Those three little words..

When Alana's best friend introduces her to her boyfriends band mates, she had no idea se was about to fall head over heels in love with one of them, and how those three little words could totally change the way she felt about him. Trailer:


8. Shopping

Eleanor's P.O.V 

Me and Lani were going shopping today, Dani didn't want to come as she isn't feeling to well. Im just looking forward to spending time with Lani without any of the boys, and with no drama involved. The boys had a few interviews to do today anyway. I climbed out of bed, and started deciding on what to wear, the weather looked quite nice outside, so i decided on shorts. Then my phone vibrated. I pulled it out and i had a text from Perrie.

From: Perrie!

Hey babe! weve finally finished, so guess who's flying home today! ME! hehe. Meet me somewhere? and don't tell Zayn Xxx

To: Perrie!

Woo! well me and Lani are going shopping today, meet us at the shopping center entrance? tell me when you land!Xxx 

From: Perrie!

Okay! im waiting for the plane now so shouldn't be too long:) she with any of the boys yet?Xxx 

To: Perrie!

Yes! Harry! They're adorable!Xxx

From: Perrie! 

aw anyways, gotta go, see you in a bit babes!Xxx 

i smiled then put my phone away. I'd been making Perrie and Lani talk abit so it wouldn't be awkward between them. Dani and Perrie don't really get on. I can't wait to see her! I decided to wear a white shirt with clear mesh bits, some black lace shorts, an infinity necklace, white brogues, and a black handbag  and sunglasses.( I left my hair wavy, and applied my natural makeup. I walked over to Lani's room, and knocked on the door. She shouted come in, so i did, she was doing her hair and makeup.

"Perrie's coming home today" i said.

"Woo! Where we meeting her?" 

"Shopping center, now hurry up, i want to gooooo" 

"okok, leave then!" 

I nodded and waked out. I went and sat in the lounge waiting for her, i flipped through the channels but one story particularly caught my eye. 

"Ivy Sumners, Aparently dating teenage heart throb Harry Styles, was spotted entering the One Direction boy's home, and leaving looking very angry with messy hair and scratches and bruises on her body, did Harry hit her? Did they have a fight? Who knows!" 

My eyes widened with every word the reporter said, how could they think Harry would hit a girl?! I heard footsteps behind me so i quickly changed the channel. I turned around and smiled at her. She'd covered up the cuts on her face quite well.

Lani's P.O.V 

Harry had text me telling me not to watch the news, and when i walked into the lounge area, El quickly turned off the news, what are they hiding from me? oh well, i'll find out myself. I decided to wear some blue denim high waisted shorts, a black 3/4 sleeves crop top, sunglasses and some black vans. I put my hair into a messy bun, and did natural makeup, but i put quite abit of foundation on the cover up my cuts on my face. 

"Ready to go?" I asked. 

"Yep!" she replied and we walked out and got into the back of Pauls car. He had to drive us around now when we weren't with the boys, as El couldn't drive and i didn't have my car. As soon as we got by th shopping center, mine and Els phones went off. 

From: Perrie

I'm at the airport now babes! 

We told paul and he drove off towards the airport, we stayed in the car while Paul went to get her. She looked gorgeous! Her hair had grown whilst she was in america! She was wearing a long sleeved batman crop top, with high waisted shorts, circular sunglasses and black pumas. I'd met Perrie last year once. I cant remember why though. 

"Heeeeeeeey!" she yelled as she got in the car next to El. She hugged us both and we headed for the shopping center. 

*skip the shopping* 

The boys were still doing their interviews when we got home so we decided to sit and watch a few. They were mainly all about the same thing. Who's single, who's not, Harry had announced we were together, when they go back on tour, when their next albums out, blah blah blah. I checked my twitter and read through some of the mentions i had, i smiled at the nice ones, and laughed at the horrible ones, trying to insult and upset me. I decided to send out a tweet. 

@ohmylanii look at you all trying to insult me, one thing you should know, is that hate doesn't affect me, thanks to everyone who complimented me, appreciate it:)X 

 a couple minutes later all the boys had retweeted it and Harry and El had tweeted me.

@EleanorJCalder @ohmylanii you tell em! haha, love you babes 

@Harry_Styles @ohmylanii well my girlfriends fiesty this morning! loveyou

I retweeted both of them, and minutes after the boys came running in chanting fiesty. I narrowed my eyes at all of them, stood up, and clenched both my fists. They all backed away, El and Perrie burst out laughing. 

"aw, are you scared of ikkle Lani?" Perrie said to them all in a baby voice. Zayn had only just registered Perrie was here and he ran at her a hugged her. They pulled away from the hug and Perrie continued to wind him up

"You didn't see what she did yesterday! Fuck me, she has the ability to kill!" Zayn shouted, Perrie looked at me with a weird face, i looked at Harry, he looked at Louis, and he looked at El. 

"What does he mean?" Perrie asked confused. 

"Um, well you know Ivy Sumner?" El asked.

"Ew her, yeah" El was about to say something but Harry butt in before she could.

"Basically, before me and Lani got together we had a massive argument and she told Zayn that she liked me and everything, which i didn't know at the time, then that night she went out clubbing and didn't come home, i thought she was doing it to make me jealous so i went and dated Ivy, to make Lani jelous, then Zayn told me everything and why she didn't come home that night, and i wont go into details, but i was wrong, i split up with Ivy, and told her i used her, then she came back to here and barged through the door and charged at Lani, and i swear, she could have killed Ivy if she wanted to, me and Zayn had to prise them off eachother" Perries eyes were wide by the time Harry had finished, then she came over and high fived me.

"So that's what was all over the news this morning, it all makes sense now" Everyone went silent, i had no idea what they were talking about.


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