Falling Freshman


2. Parttttyyy timeeee

Chapter 2

Kirstens p.o.v

I just made my way back to the dorm when Natasha came barging in.

"GUESS WHAT!" she exclaimed.

"What happened?" I asked excitedly.

"Beau asked me to a junior party and he said I can bring you!" She said happily.

"woah woah miss popular, its only our second day here!" I told her.

I loved parties, don't get me wrong I was totally in!

"So should I tell beau we want to go? " She asked me.

"yes yes yes !" I exclaimed.

Natashas P.O.V

I quickly grabbed out my phone and texted beau.

to: Beau

Hey beau! xx

From : Tasha

I sat my phone on my bed and went into the kitchen to make a snack, when I got back I had a new message from beau.

To: tasha

Hey you! Made a decision yet? ;)

From: beau

I smiled at that message and didint hesitate to reply.

To: beau

Yeah :) me and Kirsten would love to come !

From: tasha.

I went and scrolled through twitter on my phone until it buzzed and I checked the message.

To: tasha 


Great ;) wear something nice and ill pick you up at 7

From: beau

I was so happy that I was going to a party, I really hope Kirsten and I aren't the only freshman there.

Throughout the day I finished unpacking all my stuff and watch a movie with Kirsten, It was around 6 o'clock so I decided to start getting ready.

Went and jumped In the shower then I got Kirsten to help me with my hair a makeup. When she finshed she walked over to her room and brought back two dresses.

"What one?" She asked.

I pointed to the white one, "definatley that one" I said smiling.

I went and put a cute black dress I've always had. Kristen walked back in the room  

"Ouuuuu foxy lady" I said to her and she laughed in reply.

"Why you dressed so nice huh, gonna make a move on that boy you like beau?" She said to me.

My eyes widened "KIRSTEN" I said.  

"I don't like him! He's just a friend" I continued.  


"Sure..." She said while I heard a knock on the door.

I walked over in my black pumps and opened it to see beau and jai sanding there, beaus beautiful green eyes lit up when he saw my dress.

"You look amazing" he said.  

That made my stomach do backflips

"Why thankyou" I blushed.

"You girls ready to go?" He asked me.

"KIRSTEN HURRY UP" I shouted to Kirsten. She walked out while she was putting the back of her earring on.

"Yeah yeah I'm here" she said throwing on her shoes and we headed for Jais car.

We arrived at the party and I could feel the ground shaking from how loud the music was, this was Kirsten's kind of scene not mine.

I stepped out of the car and started heading for the door when I guy stopped me and Kirsten.

"No freshman allowed" he said sternly.

"They are with me" beau said opening the door for us and we walked right in. It was so crowded in here it was hard to breathe.

"Here ill get you guys a drink" jai said walking towards the kitchen.  


Kirsten and I decided to walk around, I then saw Eriana sitting on a couch with I guess her boyfriend, it was Jais twin. I had seen him walking earlier.

I went over to her.  

"Hey you!" I said smiling.

She stood up, "hey! What are you guys doing here? I thought I would be the only freshman here"

"Oh beau invited us ! " I said smiling.

"Let's go dance she said grabbing our hands and pulling us to the dance floor.

We were all sweating and dancing so much and having such a good time until the music went from fast to slow.  

"Are you kidding me" I said at the dj but quiet enough for him not to hear.

I saw couples making out in the corners and dancing together then erianas BOYFRIND came over and put his hands around her waist and kissed her cheek from behind her.

"This is Luke" she said while kissing him.

AWHHHHH I thought to myself, then I saw jai walk over with drinks and  

he headed one to Kirsten and they walked off laughing together. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned to see beau smiling.

"Would you like to dance?" He asked


AUTHORS NOTE; I really appreciate you guys reading it and I hope you like it and enjoy! :) vote, comment!

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