Best Friends Forever?

Sapphire is just a typical teenage girl. Dirty blonde, clear blue eyes, freckles and a kind smile. She likes reading and talking, but isn't very good at making friends. That's why she gets torn apart when her best friend Niall Horan has to leave her.
She thought they would be best friends forever but obviously his career plans thought other wise.


10. So Unfair.

This was seriously getting ridiculous. I grumbled as I sat between them. 

"I mean I am your boyfriend," Ryan stated. 

"Yeah but I am your best friend that you've known all your life," Niall protested. 

"Well you left her," Ryan murmured under his breath. My head was spinning from the arguing, giving me a head ache. Niall was about to throw a come back at Ryan when it got to much for me. 

"Out!"They both stared at me with a puzzled look. 

"Get out of my apartment!"I shouted getting irritated. They both stood up a little scared. I pushed them towards the door. Throwing their shoes at them when they were standing in the corridor. 

"Come on babe," Ryan said. I shook my head.

"Just don't even try," I growled slamming the door. They both looked very hurt but at the moment I couldn't care less. I collapsed in the couch. So much for bringing them together. My head was still spinning and I wanted to scream. What was I supposed to do? They were going to make me choose between them and I knew I couldn't do that. I started to shiver and wrapped a blanket over me. I unlocked my phone and texted Emma. 

Is it alright if you sleepover again? I am really sorry for bothering you! 

I felt bad for Emma since she had to put up with my crap. But she was the only friend I could trust at the moment and she knew that. She soon texted back saying she would be here in around an hour. I got into my pyjamas and made some pasta for Emma and I. 

I climbed onto the couch and put on the TV, their wasn't anything interesting on and I soon fell asleep. 


"Omg are you alright?" Emma asked shaking me awake. I opened my eyes to find we were both surrounded in a dim smoke. 

"What?" I grumbled standing up. Emma explained that I had fallen asleep while the pasta was still cooking. She had gotten in with the spare I once gave her. 

"I am guessing the fire alarm didn't go off yet, otherwise you would've been awake. But the pastas' destroyed and as you can see there's a lot of smoke," Emma finished. 

"Great," I rolled my eyes while she giggled. We opened all the windows to let the smoke drift out. I sighed as I saw the mess in the kitchen. The pasta had boiled over and there was steaming water on the floor. I mopped it up and Emma made a simple pie. We ate and then decided to watch a movie- Mean Girls. Emma loved it and I admit it was pretty funny. 


"So how did it go with Ryan?" Emma said wiggling her eye brows. I scoffed. 

"Niall showed up and they got into an argument of who I liked more. I ended up kicking them both out!" I explained. Emma's face fell and she shook her head. 

"Well that totally failed!" she admitted. 

"Wait you set it up?" I asked slightly shocked. She shook her head quickly turning red. 

"Not all of it..." she whispered guiltily. I sighed telling her to spill. 

"Well before we fell asleep I called Ryan and told him the whole story. Convincing him to come over," she explained. I sighed and put my head on her shoulder.

"I didn't mean for that to happen!" she said. I nodded, I knew she was only trying to help. 

"Well now I need a new plan," I laughed while she gave me a smirk. 


"I think I've got an idea," she said smugly. 



A/N- Sorry about all the talking in this chapter and sorry it was a little rushed! I hope you still like the story, keep reading, thanks. xoxo 


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