The School Badass's (not famous)

Beca Lilieon. Shes 17. Has brown smooth long hair. Wears glasses and has 1 friend. She has a tomboy style by wearing skiney jeans plaid buttom up shirts with tank tops under. She is a gamer. Has those perfect grades and is the Class nerd. The Badass's at school are Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne. Her Only friend is Louis Tomilinson.Has a small crush on Harry Styles even though he beats her up everyday and so does his friends. Louis knows everything too.


4. Weird dreams? Blast in the past! And contacts...

Beca's POV

I woke up in a crumpy hospitle bed.

I must of blacked out!

I always do when i get that mad. Or what Louis says.


I opened my eyes more.

I broke my glasses.

All i see are blurry objects.

Next to me is a person. I turned my head.

Thank god he was close. Still kinda blurry but i could see a boy

With those curls his head was down.

Is that Harry.

Am i freaking dreaming?

He started to whisper things.

"If only i could feel your lips one more time." He said.

I started to rise. I wanted to scream

"One more time when did we kiss? You beat the shit out of me!"I yelled.

He looked at where i was before i started riseing.

I looked down i saw a me. With a bruise the size of a foot ball in my arm.

I started to shake.

"WAKE UP BECA!" Louis screamed in my ear.

I bolted up.

Harry wasnt here.

He never kissed me.

Niall and Liam looked at me like i was mad.

"What?" I said.

"You screamed in your sleep about kissing and getting the shit beat out of you, love" Liam said.

"Dont call me Love Liam." I said while rolling my eyes.

The Docter burst in the door. Told me the quickest way to heal my and is sleep so i laid down.

Im not gonna sleep though.


"Harry come on lets just go i mean what could happen!" I yelled. He looked at me with worried eyes.

"I know Zayn down right hates you and hes bigger then us so no we are staying!"  Harry yelled still worried about what Zayn would do if he saw me. Yes Zayn hates me only because of my Brother and his jerky friends broke His sisters heart.

"Its not my fault Brian is a player!" I yelled.

Harry mumbled something and i got an idea.

"You should go okay ill just call Louis and he will come over and watch movies with me." I said trying to convince him to hangout with Zayn.

"Fine!" he said and left.

~3 hours later~ (still day time only 4:00 pm)

Harry walked in my Garage looking happy and hopeful.

"hey i went over there and uhh found some courage to do this!" Harry pressed his lips onto mine. Stealing my first kiss. He kissed me for 10 seconds and hugged me.

Truth is i didnt like that kiss. I saw Harry as my Bestfriend. Nothing more at the time.

"WHAT WAS THAT HARRY!" i yelled. He let go and looked into my eyes.

I saw hurt and saddness in his eyes. Then i saw anger. No RAGE.

"WHAT?" Harry screamed. I was pushed onto the ground and kicked then slapped.

I was beat. By my bestfriend. For not having even the smallest crush on him.

He frowned at my weak body and for the first time Harry cursed. He cursed to me. All he said was...

"Bitch..." Then left.


I opened my eyes. Louis was sleeping next to me.

Good thing he has a girlfriend.

Niall and Liam must of left.

I got up. I know im ready to leave.

I called the nurse.

"Yes sweety?" A older looking nurse came in.

"I wanted to know when i can leave?" I smiled.

"right after that young man wakes up!" Se returned the smiled and left.

I shook Louis violently telling him to wake up.

He woke up and i told him we are leaving this place.

"YAY!" He cheered.

"what did you dream about?" Louis asked.

"Harry. He was next to me in the hopitle bed talking to me. telling me he wants to kiss my lips again.? ten i was shook by you and Liam and Niall were still here. When i went back to sleep i had a flash back. about my first kiss/beating and then i realized Harry ment that he really liked me in my dream. I HATE DREAMS!" i said.

Louis looked at me like like i just told the cutest fairy tale ever.

"AWWWW!" he squealed.

"Its just a dream." I said.

"Ohh and before we leave i know you broke your glasses so i call your eye place and they are sending your new eye seeing shit soon"Louis said.

"Okay is it the same pair that i had before." I asked.

"Nope i got you contacts!" He declared.

I steped away from the car.

"NO WAY!" i said.

I stoped wearing contacts the first day Harry said my eyes were an ugly grey depressing color.

Then i stoped trying to look good when Harry told me theres no point to try and look cute when truthfully i am a ugly twat and need to stop trying.

Lastly i stoped trying to make friends when he told the school my biggest secret. And belive me when it got out that i used to myself when my parent fought when i was 14.

I hated Harry and his gang.

I got beat everyday and i wanted to die.

I also knew Harry secret but even though i hated him. Best friends arnt like that. they hold eachother secrets grave and bring them to the grave.

Yes i still call Harry my Best Friend. Becasue thats just me. I will never tell anyone someone elses secrets because there not mine to tell.

I finally got in the car and we went to our flat. I went in my room and my contacts were on my bed.

URGGGGG Tommorow im gonna be made fun of for my boring ugly eyes!

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