Between worlds

Jazz has just entered into the other world! The only problem is no one knows what group she belongs in! Now the zodiac group plans to take her in...well most of the group.


2. between worlds; Protector

Lane smiled and placed a golden locket around her neck.

  “It’s not mine to give, but we don’t want any other group to claim you! I’m sure the owner won’t mind, after all he told me to give it to the next member! I’m pretty confidant you will be the next member. You see, in this realm, groups are made up usually by something really symbolic, for us it is the zodiac signs. I’m Leo, Aries is Aires of course, Peace is Pisces, Drake (dragon boy) is Gemini, and Pro is Cancer! There are more of us, but there’s at the arcade right now!” Jazz looked at the locket. It was golden with two Safire gems that made a heart.  On the locket was writing. It said something Jazz couldn’t read…something in another language.

  “Thank you.” Jazz said as she looked at the locket.   Suddenly drake perked up.

  “Oh snap man! I’m hungry!” Aires sighed and grabbed Drake.

  “Let’s go big guy.” Drake’s eyes became beast like.

  “I can’t control it!” he yelled worried. Lane’s eyes grew and she grabbed me.

  “Let’s go.” She then took Jazz hand and flew off into the night’s sky. The rain had calmed down but it was a bit windy out. Jazz was a bit worried, she knew one thing for sure, dragons like to eat humans like vampires liked to suck their blood. Lane flew far from the tree house and to a carnival looking place. She sat Jazz down and took a few deep breaths.

  “I’m sorry, Drake doesn’t mean to scare you, and he’s just not good about containing his hunger. He’ll eat almost anything, it’s just that just like vampires,, he loves to eat humans the most.” Jazz wasn’t sure that made her feel so much better.  Jazz sighed, knowing she might just have to get used to it.

  “I understand. Maybe he’ll get used to me over time.” Lane smiled and nodded.

  “That’s the spiri-“ suddenly there was footsteps behind them. Lane turned to face what she thought was the direction the footsteps were coming from.

  “Vampires….rouge vampires.” She said in a hushed tone. Now Jazz was really scared.

  “Don’t worry; I’m not going to let them take you.” Lane said.

  “That’s not what we’re worried about.” A cold sinister voice said from the dark. Lane turned around and a sword appeared in her hands.

“Back off.” She warned.

  “Ah, as beautiful as ever.” A vampire said coming into the light. His eyes were completely black, his hair was a dark brown, his skin super pale. He wore nothing but black and red. Lane suddenly looked a bit frightened.

  “Back off demon!” she snapped. He laughed coming a bit closer to her.

  “Are you afraid that you have no effect on me? Are you afraid I’ll kill Alfred? You should be. I’ll give you a chance now though to save him. I’ll give you back Alfred if you hand over that wonderful smelling human you have.” Lane shook her head.

  “Never, leave my sight.” She yelled. Suddenly another vampire appeared and grabbed Jazz. Jazz screamed as Lane ran to go help her, the first vampire grabbed her.

  “Better yet, I can take you and the human!”

  “Or I can kick your sorry ass all the way to hell.” A familiar voice said. Jazz couldn’t believe it. The vampires looked up to see a very bright being.

  “Sh***!” they both said running off at the speed of light. To them it looked as if a high angel had appeared, but no angel could cuss like that. The being landed, and the bright being became a being of water…an ameba.


  “I thought you didn’t care about me.” Jazz said folding her arms.”

  “I don’t I meant only to save Lane.” he said. Lane rolled her eyes.

  “Liar.” She muttered.

  “Am not lyin-“ Jazz had walked away looking down. Why did he hate her so much? And why did she sort of care?

  “Where the hell do you think you’re goin!?!” He yelled at her running after her. Lane smiled, and took flight. It seemed to her this was the best way for the two to find out they don’t hate each other. Jazz continued to walk away.

  “I see no point in staying if you don’t want me this much. You’re just going to make my life a living hell.” She snapped at him. Pro ran up and grabbed her.

  “Cut it out already ok? I-I’m sorry. I was a jerk ok! A JERK! Understand?” Jazz turned to face him now, still upset.

  “Yes, you were a jerk. But that’s not going to change anything.” She said as she continued to walk away.

  “Well, what do we have here?” another voice said.

  “Leave me alone.” She said walking away as then a green hand grabbed her.

  “Aw but you’re cute!” he said as he came into the light. Everything about him was a different shade of green.

  “You should stay with me!” He said. Jazz thought about it.

  “Doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me for once. I’m not welcomed anywhere else.” The green guy smiled, a bit evilly.

  “Oh joy! The many things we can do!” then he was kicked and sent flying.

  “The hell Jazz! DO you know what the freak was thinking about doing to you? Do you have any idea what any guy would want to do to you! Keep your guard up! On top of that you’re a human! The superior race…the race many will want to abuse!”

  “Oh now you’re being nice to me?” She asked. Pro’s face turned red as he grabbed her and took flight.

  “Put me down!” She yelled.

  “As you wish.” He said as he let her go. She screamed.

  “Don’t let me fall!” She yelled. In moments he had caught her.

  “What the hell are you trying to prove?” She yelled. Pro smiled and set her down on the ground.

  “You told me to let you go, I let you go, you told me not to let you fall, I grabbed you.”

  “Suckish way to put it.” She muttered as she tried to regain her normal heartbeat. Pro put his hand over her heart.

  “Wish I had a heart. I’m nothing more than one cell. I’m jealous of you…I envy you. I suppose my anger is what made me do all of those horrible things to you. I’m sorry. Out alone…I realized I don’t want you to go…I want to keep you by my side, I want you to be my heart. For that I’ll do anything. Please stay, I’ll do anything.” The ameba looked at her, and for a moment, her heart skipped a beat.

  “Just…don’t be an ass again ok?”  Pro turned into a human like creature, and smiled.

  “I can’t make any promises, but I’ll do my best.” Jazz rolled her eyes, it would do for now. She could always leave if she wanted to.

  “Can we go home now?” She asked. Pro nodded and grew wings, then he picked her up.

  “Hold on tight.” He told her as he took off.

  “…Pro, is your full name really Protractor?”

 “What? NO! It’s…it’s protector. What about your name?  Is really Jazz?”

  “No, it’s Jasmine.”

  “That’s the name of a flower.”

  “I’m shocked you knew that.”

  “I know what flowers are. We have flowers here.”

  “I haven’t seen any.”

  “Then I’m guessing Lane didn’t show you her room. Oh well, you will soon Jasmine.”

  “Just call me Jazz.”

  “No! I want to call you Jasmine, it’s pretty.”

  “Pretty original.”

  “No, it’s different. Everyone else will call you Jazz, but I’m going to be different and call you Jasmine. Thus you can tell no one that your full name is Jasmine.”

  “Then I’m going to call you protractor.”

  “Dang it to snap! I hate that name!”

  “Then call me Jazz.”

  “Alright Jazz…min.”  Jazz rolled her eyes. There was no winning with him.

   “Hey, what’s so important about bingo night?” Jazz asked.

  “…It’s not the bingo you’re used to.”  Pro said a bit annoyed. The wind blew some more and Jazz became cold. She held on tight to Pro.

  “It’s cold out…protector.” Pro seemed a bit shocked that she called him by his full name.

  “Don’t worry about it. We’re almost home.”

  “My heart might become cold if it gets to cold out.” Pro held on tighter to her. Jazz was only messing with him, but Pro became concerned.

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