1 new band member

'A 6th member in 1D is needed!' Posters like this were everywhere. Caitlynn Anderson is a girl who need a carear fast and she is willing to become a singer to do it. Shes gonna become a 'popstar'. She signed up and sang live. In front of Simon Cowell and the boys. They deside shes in. and they all treat her like on of the guys. Her boyfriend is Luke Stokes so her and the boys dont flirt. The fans love her too and they love Luke. They go on tour and 19 year old Caitlynn has the best time of her life. Luke soon cheats on her with Dannelle Peazer Liams now ex girlfriend. Liam and Caitlynn become best friends and are now a ship #Caiam is it real or just a funny rumor?


1. The 6th member of the band

Caitlynn POV

I walked up to the big record companys front door. Only 18 people got excepted into the computition.

I was on of them.

I can do this.

I steped in the building and gasped its so big. I went up to the front desk.

"where is the 1D 6th member contest being held.?" The lady looked at me and i smiled.

''Name?"She asked.

"Caitlynn Andrews." She typed into her laptop and told me where to go.

I went o the elivater and pressed 15.

When i got to the floor i wanted 17 boys looked at me from there seats.

Am i the only girl around here?

I looked at my self.

I had a lazy day outfit on because I dont care what people think of me.

I went over to a seat in the back and Mr.Cowell came out to greet us.

"hi Everyone. Im Simon if you get the part as the 6th member im your manager." He smiled and waved his hand.

"these are you roomates during tours and house days." 5 boys waved at us all.

"It could be a girl or a boy! Its just whoever sings better." Zayn smiled.

"Okay now we are choseing today so i hope you are ready!" Liam smiled.

"Okay who wants to go frst and get it over with?" Harry said.

I rasied my hand.

"YOU SIR"Louis shouted. I started to laugh.

"Louis thats a girl!" Niall shouted.

I got up and smiled.

"Ohh sorry i just saw your hand whats your name!" Louis said. Flushed with embarassment.

"Caitlynn Andrews!" i said in a cheerful tone. I walked up to the mic and started to sing.

'The Lazy Song' by: Bruno Mars.

After im finished everyone clapped i was not stoped at all.

I texted Luke to tell him that i did well and everyone clapped.

Everyone else went and 12 of them were stopped.

"Okay the ones that didnt finish Leave And the rest will sing again!" Liam said happily.

The 12 boys left and i just sat there smiling.

"OKAY we will ask each one of you questions alone and act as if your in an interview!" Harry said.

"Jason your first come with us" Zayn said.

After all of the other guys 'interveiw' it was my turn.

We are now in the room.

"Hi Im Harry!"

"im Louis."



" 'Vas happin' im Zayn!"

"Whats your name?" Liam asked.

"Im Caitlynn!" I chuckled.

"Why did you choose that outfit for today?" Louis asked.

"Well if i do become apart of the band i dont want to be all dolled up and pretty all the time so i just wanna be comfy around you guys!" i smiled.

"Cool Cool. Do you eat like a normal person or love eating?" Niall smiled.

"Not gonna lie i love to eat."I smiled remembering my lunch.

"Yes!"Niall smiled.

"Are you single?"Harry asked.

"No im sorry but no..." i laughed.

"Do you try to keep you self pretty and stuff during meeting and lunches and everything"Zayn said.

"Yes of course i only wear lazy day stuff when i feel lazy but thats not a lot!" I smiled.

"Perfect!" they all said in unison. then they walked me out.

they went on the stage thingy and Simon entered the room.

"Did you boys pick who you wanted to be apart of the band!?!" Simon smiled at the boys.

"YES!" Louis looked at me and then at the boys.

"Who is it?" Simon beamed!

"Its... CAITLYNN ANDREWS!" Liam said happily.

I smiled and started get a little crazy in a hyper way!

"Thank You!" i yelled at the boys. I left the room and started to dance around in the hallway!

I turned around and saw The Boys there and i saw Simon.

"Im so sorry im just really proud of my self" i looked at my black toms.

"WELCOME"Louis said.

"TO" Harry smiled.

"THE"Niall laughed.

"ONE"Liam grinned.

"DIRECTION"Zayn yelled.

"Family!" Simon shook my hand.

"Yay i feel welcomed!" i smiled.

"So we will tell you everything your gonna need. like a Twitter and Instagram and signature."Simon said.

"AWESOME i already have all of them!" i said.

"Okay gimmie your phone we'll put our numbers and we will follow our selfs!"Louis smiled.

They took my phone and did what they gots to do!

I looked at my phone 6 new contacts...







Really though...I smiled.

"Lemme see your peoples phone i wanna make my own name for each of you!" I smiled again.

They gave me there phone.

Simon already has my number and he left.

Niall: THE SANDWITCH MAKER (Caitlynn A.)

Harry: The sexiest Caitlynn alive

Louis: OMG its Caitlynn

Liam: The serious Caitlynn A.

Zayn: Caitlynn >_<

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