Trouble Maker

"He hasn't been the same since you guys got together. He seems happier and kinder. He acts like a totally new person, like he has a new purpose to live. You're changing his life."

"No, he's changing mine."


7. Seven

“Hey guys.” Niall yelled, as we walked through the lobby together. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders with my arm around his waist. 


“You’re welcome.” Liam smirked. 


“What?” I asked. 


“Well, if it wasn’t for us annoying you, that date last night wouldn’t of happened. And you two would still be awkwardly friend zoning each other right now.” Zayn explained. 


“Thank you.” Niall responded. 


“So where are we going today?” I rested my arm on Louis’ shoulder. 


“There’s this really cool indoor trampoline place that I thought we could go to, since it’s our last day in Nashville.” 


“Sounds fun.” I squeezed my arm around Niall’s waist. Outside, a few girls still waited for the boys. They looked familiar, like the ones that we saw when we arrived here, two days ago. 


“Harry! Louis! Is Larry real?” One girl asked. 


“Liam, can you sign this?” Another shouted. 


“Zayn, how are you and Perrie?” 


“Niall, Zoey, are you guys dating?” 


The last one made me think. Are we dating? We hang out pretty much all the time. But last night was our first official date. 


There wasn’t enough room in the car so I ended up on Niall’s lap again, which I’m not complaining about. He’s pretty comfortable.


When we got inside, I toed off my shoes and followed Niall to the trampoline. He hopped up and grabbed both my hands. I smiled and jumped. 


“I bet I can do more front flips than you can.” Niall said.


“Doubt it. But since you seem so confident, let’s bet something.”


“Okay, if I win, you have to kiss me. But if you win, I have to kiss you.” He smirked. Cheeky bastard. 


“Deal.” I laughed. “You go first.” 


Niall let go of my hands and backed up to the wall. He ran a little before starting his flips. He flipped seven times. When he finished, his shirt ended up wrapped around his head. I wolf-whistled at him.


“Thank you, thank you very much.” He took a bow, mocking Elvis Presley.


“Very good, but I can beat you.” I took off running before doing eleven flips. I stood up, dusted off my shoulders, and strode back over to Niall. Everyone in the building was watching our little contest. They cheered and clapped for me. 


“You hear that?” I cupped my hand around my ear. “They’re cheering for moi.” 


“Alright, alright, you win.” Niall held up his hands. 


“Where’s my kiss?” I leaned forward and puckered my lips. Niall leaned into me and quickly pecked my cheek. He took off running. 


“I believe I WIN!” He shouted. 


“You’re dead, Horan.” I chased after him. 


“Catch me if you can, Tommo!” Niall ran backwards, sticking his tongue out at me. He tripped over his own feet and fell flat on his back. 


I jogged over, jumping on top of him. I straddled his torso and pinned his arms over his head. “Nope, I win. Again.” 


“Okay, I give up. Please get off of me.” Niall pretended to struggle under me. 


“Not until I get my kiss.” I settled firmly on top of him. Niall leaned up, pressing his lips against mine. 


“Better?” Niall asked, using his strength to push me back. He sat criss-cross, with me in his lap. I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him again. 


“Can we stop with the mushy gross romantic stuff?” Louis covered his eyes. 


I laughed, pecking Niall’s lips again before standing up. I reached down and grabbed his hands, pulling him up. He held both my hands and started jumping. I accidentally stepped on his foot, making him fall backwards. He pulled me down with him. 


“Smooth move, Tomlinson.” Niall chuckled, sitting up. 


“Right back at you, Horan.” I bumped my shoulder against his. 




“I want to go to this store!” Harry begged, pulling on Louis’ hand. 


“Haz, chill! We have the entire mall to see.” Louis brushed him off. 


“Nah, you guys go ahead, I want to show Zoey something.” Niall took my hand, leading me in another direction. 


“What?” I asked. 


“Ta-da!” Niall threw open his arms, as he jumped in front of a photo booth. 


“A photo booth?” I folded my arms. 


“Yup! I want to remember the place where we started.” He pushed aside the curtain and I walked in. Niall sat down next to me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. 


“We?” I put my hand on his knee. 


Niall pushed the button to start the camera. The first picture was us smiling. Next, we did a silly face one. He quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. He opened it, revealing a silver necklace. “Yeah, we.” 


I covered my mouth, it was beautiful. The camera flashed. 


“Will you be my girlfriend?” Niall smiled. I nodded my head, still speechless from his adorable gesture. He grabbed my chin and pulled me into a passion filled kiss, just in time for the last picture. 


Niall set the little black box in his lap and picked up the necklace. I turned around, lifting my hair. He wrapped the chain around my neck, the medallion dropping to my chest. It was a silver heart with a little “N” engraved on it. 


“Ni…” I said, before kissing him again. 


“I know it’s not much, but I thought it was nice, so I got it for you.” He stammered. 


“No, it’s perfect.” I smiled, tracing the small letter. 


“Good, because I got one for me too.” He lifted the chain around his neck out from under his shirt. His was like mine, only a circle medallion with a heart and “Z” carved into it. 


“You’re adorable.” I laughed. 


“What’s that supposed to mean?” He gave me a confused smile. 


“I mean, nobody has ever done something so sweet for me before. I’ve been on big, elegant dates. But, this, it’s the thought, it came from your heart.” 


“Only the best for my girl.” He kissed my temple softly, as we exited the booth, grabbing our pictures. 

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