played on the flat screen. 

“Babe, why do you watch this show? It’s weird.” Niall turned his head away from the TV. 

“I don’t know. I think it’s sweet.” 

“It’s creepy. You’re watching them go on dates and make out and stuff.” 

“So are your fans. Look.” I showed him a picture on my phone from someone’s Tumblr page. It was Niall and I walking to the café we went to a few days ago. Someone took pictures of us sharing a kiss inside. 

“That’s not the same thing.” 

“Yeah it is.” I laid back down on his shoulder. “We’re cute though.” 

“You’re cute.” He kissed my cheek. “After we go to the doctor’s tomorrow, I’m gonna take you out. We’re going to have a normal, teenager date. Eat at some cheap place, go to a movie, walk in the park.” 

“You don’t have do that. I like just hanging out with you here.” 

“It’s gonna us just hanging out. I want to take you out. I want to have a normal relationship. I don’t want to be just some popstar with a pretty girlfriend. I want to be Niall. I want to be yours.”

“Good, because I want you to be.” 

“Deal. You’re mine, I’m yours.” Niall tucked his finger under my chin and turned my head to look at him. “I like you. A lot.” He kissed me. I turned my body to face him more. My hand trailed up his shirtless torso, stopping at his ribs. 

We pulled away, and I gave him a small, quick kiss. “I like you too.”


*Louis POV*

“Hey Lou.” Harry pushed back the curtain to my bunk. I moaned. “Wake up Boo.” He kissed my shoulder and trailed across my collarbone, pushing the sleeve of my tank out of his way. He started to climb into my bottom bunk, and I let him. Soon, Harry straddled my waist and his kisses were getting rougher. He sucked at my spot right below my neck. 

My breathing hitched and I opened my eyes. “Harry.” I chocked out. He continued, probably thinking I said name in pleasure. “Haz, stop.” I slipped my fingers into his hair and softly pushed him off me. 

“Louis.” Harry groaned, laying beside me, yet still slightly on top. “We haven’t been… together in almost a month.”

“My sister’s here.” 

“I don’t care. You promised me when we first started dating, you wouldn’t change, we wouldn’t change.”

“And you promised me you wouldn’t push me. Now look where we are.” My voice raised in frustration and my tone was harsh. I turned on my back, dropping my arm over my eyes. 

“I’m sorry. I just want to feel close to you again.” His voice shook a bit. 

“Hazzy.” Sympathy took over and I turned to face him. I tried to wrap my arms around him and hold him. 

“I’m sorry. I don’t want to start you’re day like this. I didn’t mean to push you.” A tear slipped out of his eye. I brought my thumb to his cheek and wiped it away. I kissed the corner of his eye before another tear could fall. 

“It’s okay baby. I should be saying sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you like that. I want to be close to you too. There are other ways though.” I pulled him into my chest. He gave in and held onto me. I felt more tears drip onto my shirt. “Why are you crying, love?” 

“I- I don’t know. I’m sorry.” He cried. 

“Stop saying sorry.” I chuckled. “I’m not mad at you. Everything’s fine.” I ran my fingers through his hair, and played with the tiny curls at the nape of his neck. I know he likes when I do this. 

“Okay.” He sighed, wiping his face with the back of his hand. 

I held his cheek in my hand, running my thumb over his soft skin. I kissed his forehead and laid my head over his. Harry snuggled up to me. Sometimes, when he gets upset like this, I remember that he’s human. He messes up, he’s vulnerable. But, he’s still perfect. He’s my angel, a flawless person. 


*Zoey POV*

“Ready?” I asked Niall as he pulled himself out of the car. He hobbled up to the sideway. 

He nodded. “Yeah, but I don’t want to.” 

I opened the door to the doctor’s office and pushed him in. We stepped up to the front desk. Niall signed in. We sat and waited for his appointment. 

When the nurse stepped out and called his name, we walked back with her. He grabbed my hand. “Nervous?” I asked. 

“I hate the doctor’s.” He responded as the nurse lead us to the examination room. I helped Niall up onto the table and I sat on the edge. As we waited for the doctor, I went on my Instagram. My latest mention was from Niall. He tagged me in a picture that he just took. It was captioned, “At the doctor’s with my girl. Hope all goes well with my knee, though I’m nervous as hell!” 

“Hey Niall.” The doctor greeted him. “How’ve you been feeling?” 

“Not too good. I think the last couple shows really did it. My knee’s been killing me.” Niall rubbed his hand over his knee as he talked. “Oh, this is my girlfriend Zoey. Zoey, this is Doctor Smith.” 

“Pleasure to meet you.” He smiled and shook my hand. “Alright, let’s get you adjusted and see how bad the injury actually is.” 

He helped Niall lay down. The doctor pushed on his knee, moved it, had Niall bend it. He wrote down notes after each position. After that, he brought in an x-ray machine. He set it up on Niall’s knee and turned it on. 

After taking x-rays, he said, “I’m going to go get these printed up and I’ll be back to talk them over with you guys.” 

When Doctor Smith left the room, Niall turned to me. “What if it’s completely messed up? What if I can’t perform anymore? What if I can’t play football?” 

“You have to stay positive. It can’t be that bad.”

“This band means everything to me. I can’t just stop doing this. Music is me. This is me.”

“Niall, listen to me. You’re going to be fine. You’re not going to have to leave the band, you’re going to be able to perform.” 

“How can you be so sure?” 

I took his hand. “Because I believe in you.” 

About 15 minutes later, Doctor Smith came back to the room. He showed us the x-rays. “As you can see, the right kneecap is normal, and his left is out of position. It probably got pushed out of place when Niall twisted his leg while playing soccer, and it was continued to pushed during the concerts.” 

“Can his knee be fixed?” I asked. 

“Well, yes. There are a couple options. He can wear a brace all the time. I can adjust it, and he comes back twice a month to have it adjusted.” 

“It sounds like these are ways around it. How can it 
be fixed?” Niall said. 

“There’s really only one option. Surgery and physical therapy. Until then, you need to lay low, not damage it anymore. And that includes performing.” 

“I can’t perform?” Niall nearly shrieked. 

“Not until your surgery. And then you’ll have to do 4 months of therapy.” 

Niall turned to me, sadness written over his face. I gave a sorry smile and held his hand. 

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