Best Night Ever... From What We Remember - A One Direction Fanfiction

Rhiannon, Georgia and Sophie who have known each other since being only a few months old, are all new Uni Graduates and are looking forward to some freedom by themselves with out the constant nagging of overly protective parents.

Rhiannon (who every one calls Rhi) and Sophie both got diplomas in the area of Geography as one day in the future they both want to travel the world together where-as Georgia on the other hand has got a diploma in History and wants to be a professor in that area of study.

All three girls' parents have organised for the girls to go to The Big Apple but the girls don't know, but will find out very soon. While staying in The Big Apple for one month their whole lives change for the better.

After only being in the US for no more than 10 hours they are already having the time of their lives. Their parents had organised for the girls to see the biggest boy band on the planet commonly refereed to as One Direction. While at the concert of a life time for the 3 best


17. The Dare

Niall's POV

"A question from @2016sarahg - 'Are you in a relationship Niall?'" I read out.

"Well @2016sarahg, no I'm not in a relationship at the moment, but hopefully I will be soon." I said looking at Rhi.

"Now for a question from @ary_carys - Is @GriffiRhiannon your girlfriend? She's really nice. If she isn't... Get with her!" Rhi said through gritted teeth.

"No, I'm not with Rhi. But a boy can dream." I said winking to Rhi.

Rhi blushed at my comment. "Thank you Carys. See you when I get home. Now, only two questions left."
"This next question is for Rhiannon. From '@leylastyles1d - are you single?" I asked.

​​​"Yes I am. Thank you for your question, @leylastyles1d. And one last question from @Naim_SuperHeroS. Hold on... It's a dare! It reads - '@NiallOfficial, I dare you to NECK @GriffiRhiannon for 2 minutes. Don't disappoint us now Niall. You know you love us, your fans.'" Rhi read out. When she finished reading the dare, she looked up, smiling.

​​​"I'm okay with that as long as Niall is." Rhi said. WOW! She WANT'S to kiss me!

​​​"Yeah... As long as we don't complicate our new found relationship." I added jokingly.

​​​"Niall..." Rhi started.

​​​"Just kidding! God, take a chill pill."

​​​"Can't. They don't exist." Rhi said being cocky, poking her tongue out at me. She got a text and turned away from me. I got my phone and sent her a text saying 'turn around.'

​​​"Niall, what the h-" Rhi started as she turned around. I took the chance and crashed my lips to her's and before I knew it we were working in sync. She added her own force to the kiss as she wound her fingers through my hair. I pulled her waist closer to me until she was on my lap. We were like it for more than two minutes but we didn't care. Rhi shut her computer screen down and we continued kissing. We were too caught up in the moment to stop. I heard the lift close and talking coming from the living room, but we didn't bother stopping.

​​​Rhiannon's POV

​​​I know the others are back but who gives a fuck? Not me!

​​​"Oh my God! The look so fucking cute together." I heard Sophie and Georgia whisper. I smiled at that comment as I kissed Niall for the last time, biting my lip as I pulled away. When I looked at his face he had a smile that stretched all the way across his face.

​​​"God Niall. Slow down mate. Your supposed to be the sensible one with all the rules." Harry Joked. Niall and me were still staring at each other, smiling. Niall stuck his middle finger up at Harry's comment which caused me to giggle.

​​​"Right. We need to have a talk with you lot." Louis said.

​​​I looked at them all confused. "What are you all doing back?"

​​​"Forgot my phone." Louis and Georgia said at the same time.

​​​"Forgot my wallet." Harry said.

​​​"Forgot my jacket." Liam chirped.

​​​"Forgot my bag." Sophie ended.

​​​"Okay." I said as I got up from my bed, picking my laptop up and placing it on the dressing table. 
​​​I walked past the guys out to the hall. "I'm gonna take a shower." I added not looking at anyone.

​​​"No. Your staying here." Liam said sternly.

​​​"Why?" I asked.

​​​"You need to do some serious explaining." Zayn said pointing to Niall and I.

​​​"Hey! Don't speak to her like that... It's my job." Sophie said and gave me a smile, saying she was kidding.

​​​"Nobody gets to speak to me like that! Not even you Sophie." I said crossing my arms.

​​​Niall gave a funny look to the boys. "Except me." He said which caused him and the other boys to burst out laughing. I gave Niall a horrified look.

​​​"Chill babe, I'm only joking." he said as he stopped laughing.

​​​"I'M SUPERMAN!!" Louis shouted as loud as he could. Georgia and Liam looked at each other and burst out laughing.

​​​"What the fuck?" Sophie asked.

​​​"I think he's either lost the plot or till processing everything from this morning." I said.

​​​"Processing what?" Zayn questioned.

​​​"Me and Sophie." Harry said.

​​​"Me and Georgia." Liam said and kissed Georgia's head.

​​​"Me and Rh-" Niall started.

​​​"Say the end of that sentence and I will personally rip your balls off." I said, taking a step closer to Niall with each word. Every time I took one step closer he would take one back.

​​​"Wow love! Take a chill pill." He said as he hit a wall.

​​​"Told you... They don't exist." I said.

​​​"Whoa! Whoa!  Don't take that lightly Niall. She will actually do it. She will rip your balls off." Sophie said walking in the middle of me and Niall.

​​​"SUPER MAN..." Louis screamed again.

​​​"Louis! Shut up!" Sophie said sternly to him.

​​​"Only trying to lighten the mood." He said, holding his hands up i defeat.

​​​Georgia stepped forward to Lou and put a hand on his shoulder. "One thing you should know about Sophie. She's got an answer for absolutely everything!"

​​​"Wow! These girls are feisty." Harry whispered. Me, Sophie and Georgia all heard them and burst out laughing."

​​​"God! What happened to them?" Zayn asked pointing to me and the girls who were nearly on the floor laughing.

​​​"We... A-are n-not f-f-fucking feisty." Georgia stuttered out through laughing.

​​​"Shit they heard us!" Niall yelled. I looked up to Sophie to see she had completely zoned out, looking guilty. Oh. God. Wait... She's just cheated on Corey!

​​​"Oh my God... What have I done?" She said and everyone stopped talking. Georgia looked to me and I lip whispered 'Corey'. She gasped and ran to Sophie as did I.

​​​"What's the matter?" Harry asked as he walked over to Sophie, Georgia and myself.

​​​"I- I have a boyfriend. I cheated on Corey girl's..." She said with tears streaming down her face. I noticed Harry's face turning red and you could clearly see the veins in his neck due to the pure anger.

​​​"What the fuck?" He screamed in Sophie's face only to have her cry even more.
God, guys are such jerks...​

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