Those three little words..

When Alana's best friend introduces her to her boyfriends band mates, she had no idea se was about to fall head over heels in love with one of them, and how those three little words could totally change the way she felt about him. Trailer:


3. Getting close and Drfiting

Lani's P.O.V

I've been at, well, i don't even know who's house it is? The boys i think, anyway, i've been here for just under a week. It's been great being around El again, but i've also gained a very close friend, Harry. I'm quite close to Zayn aswell. But me and Harry, we clicked. I don't have any feelings for him though. None at all. Louis and El were going out today, and Liam was going out with his girlfriend Dani, which leaves me, with Niall Harry and Zayn, god help me. 

"we should all do something today" Zayn said dragging me out of my thoughts. I just smiled and nodded, i wasn't fully awake yet, i hadn't got up this early for ages.

"What's up? You're quiet" Harry said

"Nothing, i'm just not awake yet, i didn't even know 8am existed!" I said causing the boys to laugh and shake their heads. 

"Well, we could go on the London Eye?"

"I don't like heights!" Harry practically yelled.

"ooo ikkle hazza bear doesn't like heights" i said to him in a baby voice, he sighed but agreed. We all went off to get ready and i had no idea what i was going to wear, i just pulled my clothes out everywhere and sat on my bed and sighed. I was in the spare room next to Harry, so i quite easily just call his name and he'd come strolling in.

"Haaaaaarryyyyyyy" I whined. He came walking in all ready to go, then his eyes widened when he saw that i wasn't ready.

"I can't find any clothes!"

"What's all that then?!" he laughed pointing to the clothes scattered all around my room. I shrugged my shoulders and slumped down on my bed, only to be pulled back up by Harry. 

"Right" He sighed. I gave him a cheeky smile. After about 20 minutes Harry had picked the whole of my outfit. He picked a yellow crop top with cut out sides, blue skinny high waisted jeans, and black leather jacket, and yellow pumas. He did quite well if im honest.

I left my hair wavy put pinned it over one of my shoulders and puffing it up. I applied some eyeline, mascara, penciled my eyebrows, and added some lipstick. I rarely use foundation. I walked downstairs and all three boys were sat ready. 

"Finally!" Zayn said

"zip it! I had no idea what to wear, Harry chose this.." I said

"Harry chose that?!" Niall yelled. We all laughed and walked out the door climbing into Harry's car, of course because i got there quick enough i was in the front. We drove to the London eye, then starting queuing. I could tell Harry was nervous so i grabbed hold of his hand and sent him a warm smile, which was returned. As we got nearer and nearer, Harry's hand got more and more tense. I shook my head.

"Harry, i would actually like a hand when i get on the eye" i laughed, his grip instantly loosened. 

"Sorry, i'm just shitting myself" I laughed and shook my head again. After about 20 minutes w=it was our turn to get on, we had our own cubicle thing so the boys had privacy, Harry was sat on the bench in the middle, and i was stood at the edge looking at everything in London. The funniest bit was when we got to the top, we stopped and Harry thought were getting off, he stuck his head up looked around groaned and flopped his head back in his lap, aw. When we got off we went on the Thames River Boat, which basically went down the river. There was only four seats left upstairs, 2 in one row, another two behind. Which is where we wanted to sit, lucky. Unfortunately, mine and Harry's seats were by two extremely gorgeous girls, as in, model gorgeous sat next to the four seats, oh god. Of course, Harry went and sat straight next to her, and started flirting with her. A wave of jealousy ran through me, it was then i realised i had feelings for Harry. I let out a sigh not thinking anyone would hear it, but they did. 

"You alright babe?" Harry asked managing to prise himself away from the girl. I nodded and turned around to talk to Zayn. 

"Can i talk to you for a minute Zayn?" i asked. 

"Sure, walk downstairs?" I nodded and we both got up and headed downstairs. 

"So what's up?" He asked. 

"It's Harry, i think i've got feelings for him, i didn't think i did until he started flirting with those other girls next to us!" i let out a big sigh, closed my eyes and shook my head. Zayn didn't say anything, he just wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. After a couple of seconds, he whispered "talk to him" in my ear and pulled away, i shrugged and we headed back upstairs, my seat had already been replaced by another girl, so instead of causing trouble, i went and sat in between Niall and Zayn, i made them both move over so i could sit on both their seats. I pulled out my phone and text El

To: Elll

I need to talk to you later :( when will you be back?

From: Elll 

What's up? And about 7ish probs babes 

To: Elll 

Okay thats fine, same. i'll tell you all later hun

From: Elll

okay babes, sure it'll be fine whatever it is X 

I smiled at her text, and rested my head on Zayn's shoulder. 

Harry's P.O.V 

I really liked Lani, but i knew she didn't have feelings for me, and even if she did, she wasn't going to express them, she didn't come here to fall in love, she came here to have fun. That's what El said she told her. I needed to get rid of my feelings for her so i started flirting with the girl i was sat next to, she was beautiful. 19, and called Hannah. I got her number and we were going out for lunch tomorrow. This boat ride was so boring. Once we got off we walked to a little cafe thing, and had some lunch. I instantly text Hannah. Lani was sat opposite me next to Zayn, her eyes were narrowed, and she was biting the inside of her cheek, i could tell. I looked up at her and smiled. She looked away, i instantly knew i had fucked up our friendship, brilliant. 

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