Hi. I'm Allison but everyone calls me Ally. Just about four to five years ago I received a letter stating I was accepted to a magic school called Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I met three kids in my first year, Harry Potter, Hermionie Granger, and............ Ronald Weasley. As I got older I started to have feelings for Ron. because were really good friends I felt as if I dated him everything would be weird. So when he asks me out to the Yule ball i'm not sure what to feel. Should I say yes or no? You can find out.


10. A/N


Sorry people of the internet for ever publishing this sad excuse of a story.

I'm just coming on here now, I haven't been on for awhile. I've been on Wattpad, another writing website. And I have to add, I was nine when I wrote this. NINE. But seriously though, what the bloody hell was I thinking? I had no spacing, my grammar was awful, I had no structure.

Just, ugh.


Who let me publish this?

Well anyway, if you want to check out my better stories (spacing included) on Wattpad, my username is abbey_fisher2468.

Trust me they're a thousand times better.

Sincerely, Abbey Fisher.

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