Another Styles?

Everyone thinks Lexi Styles is Harry Style's sister. Even Harry Styles thinks that. All because of the last name. Lexi's parents moved away to a different State so she can't even ask them. But Harry Styles has his parents, and Lexi has hers, so they can't be brother and sister, right?


1. Another Call From Harry

Lexi's POV

I woke up to my phone ringing. i grabbed my phone and answered it.

"Hello?" i said trying to sound awake as possible.

"Hey sis." i heard Harry say.

"Harry for the last time, i am not your sister!" i say.

"Come live with me sis." he says.

"What?" i say.

"Come live with me and my mates." he says.

"Why would i come live with you?" i say.

"Because you're my sister." he says.

"I am not your sister!" I say.

"When are you gonna stop calling me?" i ask.

"When you come live with me." he says.

i thought about it. living with Harry Styles would be cool. wait what am i saying?

"No Harry." i say.

"Please!" he says.

"Why do you want me to live you so bad- and don't say because i'm your sister." i say.

"Because i'm your brother." he says.

"UGH!" i say.

"Wow someone is in a bad mood." Harry says.

"Well when the phone wakes you up at 7am, when you were peacfully sleeping, and you find out it's the person you want to talk to least, asking you to live with them- you get kid of annoyed." i say.

Harry laughs.

"i'm glad this is funny to you." i say.

"Come on, it's not like were strangers!" Harry says.

Then i do something i never though i was do.

"Fine. come get me and my stuff at 12." i say. i hang up the phone.

I can't belive i just agreed to go live with Harry Styles. And to make things worse, he still thinks i'm his sister!

i go for a shower and get ready and all that and by the time i'm done it's 11;45. i looked at myself in the mirror. i was wearing my dark blue jeans, with my white tube top. i had on my purple converse shoes and i had my hair in a french braid. for makeup i do what i do every day. i put on cover up, lip lipstick, lipgloss, pink eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara.

i heard a knock at the door. i thought it would be Harry. i go answer the door. i see a guy with dirty blonde hair walk in.

"Okay so we already have furniture in there, so you just need to get your clothes." he says.

"Okay, guy i don't know." i say.

"Oh i'm Louis. Harry's friend." he says.

Harry and 3 other guys come walking in.

"I'll go grab my clothes and my gutiar and we can go." i say.

i quickly grab all my clothes and i put it in a suitcase. then i grab my gutair. my gutair is like my best friend.

"Want some help?" Harry asks.

"Yes please." i say.

Harry was reaching to grab my gutair when i pulled it back.

"No one touchs my gutair without permission." i say.

The guy with the blonde hair smiles.

"God your just like Niall." Harry says as he grabs my suitcase insted.

"Which one is Niall?" i ask Harry.

"The one who is smerking like an idiot." Harry says.

I look over to the blonde guy.

"Sorry it's just, i don't let anyone touch my gutair with permission too." Niall says.

"You play gutair?" i ask.

"Yup." he says.

"Cool." i say.

"Come on sis let's go!" Harry says.

"I'm not your sister." i say.

"I thought we came to get your sister Harry." Louis says.

"She is my sister but for some reason, she doesn't want to admit it." Harry says.

We all get into Harry's car. I still can't belive i'm doing this. was i half asleep when i agreed to this? or did someone brain wash me or something, because this is crazy.

i was sitting beside Louis in the car.

"You look like your older brother." Louis says looking at me.

"One, we are not siblings, Two, i don't look like him at ALL, and Three, I'm 18 like Harry but i'm like 2 months older." i say.

"Sure you are." Louis says.

"I am!" I say.

"So you are his sister?" Louis says.

"No i was -uh, never mind." i say.

"5 more minutes." harry says.

"Whatever." i say.

"Why are you so grouchy?" Louis asks.

"Because, i'm moving in with Harry Styles and his friends." i say.

"But you like one direction." Louis says.

"I do, but i don't even know you guys." i say.

"You know Harry." Louis says.

"How do i know Harry?" i ask.

"Because he's your brother." Louis says.


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