The Boyfriend Project (One Direction AU)

Meet Sydney. The younger sister of the great Liam Payne who everyone knows and loves. She's always being compared to Liam and boys are dissapointed that she isn't the spitting image of Liam so she has never had a boyfriend.Finally she has enough.She decides that with the help of friends she'll get a boyfriend and be better than Liam ever was.

This is my new fan fiction. It isn't like any of my other ones. In this one One Direction is in it but there will not be any relationships through the boys. DISCLAIMER: I do n ot own One Direction(I wish) but all other characters will belong to me unless clearly they are a celebrity.'


4. Chapter Four

"Hey, I'm Sydney. What class do you have right now?" I ask Caleb and Mr. Zells at the same time.

"Caleb here has the same classes that you do. That way you can help him at anytime,"Mr. Zells informed me.

"Oh so do you want to go back to lunch?"I asked Caleb.

"Yeah sure!" Caleb said excitedly. He seemed to be one of those peope who were happy twenty-four seven based on the fact that his smile hadn't faded since I came to the office. Usually these peop[le annoyed me,but, This boy's smile was making me feel like smilng just by looking at it.

"Ok, see you later Lenard!"I called over my shoulder,while pulling Caleb to the Cafateria.

I scaned the large room and found my friends,"Hey, I see my friends, wanna come sit with us?"

He smiled and nodded.

"You don't talk much do you?" I asked him.

"I have a big family so I mostly keep quite so I don't drive mum and dad completly mad,"He said.

We got to the table and i sat down between Caleb and Kellin."Hey guys this is Caleb. He just transfered from,... where are you from?" I asked feeling stupid that I hadn't asked before.

"I'm from New York,"

"Oh my god!I've always wanted to go to America!!"Savannah piped up.

"So are you goung to introduce us?" Claire asked.

"Oh yeah sorry,"I said feeling embaressed,"So this is Renee,Claire,Savannah,and Kellin. I have another friend Kiera but she's in lunch choir"I said introducing everyone.

"So you have a big family?" I asked trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah, I've got ten siblngs,"Caleb said like it was no big deal.

My eyes got huge,"Oh my god! What are their names?" I asked.

"Well, there's Emily, Meg, Kathy, and Mary for my sisters and Charlie, Dan, Pete, Mark, John and Mike. I'm the youngest. Emily's already married. What about you guys?"

"I have a sister and two brothers,"Kellin said.

"I've got an older brother,"Claire said.

"Two older brothers and a younger sister. Sydney's tried to date one of my brothers, though,"Renee piped up with a smirk.

"Thoughs were dark days that I wish never to be spoken pf again!"I exclaimed darmaticly. 

"I'm an only child,"Savannah said sadly.

"You can have mine if you want,"I said,"I've got a pain in the arse perfect older brother named Liam,"I said.

"I heard my name," Liam said as he walked passed our both taking a seat.

"Don't you have some other place to be pretty boy?" I asked. 

I swearI saw a flash of hurt in his eyes,but, if there was it was gone instantly."As a matter of fact I came here to talk to Savannah,"

Savannah lifted her head,"Me?"

"Yes you, Harry wants to talk to you," Liam said.

Savannah's eyes lit up,"Ok let's go!"She said over excitedly climbing over us in attempt to see Harry. While attempting to get out she acidentally fell on Kellin and kneed him where it hurt the most.

Kellin's eyes got really big and he gasped in pain. "Savannah, watch your freaking knee,"He yelled his voice an octive higher.

We laughed and Savannah and Liam walked away and I kept wondering where they were going.


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