What happens when you leave for College. Best friends Molly, and Whitney leave their families for their scholarships. What they didn't expect is to find their idols go to the Starbucks they work at every morning.. Or to eventually fall in-love with a certain two British-Irish boy band members attending the same College.. But things tend to happen when you meet someone in Starbucks....


3. Starbucks 3

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         STARBUCKS - Chapter 3



            * Molly's POV *


Even Jake doesn't know why Dean took another scholarship! Dang it! I sighed in frustration,  and ran a hand threw my curly hair.


"What's wrong honey?" My mom,  Jenny, asks. I looked up from my dinner.


"You know how Dean and Whit hav been going out since Junior year, right?" She nods, "Well, Dean got a scholarship to the same College Jake, Whit, and I did but he took another one. Even though he told Whitney that he would go to the same College as her." I explain. Her  face  clearly showed confusion.


"Maybe he got a better scholarship." She says, I scoff. As if...


"All four of us got the best scholarships in our class. Our GPA'S are mindblwoing! There's  no way he could have gotten a better scholarship." I state, she sighs.


"That's true... Well time for bed! You have a big day tomorrow." She says smiling.  Then Chase, and Emma groan not wanting to go to bed. My dad, Dan, started grabbing all the dishes.

Chase looks exactly like our mom. Blonde straight hair, but the eyes of our dad and I. Chase is five already. Man he grows up fast it seems.


Emma looks like our dad, curly brown hair, and our mom's light blue eyes. Emma just  turned six. This is just crazy, both her and Chase are going to school after this summer is over.


"Not before sissy pways for us." Chase says, I laugh and pick them both up before heading upstairs to their room. They change into their pj's and I grab my guitar and they snuggle into their beds.


Whitney and I learned how to play the guitar at the same time, and she also plays piano. She's the the only one who really sings, I don't like to sing so I'm a backup singer.


I sat down in one of the chairs, and placed my guitar on my lap, and began to play 'I Loved Her First' by Heartland. And I hummed along.

When I was done I looked up to see them fast asleep cuddling with teddy bears. But  the strange thing is, is that Whitney is afraid of them. I find it rather odd, but oh well. I kissed their fore heads and left the room.

Once I got to my room I took a shower, brushed my teeth and went to bed. You know what my bed's name is?  No.. Didn't think so......

Oh yeah it's.........



CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What was I doing? Oh yeah... Goodnight!!! smiley face, ex-oh-ex



I woke up around nine thirty, at least I got to sleep in. I grabbed my Blackberry and texted Whitney

To: Whitnayy ;)  -


"Heyyyy!!! Get up!!!      P. S. GoodMorning!! :) "

From: Whitnayy ;)  -




"Well I love you too.... Was it about Zayn ;D"


From; Whitnayy ;)  -




"I KNEW IT!! lol, but still u need 2 get uppp.! We have graduation stuff to get remmbr?"


From: Whitnayy ;)  -


"Yeah, yeah. Whatevs, I'll c u..... Letz say... 10;:30 ish?"


"Yeah sounds good! C u thennn! Byeee xox"


From: Whitnayy ;)  -


"Byee city gurll Xx"


I rolled my eyes, she's not a morning person. It's better to text then call. Believe me.. Been there done that.. Not going there again....


I slowly got out of bed, and walked towards my closet. Both mine and Whitney's parents are pretty wealthy, but we don't really spend that much money unless it's for something  important or special.


I got dressed into a pair of black skinny jeans, a red tank top with a white jean jacket that rolled up to my elbows, and a pair of red flats. I Brushed my hair, and pulled it into a pony tail, and walked downstairs to eat breakfast.


I poured me a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. I guess my parents went to work and Chase and Jade were at daycare. I jogged back upstairs, and brushed my teeth before applying mascara and eyeliner.


After that I grabbed my bag, threw my phone, house keys and wallet in it. Then I grabbed my guitar and locked door my way out. I put my stuff in the back seat of my car and drove to Whitney's house.

Once I got there I honked and she came running out. She's wearing high wasited bleached  jean  cut offs, a black belly shirt that had a heart on it, and red TOMS. Her hair waterfall braided, and mascara on. She was carrying her guitar and bag.


"Hey girl hey!" She smiles when she get's in.


"Heyy!" I wink, she laughs and turns on the radio and 'Your Man' by Josh Turner comes on. She squeals, she's like in love with his voice.. Can't blame her though..

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