The Half Breds

Trance and her sisters are running from their father, and when running they bump into 3 friends, Jack, Jamie, and Michael. Follow the 6 half breeds into this dramatic and adventurous story.


4. Lost.

Its been a few days after the attack, and Trance isn't doing any better. Jamie is always tending to her wounds while everyone else is either hunting or getting fire wood. And everyone is trying to stay on Trance's good side.

"Hey Jamie, is she doing any better?" Yua asked, looking at Trance who was sleeping. Jamie shook his head and stood up. Yua sniffled and walked over to Twilight. Twilight sighed as she looked at Trance. "Will she get better?" Yua asked Twilight. She answered with a shrug and went back to putting wood into the fire. Jack and Michael came back with some fish and a rabbit. 

"I seriously, hate hunting." Michael grumbled, setting down the fish. Jack laughed and put the rabbit next to the fire.

"That's because you didn't catch anything." Jack teased. Michael hit his shoulder and scooted next to Yua. Jack held his shoulder in pain, then looked over at Trance.

"She's not doing any better, huh?" Jack observed. Jamie shook his head and held his knees. A clash of thunder from the distance made Jack scream like a girl and clung onto Twilight. Jamie stared at him weirdly, like he just saw a dancing giraffe. 

"Fear of thunder?" Twilight asked laughing. Jack nodded his head and looked outside. Rain began to pour and thunder made an uproar. Jack was now in a corner praying, everyone stared at him. "You're an idiot Jack." Twilight mocked. He smiled at her, then covered his ears at the sound of thunder.  A cough from Trance, startled everyone more then the roaring thunder. Jamie jolted over to her.

"You okay, Trance?" Jamie worried. She looked at him with faint eyes and shrugged. She clenched her side wound, and winced in pain. Jamie sighed and changed her bandage. 

"Hey Jamie, Yua, Michael, Jack, and I are going for a hunt, stay here with Trance okay?" Twilight said, before leaving. Jamie nodded and went back to taking care of Trance. Trance began to cough harder and more frequently. Jamie gave her some honey and lemon that was brewed like a tea. 

"I have to get more water, I'll be right back okay?" Jamie said before getting up and walking out the cave. Trance closed her eyes for a second and when she woke up, Sun Clan guards towered over her with guns and swords directed at her neck. She growled and tried to stand, but she was too weak.

"Be still, Fox. We're not going to harm you, but simply take you away." One of the guards sneered as he bound her hands and feet. Another guard picked her up. Trance tried to scream, but her throat was too weak. 

"Trance, I'm...." Jamie trailed off to see an empty spot where Trance was suppose to be. Thunder clashed. "Trance!" Jamie yelled and ran out the cave into the rain. He saw the group return, he ran to them with a shocked look on his face. "She's gone! she's been taken!" Jamie stuttered. Yua ran to the cave and wailed. Twilight darted to Yua, who was now sobbing. Jack and Michael looked at Jamie, who was on his knees covering his face with his hands. 

"Jamie, we're going to find her..." Michael comforted. Jamie looked up at him with a blank expression. Michael sighed and began to walk.

"It's my fault..." Jamie muttered. Michael stopped and looked back at him. "If I hadn't gone, she would have still been there." Michael shook his head.

"They would have killed you, she's probably glad that you didn't get hurt." Michael smiled back at him then walked to the cave. Jamie stood up and walked inside the cave to find Yua hugging Trance's scythe. He noticed a small note on the blade of the scythe. He walked over and took the note off the blade. 

"What is it, Jamie?" Twilight asked. Jamie showed her the note and began to read it aloud.

"Trance's Friends,

If you want to see your dear scary, creature, girl thing, then hand over Jamie. He's more wanted to the King then the other two sisters. Bring him to Valley Forge by the Crystal Pond, and we'll bring Trance. We'll wait there for you..." 

Jamie looked up and nodded. "Lets go." Jack turned to him angrily.

"No Jamie, No! Trance would kill you! I'm more worried about Trance then your dad." Jack shouted at him, clenching his fists. Jamie sighed.

"I'm doing this, like it or not." Jamie replied blankly, then walked out the cave into the rain. Michael followed as did Twilight and Yua. Jack stood there in horror, then decided to go as well. The group walked in rain, lighting, and thunder as they reached Valley Forge. They saw ten figures in the distance and one with red hair. 

"Trance!" Yua wailed, she tried to run but Michael stopped her. "Let me go!"

"I can't, they'll take you too, and I don't want to lose you." Michael held her in his arms. Yua cried in his shoulder. Michael wiped her tears, held her hand, and began to walk. Twilight looked back and faintly smiled. The figures became more clear as the approach. 

"Well, well, you showed up. We have Trance, do you have Jamie?" The guard who held Trance spoke. Jamie stepped forward, and stared at them sternly. "Hmm, now that I think about it, Trance is worth more in money, plus, The Nine-tailed Red Fox is rare, might as well keep her. And to add onto that, when she's her true form, her pelt, is priceless." He sneered. Jamie unsheathed his claws and began to growl. All nine guards pulled out swords and guns. Yua, Michael, Jack, and Twilight stood by his side, readied. 

"Give Trance back, you damn guards." Jamie threatened. The guards laughed. "Fine, you wanted it this way..." Jamie threw himself at one of the guards, slicing clean through his stomach. The guard fell and Jamie went onto the next guard, Jack just beat the crap out of another guard, while Twilight had her sword. The guard with Trance, slipped away while everyone else was either fighting or getting killed. 

Jamie became crazed and started to laugh in a distorted voice. "Where's Trance?" Twilight said looking around. She caught sight of the guard, but no Trance, he was aiming a bow to Jamie. "Jamie look out!" Jack yelled. Jamie turned to the arrow that was coming to him, he closed is eyes, ready for impact. Instead of pain, he felt hair blow in his face. He opened his eyes to see Trance, standing in front of him. All you heard was Yua and Twilight scream in horror. 

"Trance, no!" Yua screamed. Trance turned around to face Jamie, he realized that the arrow was lodged in her stomach and not his. She slowly pulled out the arrow, she held back the painful screams. Twilight ran to Trance, as she fell to her knees. Jamie stood their in shock. 

"Trance, stay with me! Keep your damn eyes open!" Twilight frustratedly said. Trance looked at the circle of people who were standing around her. Jamie looked at the place where the guard was, but has now vanished. He plopped down and put his face in his hands. Trance slowly sat up and pressed her cold hand against his face.

"It's okay, Jamie." Trance faintly smiled, before falling backwards. Jamie held her in his arms, tears rushed down his face.  Everyone bowed their heads in silence. 

"I wonder if she's with mom..." Yua said quietly. Twilight kissed her sisters head, and nodded. 

"She probably is." Twilight looked up at the sky. Jack held her hand, and sighed. 

"Aww, isn't this a cute yet sad picture?" A mysterious voice from behind startled everyone. Yua turned around and gasped. Everyone else turned around, except for Jamie, to see the sister's father, Orion. He smirked at the sight of lifeless Trance. "Too bad I couldn't kill her." He sighed. "Hand her over, she's not use to now, she never was anyway." Jamie looked at with hatred look on his face.

"You damn bastard, get away." Jamie harshly said. Orion laughed and walked to Jamie.

"May I please have my daughter?" He sneered. Jamie held Trance tighter. "Twilight, and Yua know I can revive her." He looked back at his daughters. They were wide eyed, but they nodded. 

"How come you didn't revive your wife then..." Jamie bluntly asked. Orion hisses under his breathe.

"Because I started working on how to revive people after she was far too gone." Orion hissed. "Now hand over Trance, or else she'll rot in your arms." Jamie stared at him, and slowly gave Trance to him. "Good boy. My, she's gotten tall, and the red hair suits her. Oh, I remember how she got red hair..." He stood up and carried Trance to his horse. "Till next time my dears, only next time, Trance won't be here." He rode away, Jamie screamed at the sky and smashed his fists into the ground.

"Jamie, it's okay. Trance will be healed and she'll come back to us." Jack tried to comfort Jamie. He nodded in a response and sat there motionless. 

"Maybe one day, we'll see Trance again. And that day is soon to come..." Twilight said looking up at the sky. 

THE END! *Author's Note- I'll make series 2 soon, and sorry it ended in such a short time! Next series will be more action-packed, romance and blah blah. I hoped you enjoyed!

-Writing Trance.*

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