The School Badass's (not famous)

Beca Lilieon. Shes 17. Has brown smooth long hair. Wears glasses and has 1 friend. She has a tomboy style by wearing skiney jeans plaid buttom up shirts with tank tops under. She is a gamer. Has those perfect grades and is the Class nerd. The Badass's at school are Zayn Malik, Perrie Edwards, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne. Her Only friend is Louis Tomilinson.Has a small crush on Harry Styles even though he beats her up everyday and so does his friends. Louis knows everything too.


3. Sticking up for my self

Beca's POV

*1 week later*

"I cant wait see you in a week Casey!" I ended the call.

I moved in with Louis because i turned 18 and hes my BFF.

Casey is my cousin from America and I going there for 2 weeks.

So is Louis! He begged me so i just said yes.

"COME ON BECA WE ARE GONNA BE LATE!" Louis said banging on my door.

I put on my glasses and put my hair up in a messy bun.

I walked out of my room and toward the kitchen.

I took a banana and went to Louis' car.

He sat in the drivers seat and started to car.

I buckled up and we drove to school talking about LA the only class we had together.

"No because if you write a whole essay with out making a draft or any thing. im sure your gonna have like 1 million mistakes then Mr.Harsh is gonna be mad at you and BAM you Fail Language Arts." I said laughing at his stupid mistake.

"Im sorry i didnt write 3 rough drafts! Okay but i tryed." He said mimicing me and my smartness.

"Shut up you Asshole!" i said punching his arm.

We arrived. Perfectly on time.

"The assholes are coming toward the car what should we do?" Louis asked.

"I think i should talk to them.." i said smileing.


I felt courage.

"What?" Louis said.

"Courage..."i whispered to my self and got out of Louis' car.

Harry came over to me and was about to push me but i moved away.

"Harry i think its time we have a Talk Human to Human... Not bully to victem." i said mumbling the last part.

He looked at me and then my Courage strenghtend.

"Okay..." Harry said making it awkward.

"Why?" i said angryly.

"What?" Harry said confused.

"Why do you do this to me?" i felt my voice crack.

Courage. Courage. Courage.

"Umm what do you mean?" he softend.

"Courage." i whispered. "You treat me l-like ive done something wrong when i clearly have not!" I shouted.

"You use me as a Fucking human punching bag and and i want it to STOP Okay!" I yelled. Anger pumped through my vains.

When i was little i had a anger problem with led me to breaking my hand twice.

I thought i was all better.

"Calm down Beca you look like you could kill someone" Louis said from behind me.

"Sorry I need to go tell Mrs.Ham im sick or some shit i need to calm down or ill break my hand again." i said to Louis. I started to walk back to the flat me and Lou owned.

"Okay Beca!" he called after me. i just nodded and continued to head home.

I went to the ally i got beat up in almost everyday.

I saw most of the Asshole hanging out in there and i knew if they saw me they will want to beat me up. So i walked by trying not to get noticed.

"BECA? Is that you?" Liam yelled.

I paniced.

Yes its me but can i please have a fucking day off.

I turned arounded and Liam and Niall stood there smiling.

"WHAT" I yelled.

"Fiesty today!" Niall laughed.

Liam was about to grab me when i lost it.

"Dont fucking touch me or i will loose it!" I warned.

Liam still grabbed me causeing me to punch the wall.


I felt liquid.

I took off my glasses and threw them to the ground.

Liam looked suprised that i just did that.

Nialls face was worried.

I looked at them ashamed.

I need Louis to take me to the hospitel.

"Im so sorry you just saw that."I said holding my hand that i must of broke.


Anger = Pain.

"No come on we are gonna take you to the hospitel so your hand can get fixed."Liam said.

"Fine"I shurgged.

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