Catch Me If You Can

Two cheerleaders run into some trouble at a Salon and end up getting bagged. On this journey home, they meet two other girls. With Mental and Physical problems, they might face dangerous situations and struggle to get out of the desert alive. Can they all survive or will some fall behind??


3. Chapter 3


           When I regained consciousness I honestly had no idea where I was. As I became more aware and more memories came back to me. At first I was afraid to move but as soon as I heard the familiar voice I immediately felt safe.


                “BRIT!!” I almost screamed but struggled to get up and the restrains only got tighter and tighter. “No! No! No!” she instructed me, “don’t struggle, it only makes them get tighter.” I obeyed but pouted because I couldn’t get to her.

                “Hi Lilly.” Spoke a voice in a direction I wasn’t paying attention to, the door.

                My enthusiasm dropped and it got serious. “Who are you?”

                He smiled and took a step closer, “my name is Hunter, I’m seventeen years old and the last thought on my mind right now is hurting you and your beautiful sister.” He pauses to stare at her and she blushes. I just rolled my eyes and I figured now was safe. If he liked my sister then it’s a good thing. “It sounds like you guys are very talented, with cheerleading and all.” He paused again and looked at the floor. “I’d love to see it sometime.” My sister blushed even more.

                “Well, as Co-Captain, I think I’m authorized to get you a ticket.” I said with a smile and winked at my sister. He was handsome, I’ll give him that.

               Out of the blue my sister gripped her head and groaned and passed out suddenly, almost falling off the bed, the only thing holding her from falling is the restraints. I tried to run to her because this isn’t like her, but I couldn’t go more than a foot or two away from the bed. I didn’t stop trying to get to her, even though she was across the room from me. Hunter rushed to her side and called a guy named Caleb in to help him. I managed to break one restraint and started to tear the others free when Caleb went straight to me. He pushed me back on my bed.

                “Listen to me, your sister is going to be fine, she just passed out.” He said soothingly.

                “What is with you people?” I demand. “Kidnapping people like animals and then turning around and treating them good?? For what reason?? And it’s NOT fine actually because Brittney can’t go a day without her medication or she could die!!! She’s diabetic!!” I almost screamed. And relaxed and started sobbing uncontrollably.

                “What is going on in here!” A big man instructed, and he looked like the man in charge. He definitely did not expect to what he saw. It was on his face. “Katherine?” and he looked like he could start crying. He ran to my sister’s side and I made a bazar face because Caleb looked uncomfortable, like he wanted to tell her everything but he couldn’t. He sighed and said, “later.”

                “Is she going to die?” he asked me very straight forward, yes or no answer, so I made it simple for him. “Without proper medication, yes.” He rubbed his forehead and sighed.

                “We have to make it happen somehow.” He looked up and snapped his fingers at me, do you have some kind of emergency medication at home that would work?”

                “There is a month supply that my parents shouldn’t notice if it’s gone, in the upstairs bathroom under the sink.” I reply knowing he is onto something that could save her life.

                “I’ll go.” Hunter bravely volunteers. “I’ll go, if it means saving Aunt Katherine.”

                Again with the ‘Katherine’, it’s Brittney. Caleb gave me a look that meant go with it if you want to save your sister. So I did and after all he said he would explain later.

                “Look, where could Hunter get in if he had a ladder?” The big guy asked. “The window above the garage door, should be open just a crack. Open it go through my bedroom make a left and go under the sink for syringes and alcohol wipes.  In the corner of her room there is a small fridge, grab the vials on the door marked insulin. You need to hurry, she can only be like this for a little while.”




                When Lilly was upset and crying about her sister, and that made me upset. I tried to calm her but all she wanted was her sister. Understandable in this kind of situation, if Hunter doesn’t come back with the medication then I would be crying too. I cradle her in my arms and she lets me. It feels nice to be needed for comfort. I rub her back and say she’s going to be fine. I can feel my dad’s eyes on me watching what I’d do. For once, I really didn’t care, she needed me and I was going to be there for her. Something I’ve never done for someone and it’s time for a change. She lifts her head up and says something, to me.

                “Will you release me? I promise I won’t run. I love my sister and she needs me and I need her I just want to be with her. Plus there is a certain way to inject insulin and I’m pretty sure you don’t know the right amounts and where to inject it. If she gets too much or too little she could die and there isn’t a life time supply of insulin in that fridge.” She complained. But it made sense. I looked at my dad and he thought for a second and nodded. “Move her by her sister too.” He approved.

                She obviously didn’t care about the details, just that she wanted to be by her sister. I unchained her and she ran to her sister’s side and gently hugged her lifeless body and sat on the corner of her bed and held her hand. I smiled at her she mouthed to me “thank you” and smiled back. I got off her bed to move her bed next to her sisters.

                “I want to talk to you outside Caleb.” Zane said seriously.

                “Yes.” I say feeling like I knew what he was going to say.

                We shut the door to the main room and he looks down at me.

                “Damon and I,” he began, “decided that since you are going to be taking on this business, that you and your brother should do everything this time, with our assistance.” I looked shocked and he smiled. I didn’t want this. “It’ll be fun. The changing into the sisters, making out, excreta. You know the drill.” He smiled again when I looked worried about this. “You’ll do fine. And don’t forget to tell your brother!” he said as he walked down the hall to his room. Now how do I tell Lilly. I said I’d tell her later. Now is later.

                I open the door and cautiously walk to her and her sister. “Thank you.” She actually says this time.

                “You’re welcome.” I should start with that.

                “So why were they calling my sister ‘Katherine’?”

                I sigh and begin, “well…”



                I know I’m stalling, and I shouldn’t stall, and that she needs medication, but at 1 at night I don’t want to break in to HER house. It just seems wrong and I’ve never broken into somebody’s house before. It’s pretty big and stone on the outside. Front porch and a balcony, massive front windows, flowers and trees in perfect condition. I know I need to quit stalling so I suck it up and silently un-gate the pick-up and pull out the ladder for the second story window. I quickly place it and climb to the windowsill, sit on the white framing and pull up the window.

I silently come in and go straight to the bathroom. I grab the flashlight from my backpack and open up the sink under the cabinet. Inside contains mostly girly stuff, hairspray, shampoo, toilet paper, Kleenex, make up bags, and what I’ve been looking for, syringes. White and black skinny syringes in their individual packages. I dump all of them in and go looking for alcohol wipes. They aren’t inside the cabinet, so I search the drawers all while trying to be as silent as possible. In the first drawer I looked in they were there. I grab all of those and place them in the backpack.

                I walk down the hallway and walk into her room and open the door. The room is green with white polka-dots and very neat and clean. On one wall she has her cheerleading pictures with trophies on little green shelves and a white desk in the center of that wall. On the farthest wall from the door, in the center is an enormous bed, framed by two side tables. And a fridge on the right, and what I was looking for. When I open the door it’s crammed full of what I guess is insulin, but to be sure I had to check the label. It said insulin for Brittney and I picked up 5 at a time and put it in my backpack. Working as fast as I could my worst fear came true. I got caught.

                “Stop right there before I call the cops!” A woman’s voice said. I freeze and slowly turn around.

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