Daughter of Magic

Alanondra Torrington is the daughter of Hecate, and twin sister of Alabaster Torrington who was exiled by the gods. Now she must find him, and defeat the monsters set in her path to get to him, while finding Camp Half-Blood on the way. And maybe a little bit of love?


7. Chapter 7

Lou couldn't believe that it'd happened, Blair was speechless and Scott didn't understand. 

"So you kissed him?" Lou asked for what felt like the millionth time. 

"Technically, he kissed me." I explained again. 

"But you didn't stop him?" 



"I don't know." I shrugged and moved across the room, running a hand through my hair, it now out of the braid. "I just... Froze. Like the first time Al and I faced a monster. I didn't know what to do..." 

"But it's... Leo." She cringed as if it was the most horrible thing in the world. 

"I know." 

"What exactly happened again?" Blair asked, trying to bring calm back to the room.

"Okay, he took me to the pizza shop and we each got a slice, he payed. Then he took me to the carnival and I was actually enjoying myself, don't ask why, I've no clue. He saw the bouncy castle and it was like he was five years old, he begged me to go on with him and I manipulated the mist so the attendant would let us stay on, and when we got off, we both went for the exit, he knocked me over, it bounced, he fell, we kissed." 

They both thought it over again, and this time Blair was the first to speak. 

"Okay, so obviously he likes you and thought because the evening had gone so well maybe you liked him too and he kissed you. Which you didn't expect, so you froze." 

"Yeah... That's probably what happened..." I said and we all dropped the subject and I tucked Scott into bed. 


"Yes, Scott?" 

"Do you like Leo?" 

"I dunno, kiddo. We'll have to see..." 

"I think you do. And I think that he loves you. And that you love him too." 

"I don't know bout love, but maybe... I guess we'll have to wait and see won't we?" 

"Goodnight, Alla." 

"Night, Scott." I kissed his forehead and went to my bunk, where I lay awake thinking for most of the night. 


I barely got any sleep, so I basically was like a snail the next day. Moving sluggishly, not processing things the first time. It was a nightmare. 

And it turned into my worst nightmare when Leo approached me. 

"Morning sleeping beauty." He teased. 


"Wow, you really are tired aren't you?" 

"Uh-huh." I rubbed my eyes and stumbled towards my cabin with him in tow. 

"Sorry, about yesterday. I don't know what I was thinking... Well I do, it's just I wasn't thinking clearly, that's all..." 

"It's fine..." I mumbled as we made it half way. 

"No, I know I didn't really have any right to kiss you... You had every right to stab me with your dagger." 

"I wouldn't of..." I trailed off as the foggy, tired feeling that had plagued me all day took over and I fell onto the grass. 


I woke with a warm feeling in my hand, and an awake feeling in my head. 

Upon examination, I found that the warm feeling in my hand was Leo holding it. Such a romantic isn't he? 

Did you catch the sarcasm? 

"What are you doing, Leo?" 

He jerked his hand away. "I was, uh..." 

"Save it, will you?" 

"Feeling better? You crashed out on the grass." 

"I'm fine." 


"Get out of my cabin before Lou rips you head off." 

"Right, uh, I'll... Just go..." He left. 

Gods, he was seriously idiotic.

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