New School

I am a normal human until my mum change me to a school, I never knew exist!!! Fantasy creatures in story I read when I was little. This wasn't possible. But it was. Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, Angels, Demons, Zombies, Wizards, ETC.... It was so much more than anyone can ever imagine. This school is amazing. Every thing wasn't what I thought High school would be like. It a place where we could do anything we like. This was a boarding school. My parents knew what school these is and there was a secret behind them. It all started on the day I went to that school. My life changed forever.


4. The First Day of School

School started at 9am and the first period of everyday was Homeroom, which was just when your teachers do the registration to see who is present or absent. At 8am, the girls and I woke up to get ready and ate breakfast at the canteen before we went to our homeroom class. As I entered my homeroom class, I bumped into a guy and fell. That guy turns out to be Jacob and just as I was falling, he caught me midway so i didn't really fell down onto the ground. I thought I had fell hard on the ground but then when I opened my eyes, I gazed into his dashing blue eyes that mesmerise me so I couldn't look away. He then ask if I was okay and help me up. There was a part of me that was super happy to find out that one of my classmates for my homeroom class was Jacob. Our homeroom teacher, Ms. Amanda, assigned everyone a partner and that partner will be the person you'll sit next to for the rest of the year in each of the class that you have with each other in it. I was scared to find out who my partner was and it amazingly turns out to be Jacob... 

So as everyone change seat to sit next to their partners, Ms. Amanda tells us that our first task is to get to know our partners and see if we have anything in common. 

"I'm sorry that I wasn't looking carefully as I entered the room and caused trouble for you." I said.

"No, I'm sorry. I was being careless and besides catching you was no trouble at all. Anyway, Ms. Violet I would love to get to know more about you," He said.

"Well Mr. Jacob, what do you want to know about me?" I asked him with a cheeky grin.

"I would like to know what your hobbies are and what was your life like before you transfer to this school?" He said smirking.

"Well, my hobbies was to read astronomy books and play the piano. Before I came to this school, I didn't even know I was half vampire and half wizard. It was my birthday a few days ago and that was when I found out that I was transferring to this school. It was all too much too handle at once but I didn't want to upset my parents since I saw how excited they were when they told me the news. I miss my best friends and parents but I'm glad that my brother and I moved to this school though, since I get to meet new friends and experience something new. Such as riding a broomstick last night." I said.

"Half Vampire and Half Wizard eh? I can relate to how you feel... I want to tell you something but you can't tell anyone about it okay? It'll just be a secret between us." He said.

"Okay, I promise I won't tell anyone." I replied.

"Then meet me tonight at 7pm on the roof of this building okay?" He asked.

"Okay" I replied.

Then after that the bell rang and we went to our next lesson, which was witchcraft 101. Every lesson since then passed by like a blur and just like that it was the end of the first day of school. After school, I went to the canteen to have dinner with the girls and then rushed back to our room to finish my homework before I could meet Jacob. After I finish my homework, I got ready to go out but before I did, I told the girls that I was gonna come back late, so they don't need to wait up for me. And with that I rushed to the roof of our school building. It turns out to be a beautiful garden with many different types of flowers decorated around the area, such as hibiscus, yellow tulip and roses... and just as I was looking around, I saw him. He was already looking at me with an adorable smile that had made my heart skip. Slowly, I walked towards him and just as I was about to reach him. He stood up holding a rose towards me and after I accepted it, he then guide me to sit at a small picnic place that he had already put out and had beautifully decorated the surroundings area with candles. It was so romantic and everything... but why is he doing this? Does he like me? 

"You maybe wondering why I asked you to come up here to see me. Well, I wanted to tell you something. I'm a half wizard and half werewolf... My mother is an true alpha wolf while my father is the principle of this school. They have always wanted me to become as great as them so they always expect the greatest at everything from me. However, I'm not like them at all and sometimes I feel so pressure about my life... I feel as if I'm a failure and my parents are so disappointed to have me as their son."  He explained.



"I'm sorry if I'm being over the top but what I'm saying is true. You are so much more than what you think. Your father and mother are proud of you okay? and besides you're an amazing guy, I don't see how you're a disappointment to your parents. Jacob, you need to believe in yourself more just like how much I believe that you're not a failure..." I said.

I was then interrupted with a kiss from him and in that moment in time I kissed him back. I felt butterfly in my stomach and my head went all fuzzy. Oh God... I'm falling in love with him. It was then a few minutes later that I had to pulled out from the kiss to get some air... 

"Um...." I said.

"Sorry... I couldn't stop myself... Everything about you tonight is just so...intriguing... and everything you just said... thank you Violet. Thank you for believing in me." He said.

"You don't need to thank me, silly boy." I replied.

Then out of nowhere there was a shooting star above us and we both quickly make our wish.

"What did you wish for, silly boy?" I asked.

"You'll find out in a bit, I have something to tell you." He said.

"What is it? You sound so serious..." I said.

"Violet Drew Quach, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked.

I was speechless... ME?!?! WHY?!? 

"Why me? Isn't it too sudden though?" I asked without thinking.

"Because I have fallen in love with you and I feel like even though we've just met yesterday, I want to fully spent the rest of my life with you. So, will you?" He answered.  

After our kiss before... how could I say no...

"I would love to be your girlfriend." I replied.

"I love you, Ms Violet." He said.

"I love you too, Mr Jacob." I said. 

"Well, I guess my wish with the shooting star just came true." He said with a smile.

And with that he kiss me and this time I didn't pulled away until we were nearly out of breath. (XD) This must be the best night of my entire life.

After that, we spent a few more hours gazing at the stars and talking and joking around. However, we needed to go back to our room and he gave me a good night kiss and it was just all so magical. I can't even express how amazing it felt... I didn't wanted to pull away from the kiss but I knew it was time to leave and so we gather our things and went back to our rooms. The girls were all fast asleep when I returned, so I went to bed too. Best First Day Ever! <3


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