Falling Freshman


1. college!

Natasha's P.O.V I stepped out of the cab and admired the beautiful view of campus that i was looking at, I couldent beleive me and my bestfriend were starting vollege together. I looked at my bestfriend kirsten paying the cab driver and I grabbed my bags off the ground and realized I over packed way to much I picked up my bags and it was way to much to carry, I picked them up and walked about two steps before a bag fell out of my hand.

"Kirsten I could use some help over here" I shouted after kirsten who was half way to the dorm already. She just continued walking I sighed and tried picking up all my stuff once again. I was making it until i dropped one and when i reached down to pick it up another fell out of my hand. I realeased all the bags from my grip and kicked it. "ughhh" I sighed. I decided to sit there and wait for Kirsten to come out and help me. I took a seat on my bags since i couldent leave them un attended and started playing candy crush saga on my phone until i felt a tap on my shoulder, "FINALLY YOUR HERE" I said standing up and turning around, but it wasent who I expected.

Once I realized that it wasent kirsten i blurted out "Oh my gosh im sorry , i thought you were my friend.. who is supposed to be helping me carry my bags right now" I said.

"Hahaha don't worry about it, ill help you" He said in an australian accent.

"Why thankyou" i said smiling and leading him into the direction of my dorm.

I walked up to the door and was slowly opening it."NATASHA WHERE DID YOU PUT THE TAMPONS. I started laughing as kirsten came over from the hallway as her mouth dropped and her eyes grew. "Who's that?" She quietly asked looking at the very attractive boy standing beside me holding my bags. "Oh i'm Beau" He smiled looking over at Kirsten who moved closer to us. I looked over ia Beau who set down my bags and looked at me smiling making my cheeks turn red. "What are your names?" He asked. I stared at Kirsten waiting for her to answer. "I'm Kirsten and that's Natasha" She spoke while smiling at Beau. I looked back at him but he was already staring at me. "Where are you girls goign to school?" He asked while his beautiful accent stood out making my heart flutter. "Uh, just down the street at Yorkdale are you a student?" I asked waiting for him to reply. Before he could two boys poped their head in while we all focused at the door. "Beau, we have to go to practice lets go" One boy with shaggy brown and brown eyes said looking over at Kirsten smiling at her while he made his way in the room along with another boy with long hair in the front and short in the back and brown eyes that followed. "Who are these lovely ladies" The one with long hair asked winking at both me and Kirsten.

"Thats Natasha" Beau said motioning to me. "And thats kirsten" He said pointing at kirsten.

"Nice to meet you girls" He said. "Im daniel and this is jai" He said nudging jai. I smiled as he exchanged it.

"It was a pleasure to meet you but we have hockey pratice now" He continued. They all started leaving the room when beau turned "Ill see you around" he said giving me a smile and shutting the door behind him. About five minuites later when I was un packing my things i heard a knock on the door, I opened it to see a huge smile on a girls face.

"Hi" She said all bubbly. She put out ger hand and I shook it. "Im Eriana and im your neibiuour!" She was so beautiful! I bet she was super popular. "Nice to meet you!" I said smiling and shaking her hand.

"I live right next door so if you ever need anything just drop on by, and im sure we will have some classes together" She said smiling

"Great, thankyou!" I said.


*Next day in class*

"And thats the quadratic formula for squares!" The teacher said.

I was in math class, I seemed pretty normal, there was the preppy & to cool for everyone girls, the nerdy smart people and other people who were just there. I heard the door slammed shut and I looked up from my notebook and it was beau, the boy that helped me carry my bags.

"Your late Mr. Brooks" The teacher said lowering his glasses onto the tip of his nose and gave beau a stern look. Beau didint even look at the teacher and he went and took his seat 3 rows infront of me. Around five minuites later the bell rang and i made my way out the door and headed back for my dorm.I heard heavy foot steps behind me and i looked to see beau running towards me. He waved and smiled so i stopped and waited for him.

"Hey" I said as he caught up to me.

"I didint know you were in my math class" He said laughing.

"yeah, math is my worst subject. I absoultley hate it!" I said. we continuied walking towards my dorm.

"Maybe I can tutor you sometime" He said.

"By the way you walked into class 40 minuites late I dont think that you are going to do so well in that class" I said laughing.

I laughed in return and looked up and smiled at him. He had the prettiest green eyes i have ever seen.

"so... would you like to come to a party with me tomorrow night?" He asked. I was quite shocked that he asked me that because id hardly knew him. "Im not really the partying type.." I said.

but who was i kidding? One of the most attractive boys on campus just asked me to a party.

"Its a junior party, but id like to bring you. and you can bring your friend if you want too" He said smiling.

I looked up at him quickly looking away while his eyes were on me. "I don't know..." I mumbled. I looked behind beau seeing people walk up to him. He noticed I was staring while he turned around facing the boys then quickly looking back at me. "Here can I have your number?" He quickly asked. I didn't hesitate to nod quickly pulling out my phone and handing it to him while he gave me his. I typed my number into his phone quickly handing it back to him before his friends reached him. I wasn't in the mood to talk so I turned around walking away before the boys could talk. I knew it was kind of rude but I was exhausted and I wanted to get back to the dorm and tell Kirsten about the party I know she'll love the idea but I'm still not sure about it. I mean beau he's a really good looking guy and he plays hockey. He seems really popular to and I can see the way the girls look at him while he walks past them. I'm not ready for a relationship right now but I wouldn't hurt to talk to him would it?


AUTHORS NOTE; sorry that the first chapter is kinda boring but it will get better , i promise ! :) ily vote, comment and tell me what you think :) xx

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