The Half Breds

Trance and her sisters are running from their father, and when running they bump into 3 friends, Jack, Jamie, and Michael. Follow the 6 half breeds into this dramatic and adventurous story.


2. Secret Revealed.

Once Jack and Michael, had woken up, they ventured back to the kingdom to find Jamie's mother screaming and throwing a tantrum. Jamie shuddered and sneaked past her. He glanced around the kingdom looking for his father. Jack and Michael were helping as well. Jamie caught a glance of his father walking down the hallway. "Hey Dad? What were the lost Night princess's names?" Jamie curiously asked. The king turned around with confusion.

"What do you mean, Jamie?" His father wondered. "Have you met them or seen them?" His father was getting really anxious.

"Well, yeah, I did." Jamie answered. "Mother told me stories about them and what they looked like when I was younger. A red head, Black hair, and Blonde." The king's eyes widened as Jamie continued. A sneer appeared on Jamie's father's face.

"Where did you see them?" The king muttered the question. 

"Near Valley Forge."  Jamie answered. His father's sneer grew larger as he walked to his guards. "Jamie, in order for you to wed and become king, You must kill the princesses." Jamie stared in horror at his laughing father. His father glared at him, waiting for a response.

"Fine, I'll kill them..." Jamie grumbled and looked back at his shocked friends. "Jack and Michael will help." The two friends shook their heads, but Jamie glared at them, signalling he had a plan. They both nodded and began to walk downstairs. "Don't worry father, they won't know what hit them." Jamie walked downstairs after his friends. 

The boys walked on the trial they had taken earlier to get back. "Jamie, what are we going to do?" Michael asked. 

"We're going to get them to safety, idiot." Jack and Jamie said at the same time. Michael pouted and crossed hid arms and continued to walk. Jack rolled his eyes while Jamie just sighed. Jack got a glimpse of Twilight's hair. He stopped in his tracts at he scanned the forest. He saw Twilight run towards them, Michael screamed in terror as she got closer.

"What are you guys doing here?" Twilight asked confused as she got to them. 

"My dad knows you guys are alive and wants you dead, so we decided to get you guys to safety?" Jamie explained. Twilight stared at the three of them, then her eyes widened as she remembered something. 

"Guys, we have to go, Trance got hurt trying to protect Yua." Twilight said before rushing away. Jamie's eyes widened then ran after Twilight with Jack and Michael following close behind. They approached a water fall where Trance was. She was laying down, holding her side.

"Took you long enough..." Trance grumbled, then her eyes lifted to Jamie. "WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE!" Trance jolted up but laid back down in pain.

"They're here to help, Trance." Twilight responded firmly. Trance bit back the words and closed her eyes, trying to ignore the pain. Jamie sat down next to Trance, looking at her wounds. 

"Trimoore, I'm guessing?" Jamie asked Trance, who was glaring at him like the devil. He raises his eyebrow waiting for an answer. She sighed and nodded her head. Jack and Michael finally caught up.

"Michael, could you go watch Yua?" Twilight asked, pointing at Yua who was eating. Michael nodded and walked over to Yua. 

*Author's Note- Yua is 16, Twilight is 19, and Trance is 17. I don't want you to think Yua is 3 or something :P. And Michael is 17, Jamie is 18, and Jack is 19. And you can tell who the couples are already =3*

Jamie wrapped some bandages around Trance's wound, she winced in pain. "Sorry..." Jamie muttered then continued bandaging Trance. Trance sighed and looked at the water. Jamie stood up and walked to Jack who was laughing with Twilight. He face-palmed. Jack saw Jamie and stood up embarrassedly. "So, where are we gonna camp?" Jack wondered. Jamie shrugged and looked at Trance who was death-staring him. 

"There's a cave right over here." Twilight said pointing to a cave next to the waterfall. Trance tried to get up but the pain was too great. Jamie walked over to her, she stared at him blankly. He sighed and picked her up.

"Hey! Put me down!" Trance wailed, trying to escape Jamie's arms. Jamie shook his head and walked to the cave. Yua giggled and walked along side Michael, Twilight faintly smiled at giggling Yua and screaming Trance. Jack nudged her and began to walk to the cave. 

It was almost sun set by the time Yua was asleep next to the fire Jack has made earlier. Trance was slowly falling asleep next to wide awake Twilight, who was laughing with the boys. Finally, Trance closed her eyes and fell backwards. Jack, Jamie, Michael, and Twilight stared laughing. "She must be really tired, she barely sleeps sometimes..." Twilight said softly, moving Trance's bangs away for her eyes. Jamie looked at Trance.

"Why is she so... you know, hates everyone type thing?" Jack asked, waiting for a life story. Twilight chuckled, and looked at the fire.

"Well, lets start from the beginning, Trance and my father didn't exactly get along..." Twilight sighed, remembering what had happened a few years ago. "He used to beat Trance, and when he tried to hurt Yua or I, Trance would take the hits for us. Because of that, she changed, from sweet and gentle, to insane. She used to have cream blonde hair, but she was beaten so much, that her blood dyed her hair, red." Twilight wiped a tear that was streaming down her face as she remember the horrible days. Jamie, Jack, and Michael exchanged sad glances then looked back at Twilight, wanting to hear more. "Once, Trance couldn't take anymore, we all ran away. So that's how we became known as the Lost Night Princesses." Twilight ended her story then looked back at Yua who was now awake and had tears in her eyes. Yua remember everything, Twilight thought to herself.

"What about your guy's mother?" Michael asked respectively. Yua sat down next to Twilight. 

"Well, before my dad was gentle and kind, but after our mother died, he changed, he felt that it was Trance's fault she died." Yua whispered sadly. Jack put his head down, as did Jamie. 

Everyone was silent for the rest of the night, thinking about what was just said. 

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