I'm too lazy to write what this story is about. So if ya really wanna know read it.


6. Chapter Six

"Wait, wait, wait! What happened? I thought.. you and Issaic.. but now you and Niall.. hands linked.. CARE TO EXPLAIN?!?!" Louis starts out talking but then yells the last part. "Well, Issaic loves me. I love him too but I love Nialler more. Issaic understands. But if me and Niall ever split Issaic will be there for me." I explain. "But we won't split." Niall says. I feel him move away. I look at him and find him on one knee. "Alexandria Taylor Hayes, I love you more than words can say. I want to be with you forever. I want to call you mine. Alexandria Hayes, will you marry me?" he asks. I'm crying to much to talk so I just nod and smile. Then I manage to squeal," Yes! A million times yes!!" He slips a ring onto my finger. Everyone crowds around us except Katerina. I mean Kat.. I guess. "Kat?" I whisper. "Leave me alone.." she whispers. "Can I talk to Katerina alone?" I ask. Everyone but her leaves "Kat-"I start but she cuts me off. "What do you want?" she asks. I flinch at the venom dripping from her voice. "What did I do to make you so mad, Kat?" I asks. "You are in love with the man I  love!" she says. I freeze. "W-what?" I ask. "I may act like I love Harry but honestly I don't. I..I love Niall okay?!" she yells then covers her mouth as we hear someone start sobbing in the hall. I open the door and Harry is sitting in the hall crying. "Harry.." Katerina whispers. "Shut up! You don't love me!" he yells. He runs to his room. "Katerina I love Niall. I'm marrying him. So, you can have Harry, or Issaic." I say. "I DON'T WANT THEM! I WANT NIALL!!!" she screams. Niall runs in. "Niall I..I love you.." she whispers. "I don't love you Katerina. I love Alexandria. Nothing will change that. If you try to ruin our relationship, you aren't a true friend and you can get out of our house." he says. She nods and heads to get her stuff. She's leaving? Ha, so much for 'friends til the end'. "Alex?" Niall asks. "Hmm?" I mumble. "I'm calling you Alexandria from now on. And by the way, we are moving into our own house after the wedding." he says. I nod in agreement. I walk to him and kiss him when suddenly he yells," Don't!!" I turn around as I feel a knife being pushed into my stomach. Everything goes black.

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