La Terreur

This is based in 18th century France and mostly during the time that the Jacobins were in favor so mostly the Reign of Terror


1. A monarchy in shambles

The insurgents rallied around the palace, the gates near bursting as within the courtyard the Guarde Swisse prepared to fire 'pon the insurgents in order to protect the sovereigns but 'tis not they we focus on but instead the queen, Marie Antoinette.


Roderer entreated the king to surrender and flee to the convent des Peulliants where the national assembly held session in order to save himself and his family. Marie Antoinette felt a noble fire burning within her she was the queen of France, daughter of the Caesars, daughter of the mighty Maria Theresa she felt it noble to die sword in hand than to meet pardon and disgrace. This day was perhaps regarded as her finest hour. Her husband was not made of the stuff kings are made of and in his condition had left his wife to make many a decision for him. Marie implored her husband to stay in the place of Henry IV that he ought to retain his inheritance of the throne for his son. For Louis was the great-grandson of Louis le Grande; the Sun King. Marie listened not to he but to her heat. She spoke with a fire in her eyes and the eloquence of Catherine de Medici

Louis listened not to his queen but to Roderer who had said they had but five minutes before all was lost.

"Take us now, I am king, I command it!" Louis shouted

His queen shrieked, her proud and noble blood resisted her husband pitiful weakness

"Sire!" Cried she "You may command that but first you must command I be nailed to the walls of this very palace! I stir not from this spot"

But Madame Elisabeth and the Princesse de Lamballe had begged with tears in their eyes; the king fixed his eyes on his queens proud and fiery eyes as Roderer spoke saying the executioners of the king his queen, their children and fiercely loyal attendants were not far from their spot.

The queen gave her last sacrifice to her husband and consented that she and her children be brought to the convent des Peuilliants.

She took the dauphin Louis in her arms and Marie Therese by the hands and walked beside the king followed by their loyal attendants to the convent des Peuilliants where the national assembly held it's sessions.


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