I'm too lazy to write what this story is about. So if ya really wanna know read it.


3. Chapter Three

We got to the boys, and ours i guess, flat me and the girls figured out theres only three beds. "Umm there's only three beds but there is six of us.." Kat says. "Yup you three have to sleep with someone." Louis says. "Sleeping with someone sounds nice." Harry says wiggling his eyebrows. "MIND IN THE GUTTER, MUCH??"Sil yells. We laugh. "Soo, who's sleeping with- who's sleeping in who's bed?" I ask changing my sentence half way through and looking at Harry. He grins. "You girls get to pick." Niall says. "Ok! Close your eyes when we say open them you will know who's sleeping in your bed." Sil says. She pulls us where they can't hear us and whispers," Write your name on a piece of paper and hand it to them before they open their eyes. You have to back up and sit against the wall after you give them the paper. Got it?" Me and Kat nod. We all three write our names on a small piece of paper and walk back to them. "Keep your eyes closed." Sil says. The boys nod. I hand my paper to Niall. Sil gives Louis hers and Kat gives hers to Harry. We back away and Sil yells," Open your eyes!!" They open their eyes and looked on the papers. "Read them aloud."Kat says. "Katieboo!" Harry yells. Kat laughs. "Pheonix?" Louis says it like a question. "Mee!" Sil says. "Alexandria."Niall says. "That's me!" I say. "Your name is Alexandria?" Harry asks. I nod. "Cool!" Louis yells. "Ok.." I say. "Aaanyway, I've decided I want to go by Pheonix instead of Sil or Silver." Sil says. "Your name is Silver. I'm calling you Sil." Kat says. We all agree. "Ughh fiiine." Sil says. "I'll call you Pheonix!" Louis says. She smiles and he returns it. "What's going on between you two?"Harry asks looking at Sil and Louis. "Nothing!" they say at the same time. "Sil, can I please talk to you? Alone?" I ask. She nods. "First door on the right is ours Pheonix." Louis says. "Ok but just call me Sil." He nods. We walk into her and Louis's room. "What's up with you and Louis?" I ask when the door closes. "Remember how I used to reject all the boys at school? And how I told them I had a boyfriend?" She asks. "Yeah but.. you told me you didn't!" I say. "I do though. Louis is my boyfriend. On the plane he pretended not to know me. But then we gave up on that in the car."she says. "I noticed." I tell her frowning. Then I had that feeling that someone was watching me again. I looked at the window and screamed. Then everything goes black.

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