Broken and Shattered

All rights reserved.


1. Prologue

*WARNING: Sexual scene in this chapter. Read at your own risk.*

Abigail left the club, wandering outside. She was sick and tired of her boyfriend trying to get in her pants. Abby was only dating James to keep up their reputation. She used to have strong feelings for him, but once she realized he was a douche, she hated him. But, soon she knew his reason for being so cold and heartless. She stumbled her way down the empty road, occasionally bumping into strangers. She was across the street from the club when she noticed a tall, dark, silhouetted figure following her. Abby started to worry, insane thoughts clouding her vision. Abby felt her heart beating faster and faster as she turned into the alley. The mysterious man quickly caught up to her. She was exactly where he wanted her to be. The door was further down the empty alley. He snuck up behind her and slammed her against the brick wall. Abby winced in pain as her had made contact with the bricks. Suddenly, she felt duck tape cover her mouth. While her mind was reeling from the pain, the man had pulled a roll of tape out of his pocket and ripped a piece off and taped her mouth shut. She stared at the horrifying man, pure fear in her ocean blue eyes. She was a still a virgin even though she was dating the most popular guy in her class. He smirked, running his hands up and down her slim body. She trembled with fear as he groped her ass. The mysterious man grabbed her arm tightly and dragged her to the door, while three other men were waiting impatiently for Abby behind it.

"Come on. Stop fighting it." He hissed. He quickly unlocked the door and tossed Abby carelessly on the mattress. The impatient men attacked, stripping Abby of her clothes and devouring her. She screamed in pain as someone slammed into her. Abby slowly faded into unconsciousness, letting the pain consume her.

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