Best Night Ever... From What We Remember - A One Direction Fanfiction

Rhiannon, Georgia and Sophie who have known each other since being only a few months old, are all new Uni Graduates and are looking forward to some freedom by themselves with out the constant nagging of overly protective parents.

Rhiannon (who every one calls Rhi) and Sophie both got diplomas in the area of Geography as one day in the future they both want to travel the world together where-as Georgia on the other hand has got a diploma in History and wants to be a professor in that area of study.

All three girls' parents have organised for the girls to go to The Big Apple but the girls don't know, but will find out very soon. While staying in The Big Apple for one month their whole lives change for the better.

After only being in the US for no more than 10 hours they are already having the time of their lives. Their parents had organised for the girls to see the biggest boy band on the planet commonly refereed to as One Direction. While at the concert of a life time for the 3 best


1. Graduation Class of 2013

Rhiannon's P.O.V

"And last up for the History diploma is... Georgia Levi Thomas. So please give a big applaud for all our History Prospect Gradutes." Professor Jones said as Georgia got up from her seat and made her way up on the stage. As she got up on stage she shook all of her professor's hands. Then when she recieved her diploma she smiled almost immediately. As she made her way back to her seat I heard her mum, stepdad and brother shouting and cheering for her. I'm suprised  I could hear them really, due to the amount of cheers she was getting. Me, Sophie and Georgia are the three most popular girls in Uni. She immediately turned red and shook her head ignoring her family. Me and Sophie started giggling and she gave us the death glare. I immediately stopped but Sophie continued.

As Professor Jones, the head of the university, went through some more of the prospectual graduates I heard someone come in late. Being to focused on all my friends who I would say good bye to in a few hours to go on with out lives I didn't look back. Sophie on the other hand did though. As soon as she did she nudged my side with enough force that I let out a little squeek. Luckly for me no one notice due to the anount of noise from the applauds filling the room. I looked at Sophie and she justed continued to look in the diretion of the back of the hall. As I turned around I noticed I couldnt see who it was because of some dude's big head was in my way. Being to focused on trying to see who had come in late that had caused Sophie to most probably bruse my side, I missed Professor Jones calling out the list of names in order of who was to go up on stage first, and my name being first on the list I had missed it and so my friend, Tori, had to tap my shoulder to get my attention and tell me to go up on stage. 

"And please may you give a warm welcome to our Geography Graduates? First up is our Student President, Rhiannon Anne Griffiths Bowen."

As I made my way up on to the stage I tried to sneek a glance at the peson Sophie was so concerned in but due to the amount of kids standing and cheering for me I couldn't even get a quick glance. Your most probably wondering why every one was so crazy for me? Well, like I said Sophie and Georgia and I are the most popular girls in Uni and not for being bitches or girls that sleep around. No. We earned ou respect. Yes, we are the most prittiest girls and every one wants to be like us but we still have to obay by the rules. Ever since I got the role of Student President every one knows us. Every one wants to be like us. Every one wants to be our best friends. But no. We have each other. That's how it's always been. Ever since we've been babies.

As I got back to my seat I tried again to see the person. But since Sophie was up on stage that was impossible once again. After around another 60 odd kids went up to get their diplomas Professor Jones spoke up again.

"I would like for you to all give a warm welcome to the Universities Student President, Rhiannon, who will now make a speech in honor of all those students graduating today. So please give a massive welcome to Rhiannon." Professor Jones said welcoming me to the stage. As I got up on the stage the whole room went wild. I noticed Sophie and Georgia cheering like ideots for me and I even noticed my mum and most of my family in tears too. When I managed to calm the room down I glanced up to see who the person was, but I didn't let him distract me. I would deal with him later on. Now I had bigger things to deal with.

As I started my speech everyone was now intent on what I was about to say. "When we were five, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Our answers were things like astronaut, president, or in my case… princess.

When we were ten, they asked again and we answered - rock star, cowboy, or in my case, gold medalist. But now that we've grown up, they want a serious answer. Well, how about this: who the hell knows?!" When I said this the room filled with laughter. I looked over to where Sophie, Georgia's and my families where and my mum was in tears with Sophie's mum trying to calm her. I noticed that Sophie and Georgia had seen where my gaze was and they both laughted in the front row. I had a slight smile on my lips and shook my head as I continued with my speech.

"This isn't the time to make hard and fast decisions, its time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere. Chill. Fall in love - a lot. Major in philosophy 'cause there's no way to make a career out of that. Change your mind. Then change it again, because nothing is permanent." When I said this even my professors laughted. I turned around to see my science professors witht heir heads in their hands laughing. When I looked back around I seen that he was laughing in the back too. I totaly ingored him and continued once again.

"So make as many mistakes as you can. That way, someday, when they ask again what we want to be… we won't have to guess. We'll know. So, I would just like to say, thank you to every one who has made this the best 3 years of my life. Thank you to all my wonderful teachers who have helped my get to where I am today. Thank you to all the suport my family and friends has given me. And thank you to all those who nominated me as 2010 - 2013 Student Pressident. If it wasn't for your help I wouldn't be the peron I am today. I am going to miss every single one of my brilliant friends who have helped and supported me through every thing I've had to deal with. I am forever greatful. So once again Thank you to every one. I will never forget you." As I finished, every one in the room jumped up from their seats and applauded and cheered me. When they did I had a tear form in my eye. They liked my speech! I noticed Sophie and Georgia along with my other friends jumping up and down with tears rolling down their faces. I laughed silently to myself. I turned around to see my peers and professors standing up for me too. 

"Thank you for the last time to our Student Pressident, Rhiannon," Professor Jones said as I got back to my seat. I heard someone shout 'WELL DONE RHI' from the back of the hall and I immediately knew who it was. My dad looked back and anger washed through him. I could tell. I quickly got out my iPhone an sent him a message. Dad - Don't do anything. I'll sort him out. Just leave it. I dont want a massive scene again. Please dad? For me. When I finnished sending the text Professor Jones continued with his speech. "And to the Graduation class of 2013. Well done every single one of you. We hope to see you all next year for our yearly get together. So, parents, gardians and dear friends please give a massie applaud for the graduation class. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!"

As soon as Professor Jones said that every one in the room went wild. "I would like for you to all go out onto the lawn now for the photo shoot. Please, follow me out side." Mrs Jane, the receptionist said escorting us all out for the photos.


Hi guys.

Well? How did you like it? Please tell me if you like it. All comments I will take on board. Sorry if it wasn't a long chapter but I just wanted to update the first chapter.

As many Twilight fans would have guessed by now, the speech I made at the graduation was the speech Jessica made in the Twilight - Eclipse video. I do not own Twilight I justed used it for recreational uses. I also added my own part to the speech to make it a little bit more unique.

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Well, I hope you liked it and I can't wait ot read your comments.

By for now peeps - Rhiannon :) x

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