1 new band member

'A 6th member in 1D is needed!' Posters like this were everywhere. Caitlynn Anderson is a girl who need a carear fast and she is willing to become a singer to do it. Shes gonna become a 'popstar'. She signed up and sang live. In front of Simon Cowell and the boys. They deside shes in. and they all treat her like on of the guys. Her boyfriend is Luke Stokes so her and the boys dont flirt. The fans love her too and they love Luke. They go on tour and 19 year old Caitlynn has the best time of her life. Luke soon cheats on her with Dannelle Peazer Liams now ex girlfriend. Liam and Caitlynn become best friends and are now a ship #Caiam is it real or just a funny rumor?


3. Having some fun

Caitlynn pov

*1 week later*

Me and the boys just left the stage.

I smiled widely. We all huddled and hugged.

"One Direction for ever!"Louis yelled making us all laugh.

"I love you guys!" i said.

They all looked at me with shock and i felt kinda awkward.

"Never mind..." I said putting on my best sad face.

"No we love you too Caitlynn but its wired you just said that dani waited for me to say it first." Liam said.

I moved next to him hugged him he lost a few tears and i kept whispering in his ears 'shes not worth your tears li'.

The boys look at me like im crazy.

"its a long story and we have an after party to go too so ill see you guys there i need to talk to Liam." i said looking at Liam.

The boys left.

"We have to tell them soon Cait or they will be mad at us."Liam said wiping away his tears.

"Yeah when we get back okay lets go get changed okay ill see you at the party'' With that i dragged him to his dressing room and i went in mine.

They handed me a black dress strapless. The shirt part ended at my knees it flowed in ruffles. it didnt show off my figure and the top had dark purple sparkles. The shoes were flats that were a nice pitch black. I refused make up and left my hair down. i grabbed my black hand bag.

I felt like i looked perfect.

I mean i got over L-luke.

Okay its a touchy subject.

I felt a tear and laughed. I wiped it away and thought of my new friends.

"Its too coo-ooo-ld out side for angles to fly!" Someone wanted to video chat me now?

I picked up my phone and opened the request.

Luke stood there asking if i could here him.

"What do you want Luke?" I said. Feeling pissed.

"I want to talk to you about our break up."He smiled.

"No okay Lu-"I yelled getting cut off by Liam walking in the room.

"Caitlynn i heard yelling- Why are you talking to him?" Liam said getting pissed.

"First off i can talk to her if i want and why do you care?" Luke yelled at Liam.

"No you cant talk to me i know you cheated on me wit Liams girlfriend then coming to me that desgusting Luke now go back to her okay Liam found out and me being my nosey self over heard those too fighting so go fuck your self!" I said getting angry i ended te video call and threw my phone at wall breaking it ten fell to the floor crying.

"Caitlynn its okay your just upset okay we have to skip the party and explain to the boys about our nasty break ups okay." Liam said trying to calm me down. I nodded ant asked him to leave.

He left and i just sat there picked up my phone and tryed to fix it.

I failed i wanted to scream.

I grabbed my ipod and put on head phones. I started to play Ed Sheerans music to calm me.

When i calmed down i left my dressing room with all my stuff. I was greeted by Liam.

"Im gonna go get drunk Li you should tell the other boys to join me" I smiled.

"Remember we need to tell the lads about our ex's"Liam said.

"Nevermind that i wanna get drunk" I said.

"Fine but you cant get drunk we cant let what happen last time happen again." Liam said.

"What happened last time Liam.'' I said trying to remember.

"You let the animals free from the petshop and got put in jail!" Liam laughed.

"Yeah that was fun!"I laughed. I pushed him away and went out the back to wait in the limo for the rest of the boys.

When the boys came in i already found the mini bar and was drinking my 3rd cup of wine.

Liam took my cup and took the wine bottle i was tipsy and wanted to just sleep.

"Caitlynn no more drinking you get kinda wired when your drunk."I nodded because i know its the best for me.

"okay Mr.Payne but i will drink more at the party Yeah?" i said.

The boys started to sing a luliby and i fell asleep.


I woke up in my hotel room in my bed still in my dressed.

Fuck them they made me fall asleep.


REVENGE i tiptoed out to the kitchen and grabbed all the food and hid it in my suitcase i made a carrot trail to my room and put Kevin in a cage that i had. I put the key with the food.

I went to Harrys room and drew all over his face then straigtened his hair. I stole liams scedule and put it with the food. I stole all of the hair materials and hid them with the food. I got ready and waited.

I heard a scream.






I heard yelling then footsteps to my room.

I waited till they storm in my room.


"KEVIN ill get you out just wait babe!" Louis cryed.

"IM STARVED!"Niall whined.

"M-my hair l-l-lost its c-curls!"Harry yelled.


"Ohh no you all look weird dont worrk youll find it right. just look" I smiled and left the room.

Niall followed and he gave me a sad face.

I felt really guilty so i showed him my suitcase.


The lads came out and growled and took everything back i cursed.


I hit Niall on the arm and ran to my room.

Louis was trying to unlock Kevin and kept failing. I looked at Lou.

"Please help me unlock this trap!"He pouted. I helped him and he hugged Kevin and kised his feathers.

He ran to the living room and i started to write a song for the new album.

I pulled out my Violin and started to really play i closed my eyes and gave it my all. i got lost in my music. I started to sing.

I felt my tears fall down my face and smiled. I stoped and wrote down a few lyrics. I did this about 15 times before i relized Liam sat there with tears in his eyes.

"G-good job Caitlynn." He said.

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