American Danosaur

Rosalie is just a normal 18-year old girl, she goes to school, lives with her freind, and is pretty much like everyone else, but what will happen when Rosalie visits London and meets Dan Howell and her life gets turned upside down? Read American Danosaur to find out.


1. Rosalie

I opened up Youtube and logged in, as usual on my home screen there were new videos from Smosh, Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles, and AmazingPhil, but a certain Danisnotonfire video caught my eye, it was his newest video called 'Men vs Women' it looked interesting so I opened it. Dan had a girl with him in the video and she was pretty and she had a really nice accent, I scrolled down to look at the comments, the top comment said "OMG r they dating becuz they totally should!!!!!" despite the annoying text speak I pretty much agreed. Why wouldn't they be dating? Of course I'd never even have a chance with Dan, I was only 18, barely an adult, I wasn't funny or pretty as most girls, and to make matters worse I lived in America.

  Now, don't get me wrong. America is great but I'm just sayin' living closer to Dan, Phil, and One Direction and having a British accent wouldn't be too big of a problem. I have an accent but I'm not sure what it is some people say it's Boston, others New York, some say New Jersey, some even say British, yeah right. I hate my voice I sound like a five year old while everyone else sounds like a sophisticated adult. Even though I am more sophisticated than everyone else my age. I actually focus on important things like school and my future, when everyone else focuses on getting laid and if they should wear tan or clear condoms. Those are the mysteries of life to them.    But to getting closer to Dan shouldn't be a problem since I am going to London tomorrow  I am staying there for a year to study, I already have a hotel arranged to stay in until I find an apartment. I am going to see everything there is in London, including Dan and Phil. I am going with my best friend and roommate Faith, she is the best friend anyone could ask for and she's not afraid to speak her mind but that's why I love her, she is just like me with the obsession thing, it's awesome having a best friend who likes the same things that you do except for the fact that she and I get in a lot of fights over who's hotter Dan or PJ, Dan of course! But she's a bit too stubborn to admit it.   I shut my laptop and walk downstairs my wedges making a click-clack sound on the hard wood steps. When I get downstairs I am greeted by the familiar sound of Faith's rock hits CD. She got a pair of jumbo speakers for her birthday last year and now she worships them like they're gods or something. Yelling over the sound of Rock you like a hurricane I yell "I'm going to the mall, do you want to come?"  

"No thanks" she yells back

I shrug and grab my blue bow handbag, my Iphone, and my wallet and walk out of the house. I speed walk over to my Honda Civic and start driving down the road. I turn on the radio and start jamming out to Maroon 5. After a while I pull into the mall parking lot. I step out of my car and am soon greeted by a familiar but not so friendly face, it's Sam my ex-boyfriend. "Kill me now" I think to myself. I start to walk but don't make it to the mall entrance before he stops me in my tracks, of course.

"So how are you and your man-woman friend holding up?" He ask with a smirk on his face that I want to slap off of him.

"Well me and my friend who I can assure you is a girl, unlike whatever inbeetween gender you are, are doing fine, how about you and your little slut?" I ask, I hate to insult people but Sam's girlfriend is a grade A bitch and she has hated me since 10th grade, and Sam knows that, that's why he's dating her. I swear he lives to make me miserable just because I wouldn't have sex with  him, so he broke up with me, little man whore.

I start to walk again and he stops me, I shove him and his stupid blonde and blue hair into a wall. He actually used to be really nice and normal but than he turned into whatever he is now, it makes me gag just seeing him, hopefully he won't follow me through the mall I think as I turn the corner and walk through the main entrance of the store. As soon as I walk into the mall I smell Thai food, cinnabons, pretzels, and body spray, it is wonderful. I walk strait to Abercrombie & Fitch to get something perfect for the trip. Just in case I meet someone cute, Rosalie, stop, you have a boyfriend. I walk through the store and grab everything that looks cute and in my size. I groan as I see the line for the dressing rooms, it is through half of the store! Eventually the line moves and I enter a dressing room. The lighting is dim so half of the time I end up putting something on backwards and occasionally upside down, and that takes some serious skill.

After trying on about twenty outfits I find it, it's a strapless dress, it is tight in the bodice but puffs out at the skirt, it is nice and short but not skimpy, it is red with complements my tan nicely and it makes me look like I could pass for a size two, I love it. I take the dress off and throw my high waist shorts and my flowy blue top back on, I walk out of the dressing room and go to the register, I pay for the dress and walk out, the food court smells so good and I could really go for a pizza right now, but I can't I am on a diet, like always, I can't even remember the last time I had a Chick-fil-a sandwich or McDonolads fries. I walk to the subway and get a 6' sub. I eat it trying to ignore the aroma of french fries coming from the Arbys. I get up and walk out of the food court, I can't even smell food without being deadly hungry. I wish I was like Faith, she is lovely, she has perfect blonde hair and a Barbie doll figure, she could eat a whole restaurant and not gain a single pound.

I notice the time and exit the mall, looking around so I can avoid Sam. I go to my car and drive back home, I say hi to Faith, walk upstairs to my room, than crash on my bed and fall asleep dreaming of London.

So that was my first chapter, I hope you guys liked it :) It will get better I promise, thanks for reading.

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