The Protectors

Amela Robince, a once average 18 year old girl living in Spring Lake, Virginia. She has gone her whole life believing she was anything but interesting, and at the bottom of the list when it came to special. Suddenly, her life takes a dramatic turn when she discovers a mysterious ball of light in the woods near her house. She came in contact with this strange attraction, and since then, her new immortal life was anything but average. Sustaining new powers, with a new job to help defend the world against intimidating monsters with 7 other strangers, Amela has the world placed on her shoulders. Battling her way through the supernatural and attempting to resist the inevitable charms of fellow Protector Harry Styles, follow us on this incredible journey of love, loss, and crusade.


4. Chapter 3

Hawthorne’s determined steps thundered down the dimly lit hallway with Pam following close behind. Pam’s breathing increased as she tried to match her pace with Hawthorne’s tall strides. “This doesn’t make the least of sense,” Hawthorne said while shaking his head in angry confusion, “If one of them had committed murder I would have known far before another was chosen.” He scrunched his eyebrows together, anger forming his features.

“You don’t know this Sir. I have known these kids for far too long to assume they would kill a person. They are good kids, no matter how much trouble they get themselves into they would never end another’s life.” Pam quickly said in response.

“I have known this group far longer than you ever have and ever will!” Hawthorne bit back. His pace quickened, leaving Pam practically running after him down the hallway and towards the set of large wooden doors that lead to the central lobby.

With what seemed to contain a heavy force of rage, Hawthorne busted through the double doors and stomped down the steps leading to the lower level of the large foyer. The noise made Valie jump, causing her to drop her comic book into her lap and lose her page. Drew was sitting in the chair across from Valie, spinning his head questioningly towards Hawthorne and Pam. At the site of Hawthorne, Drew rose immediately to his feet.

“Mr. Hawthorne! Um… hi,” Drew said quickly. Hawthorne always made Drew anxious, what with his tall frame and long white hair and beard, his face constantly seemed to contain bitterness, as if this emotion was a permanent stamp to his features. He wasn’t exactly a warming presence, and Drew knew he wasn’t the only one who felt this way. “Didn’t expect you to be making an appearance.” Drew added, arching his eyebrow in curiosity.

Hawthorne held even more irritation in his expression than usual, so Drew knew he, or whoever Hawthorne’s target of anger was aimed at this time, was in deep shit. He waved a letter in the air, a letter Drew was just now noticing in Hawthorne’s hand. Pam was following behind him with a look of worry. This didn’t surprise Drew, for Pam always had an anxious motherly nature. She’d be on the ready to call paramedics if one of them got a mosquito bite.

The man impatiently fluttered the letter in Drew’s face, “We have a letter from Professor Crane! Why don’t you read it, Drew, seeing as it could be of significance to you?” Hawthorne shoved the letter at him. Drew looked down at the letter and glanced at Valie, only to receive a shrug of her shoulders. Drew read the letter, and then read it a second time, making sure he had read the words on the page correctly. Valie stood up now, placing her comic book on the table beside the chair. “Drew? What is it?” She asked with a hint of worry in her voice at his reaction to the letter.

“…This can’t be possible,” He said in disbelief, “None of us have committed murder of a human.” He looked up at Hawthorne, confusion dawning on him. Hawthorne gave him a skeptical look, which made Drew want to turn and run. Seeing as the man has telepathy, he could easily read anyone’s mind, even Harry’s, who wasn’t too generous when it came to the invading of his privacy. “We’ll see what the others have to say to this.” Hawthorne replied before turning to Pam and ordering her to gather the group for a meeting in the library. With that Hawthorne turned his back to Drew and Valie, swiftly making his way back up the grand staircase.


Pam, with the help of Drew, had gathered everyone to the library for a discussion of the letter from Professor Crane that Drew still had a hard time wrapping his head around. How could another Protector possibly be chosen? The only way a new Protector could be chosen was if an already existing Protector had killed a human being that was not a potential threat to the world, and if that human is a threat, the Protector must turn them in to human authorities; such as the police.

If a Protector has committed murder upon a human, that Protector is cast to Hell and then a new individual would take his or her place. But, if a Protector has severely harmed an individual or used their power for a negative motive on a human to the degree of severe impairment, that Protector would receive a temporary punishment and suspension. The degree of harm the Protector has inflicted upon a human will justify the length of the suspension and punishment and the punishment itself, but a punishment and suspension of a Protector surely wouldn’t cause the need of a new one.

Drew knew without a doubt none of them has done so to require another person to be chosen, so why has this happened? He sat back in his chair, trying to form some sort of explanation to this sudden strange event when Maxus and Hawthorne walked in. Maxus sat down and propped his muddy boots up on the coffee table, which received an annoyed huff from Pam. “What’s with all the worried looks?” Maxus asked, glancing around the circle of disturbed and confused faces. “Another has been chosen.” Jade answered, bored. “What?” Maxus replied, raising his eyebrows in shock, “How the fuck’s that possible?”

“Probably because of Harry,” Cameron added from the chair directly across from Maxus.

“No way, he would never kill someone, you know that.” He replied at Cameron’s accusation.

“Oh, excuse me! I probably am wrong, aren’t I? Seeing as no one knows Harry better than you do, Maxus.” Cameron bit back.

 “Please, spare me from your bitchy attitude just this once, Cameron.” Maxus said in mock self-pity.

“Everyone be silent!” Hawthorne interjected impatiently. He seated himself at the master chair, looking around the seats and noticing one displayed empty. “Where is Mr. Styles?” Hawthorne asked, with no reply. Maxus then spoke up, “He’s, um, out.”

“Out… where?” Hawthorne questioned with rage forming in his eyes. Maxus gulped, “Look, I’m sorry Sir, we were out partying late and-“

“NO EXCUSES!” Hawthorne’s voiced boomed throughout the library, causing the book shelves to shake. “Being a Protector is a God given gift! You two have taken advantage of your blessings, you irresponsible, reckless-” Hawthorne was cut off with the sound the library doors opening; Harry entered with an irritated expression. “Well look who decided to grace us with his heavenly presence.” Cameron said bitterly.  

“Mr. Styles, you’re late.” Hawthorne addressed Harry, who took the empty seat between Maxus and Allen.

“I was busy.” Harry replied in a dull tone, not even looking at Hawthorne. Drew always, in a way, admired how Harry never paid respect to Hawthorne, which took balls to do. Then again, Harry never paid respect to anyone. “Busy?” Hawthorne said, his face growing red with anger to such a degree Drew thought his ears might burst with steam. “BUSY?”

“Yes, B-U-S-Y, sound it out now,” Harry looked at Hawthorne now; a teasing grin spreading across his face.

 “Alright!” Pam interjected, which was probably the best move, for another dispute of many between Harry and Hawthorne never ended happily. “Mr. Hawthorne, everyone is gathered, if we can please carry on with the meeting, for our new chosen one may be in great distress at this very moment.”

“What?” Harry said, sitting up in his chair, his expression turning from grim satisfaction at pissing Hawthorne off to surprised confusion, “Someone’s been chosen?”

“Oh look, Harry finally cares about something.” Cameron remarked in a dismal tone.

“You know what-” Harry started before being cut off by Hawthorne.

“Silence! This is a matter of urgency! Another Protector has been chosen, and seeing as none of you have committed murder of a human being, we must act in haste.”

It was Allen who spoke up this time, “But even if one of us murdered a human, we would have been thrown in Hell before they had chosen a replacement. Why now? Why so suddenly?”

“Maybe it was a mistake?” Valie proposed.

“The Heavens make no mistakes,” Hawthorne said agitatedly, “whatever the cause for this is, it is a sign.” The energy in the room was tense. Everyone glanced at each other uneasy looks, apart from Harry, who was sat forward in his chair with his chin propped in his hand in a thinking gesture, a determined frown on his face, as if he were trying to find an answer to Hawthorne’s news.

“But who will go get them?” Pam asked, interrupting the tense silence. “This person is out there, somewhere, going through a painful transformation. They are probably confused and worried, we must bring him or her back to HQ now.”

“Pam is correct,” Hawthorne nodded in agreement. “Who will volunteer? We need at least two.”

“I will go!” Valie said quickly. With this, Drew made a quick response, “I will too, I’ll go with Valie.”

This received a snort from Cameron, “Of course you will, you’ll go anywhere Valie goes. You’re like a little puppy dog.” Cameron told Drew, shaking her head in mock pity, which caused Drew’s cheeks to flush.

“Do you always have to be such a bitch?” Maxus said, causing Cameron to look at him with a deathly stare. Before she could respond, Hawthorne slammed his fist down on the end table beside his master chair with such a force the table almost broke in two.

“Enough of this! Valie and Drew, the one chosen is Amela Robince, and she is located at Spring Lake High school in Virginia. Bring her back to HQ immediately.” Valie and Drew nodded to Hawthorne’s orders and rose from their chairs. “Wait, wait,” Maxus interjected. Everyone glanced at him expectantly. “It’s a girl? Is she hot?” Every person rolled their eyes except for Harry, who added, “If she is, I call her.”

“No way dude, you got the last chick-” Hawthorne slammed his fist down once more, silencing the room, and rose from his chair. “You two,” he pointed an accusing finger at Harry and Maxus. “You will not go near our new addition to the group, for having a pair of heartbreakers like you both will not do any good for Ms. Robince’s training to become a strong fighter. Valie, Drew, be on your way.”


After Drew had teleported Valie and himself to some park in Virginia, they had set off to find a map. Monsters were everywhere, but Virginia wasn’t exactly a demon hotspot, so Drew wasn’t too familiar with the state and had no clue where Spring Lake High School was. After retrieving a brochure from a post that displayed a map of the park Drew and Valie had teleported to, they spread the map of Virginia out on the grass and observed. “There,” Valie pointed to a red dot labeled ‘Spring Lake’. “There’s Spring Lake, the high school should be near there.”

With that Drew took Valie’s arm and teleported them to Spring Lake. After a blur of color and light, the two landed in what looked like a quiet neighborhood. They were on the sidewalk; to their left stood a small house with brown leaves littering the lawn. To their right, more houses stood across the road. “How far do you think the high school is from here?” Valie asked, observing their surroundings.

“Shouldn’t be too far. Ah, damn, we should have taken the map.” Drew said.

They started down the sidewalk, the sky was bright blue and cloudless despite the cold weather. Drew was always envious of America’s clear skies, for in London it was a constant dreary gray. Sometimes he missed living in America, but he refrained from thinking about his old life too much, because having your parents have no clue you exist was a sore subject. They walked for what seemed only a few minutes when the sight of a school came into view. “Well, that was easy.” Drew said with surprise. The pair came to a set of stairs leading to the school parking lot and descended.  

Suddenly, out of the corner of Drew’s eye, he saw a blonde head stumbling through the parked cars. She looked ill, faltering this way and that, as if she was about to pass out. “Val,” Drew tapped her shoulder, causing Valie to look up in question. “What?” She responded before following his gaze to the girl. She was walking like a zombie, Drew thought, as if some force was dragging her forward, towards the daunting woods.

Drew thought back to when he had transformed; it was a painful process. He remembered seeing evil shadows and menacing images, feeling sick to his stomach and having no control over his body as it dragged him outside of his house, to the backyard behind a set of bushes and he crumpled to the ground, falling unconscious. The next day he woke at HQ with Hawthorne and Pam standing over him. “You’re going to be alright,” Pam had said, “you are safe now.”

“She’s going in the woods!” Valie hissed, snapping him out of his flashback. “That’s her, it has to be. She looks like she’s going through the effects of the transformation, poor thing.” Valie said with pity.

“She is hot.” Drew observed, then receiving a sour look from Valie, he added quickly, “I mean, um, I didn’t mean she’s hot look wise, I mean she’s like, she’s hot like she has a fever you know-”

“Save it.” Valie held up a hand. “Let’s go get her.”

Drew felt immediately sorry; would Valie think less of him? Though, after so long of being in the friend zone, Drew knew this wouldn’t exactly alter their already non-existent relationship. With a sigh he followed Valie down the cement stairs and towards the woods.

The girl, Amela, stumbled deeper into the woods to a distance Drew and Valie could no longer see her. “Stop,” Drew told Valie before taking her arm and teleporting them into the woods, saving them the effort of running a pointless distance. He had teleported them a few yards away from the girl who was still mindlessly walking, finally crashing to the ground.

Valie started towards the girl cautiously. “I feel so bad for her,” She whispered, “I hope she didn’t hallucinate too badly.” Drew followed, admiring Valie’s caring nature silently. Drew has always admired Valie from a distance; her long wavy red hair and icy blue eyes, the oval shape of her face and the way her chin came at a delicate point. Most of all her smile, Drew loved when she smiled.

“Is she in any condition to teleport?” Valie interrupted Drew’s train of thought. They observed the girl who had collapsed. Twigs wove through her wavy blonde hair, her face pale and sickly. “I don’t think so,” Drew replied, “but we have no choice, we need to get her to HQ immediately and give her antibiotics or her heart may collapse.”

The two flipped the girl over so she lay on her back. Her chest moved slowly up and down, but her pulse was beating at a dangerously fast pace. Drew took her arm in one hand, and Valie’s arm in the other. “Let’s hope she survives this.” He said anxiously. Valie gave him a frightened look, “And if she doesn’t?”

Drew glanced up at Valie; her flaming red hair gleamed in the sun, her ocean blue eyes filled with worry. Drew’s breathing hitched at the sight of her; she was so beautiful. “She was chosen,” Drew replied softly, “a Protector will survive anything.”

 With that, Drew teleported the three back to HQ in a slur of darkness and light. 

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