New School

I am a normal human until my mum change me to a school, I never knew exist!!! Fantasy creatures in story I read when I was little. This wasn't possible. But it was. Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, Angels, Demons, Zombies, Wizards, ETC.... It was so much more than anyone can ever imagine. This school is amazing. Every thing wasn't what I thought High school would be like. It a place where we could do anything we like. This was a boarding school. My parents knew what school these is and there was a secret behind them. It all started on the day I went to that school. My life changed forever.


2. Leaving :(

Leaving Home


I couldn’t sleep at all last night. I was just thinking of what happening to me. I thought I was dreaming about all of this until I took a glanced at my ring. I tried to take it off again, but it didn’t work. This meant all of these weren’t a dream at all. And I’m going to leave tomorrow. What my parents said just now was all true. I’m going to miss my parents and friends so much. I can’t bear not to see them every day. I turn over and glanced at my clock. It was 4am and I’m still not sleeping yet. So I got up and pack my stuffs and get ready to leave at 9 in the morning. When I finish packing which seems like forever, I called my best friends and ask them to come over for BIG news. Both were coming in a few mins so I went down to the kitchen eating breakfast waiting for them. Cusha was peacefully sleeping on my bed. He look so cute, I want to bring him with me to that school so much. After finish my breakfast, the girl came and we talked.

-So what is the BIG news? –Vy

-Well I’m going to leave and attending a boarding school with Ri. –Vi

-Wait WHAT!?!? You’re joking right? –Polly

-I wish I am, but no this is serious news. –Vi

-But why a boarding school while you are learning in our school. What is wrong with our school? –Vy

-Of course it ok, it more than ok it the bomb!!! But my parents want me and Ri to change school because they used to learn there when they were our age. –Vi

-Well, did you try to stop them?-Polly

-Of course I did, but my mum had already decided and talked to the principle. I’m leaving today at 9.-Vi

-No way!!! You can’t leave us!!!- Vy

-There isn’t anything I can do girls so this is our good bye. I’ll visit you guys at Christmas and New Year holiday ok? Don’t forget to skype me!!! I really don’t want to go, thanks for the best birthday party ever girls. I love you girls so freaking much! –Vi

-We love you too!!!- Polly and Vy


So after we group hug they left. We did cry a little but we knew nothing would change. Mum was eating her breakfast in the kitchen so I went in and talk to her. She told me that she knows this is a hard time for me since I’m going to leave my friends but I’m going to make new ones. In my mind it said I don’t want new friends, I love my old friends! But I would never dare to say that out loud to her. She told me I could bring Cusha with me since he is also a magical animal in that school. I was super happy to hear that because I didn’t want to leave him at home. I’m really going to miss my parents and friends. It was 8:45am when we were all ready at the train station with our luggage ready. I hugged my parents for the last time before going onto the train. After a few moments looking around for a seat, I notice that there are many teens around our age. The train has a big bold letter at the top saying “Fantasia World Magical Train”. My mum told me that this was world is a world where magical creatures live hiding away from the human world. I sat next to Ri and Cusha was on lap sleeping soundly. I looked at the window to see the view but I didn’t imagine the view was of the clouds and the sun. I knew this wasn’t a normal train but it still amazed me.

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