Hi. I'm Allison but everyone calls me Ally. Just about four to five years ago I received a letter stating I was accepted to a magic school called Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I met three kids in my first year, Harry Potter, Hermionie Granger, and............ Ronald Weasley. As I got older I started to have feelings for Ron. because were really good friends I felt as if I dated him everything would be weird. So when he asks me out to the Yule ball i'm not sure what to feel. Should I say yes or no? You can find out.


4. Um...... Awkward

 RON'S P.O.V          "YOU DID WHAT?! The boys in my common room all said when I told them in the morning. "Yup you heard me right." I told them "Just wait 'till I tell Fred and George." They all stared at me like I was some poisonous type of bug. They were asking me so many questions it was overwhelming. "ALRIGHT ONE AT A TIME!" I yelled. Everyone hushed. "Harry you go first." "Did she like it?" "I don't know I didn't ask her, who on earth would ask her?!" I said. " Now Dean." "How did she take it?" "Well she blushed and smiled, but she didn't think I saw her do it." The other two just had their mouths open not saying a word. I headed down to the common room to tell Fred and George. After I told them they had the same reaction as Neville and Seamus. But then after a while Fred piped up and said," Does Ickle Ronnykins Have himself a girlfriend now?" I just didn't answer.     ALLY'S P.O.V          "HE DID WHAT?! Hermionie screamed because he's not very good with girls. "Mmhmm." I replied. Lavender got upset and left the dormitory. The Patils were just shocked, and Hermionie just said "Wow. He's not good with girls either and he kissed you?!" "Ya I know right?" and I got dressed, got my books and quills gathered in a little satchel and left to go to breakfast. On the way I accidentally bumped into Malfoy, and he said " Watch where your going you filthy little mud-blood." Then Ron came and said. "Leave her alone." and put his arm around me. Then Malfoy left with both disgust, shame, and jealousy in his facial expressions. Then Ron and I sat down to eat together. We still weren't officially a couple. Then Dumbledore announced that the schools were here and that we were to have a ball in their celebration also an event called the goblet of fire. At the mention of the ball Ron had his idea face on. I couldn't tell what he was thinking but because he looked at me I thought it had to do with me.

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