The School Badass's (not famous)

Beca Lilieon. Shes 17. Has brown smooth long hair. Wears glasses and has 1 friend. She has a tomboy style by wearing skiney jeans plaid buttom up shirts with tank tops under. She is a gamer. Has those perfect grades and is the Class nerd. The Badass's at school are Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne. Her Only friend is Louis Tomilinson.Has a small crush on Harry Styles even though he beats her up everyday and so does his friends. Louis knows everything too.


2. Worst day ever

Beca's pov

*After detention*

I left the school and started to walk home.

I saw Harry Styles standing in a alley and i started to walk faster.

He ran over to me and pull me in an alley.

When every it was just him who beat me it was worse then all of the guys.

I was pushed to the floor.

He snickered. I was kicked on my side.

I yelped. He pulled me up off the gronded and pushed me down again. I fell right on my dawn. trying to hold in my screams.

He nelt down next to me and slapped me face.

"Bitch"He said in my ear.

I was kicked in my side over and over again. I winced in pain.

I sat up and my back was kicked. I screamed.

"Leave"He hissed in my ear.

I tryed to stand up but fell back down.

I just wanted to cry but i told my self that im not weak and i stood back up and limbed home.

"RING RING RING!" I answered without seeing who it was.

"Hey?"I said.

"Hey Bec!" My dad cheered.

"Dad! How are you and Mum i missed you guys!"I laughed.

"Um Beca about your Mum she umm got in a acident" I could tell he been crying by the way his voice cracked.

"Dad is s-she okay?"I said quietly.

"She was in the ER"He croaked.

"ER" I cryed.

"She let go and he d-died." He cryed.

"What n-n-no" I yelled crying.

"She died"He cryed.

"WHY?"I asked.

"The acident was really bad and her head hit the window and the window broke along with her skull and s-she also lost most of her blood!"He said.

"Dad i love you okay i have to go talk to Louis okay bye"I cryed.

"Okay love you too bye darling."He hung up.

I left my house and got on my bike. I drove past the Assholes hangout. i gave them the middle finger and got to Louis's apartment building. I dragged my bike on the elivater I got on his floor and ran up to his door. I pulled out my keys and unlocked his house. I put my bike in the living room and closed the door locking it. I sat on the couch.

"LOUIS!" i yelled.

"Yes my little carrot im here whats up!"he walked in the living room and saw me in tears.

"S-s-shes g-g-gone!" i screamed.

"Who is 'she' ?" He said while wraping his arms around me.

"My m-mum'' i cryed harder.

"Shhhh its okay" He said while rubbing my back.

I thought of her and cryed more.

"Did Harry hurt you again." Louis asked.

I nodded.

"Just him."He asked.

I nodded again.

"Worst day ever huh!" he said.

"Yeah" I said.

"Its okay life gets better right?" he laughed.

"Of course" I smiled.

"Good" he smirked.

He kissed my forehead in a friendly way.

I pushed him and laughed.

Even after the worst day ever Louis tends to bring a smile to my face.

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