Love Always,

While the boys are on tour in the USA. Harry goes to town and stops at a small coffee shop. There he stumbles upon the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. The girl absolutely despises Harry, him being famous and all. But Harry strives to become close with her and prove to her that he's not some self centered jerk. **also on Instagram @iimagine_1d**


7. Chapter 7

Before dozing off I thought about all that happened today. It was great overall.

What really pisses me off is that guy from the restaurant. What's his problem with Sydney? What happened? I'd hate to bring it up to her but I just have to know. I'll ask her when the right time comes.

But I've officially asked her out, i did it. I don't know if she wants to go public though, it'll slip out somehow. Oh God, I hope that's not a problem.


I should just go to sleep.

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