What happens when you leave for College. Best friends Molly, and Whitney leave their families for their scholarships. What they didn't expect is to find their idols go to the Starbucks they work at every morning.. Or to eventually fall in-love with a certain two British-Irish boy band members attending the same College.. But things tend to happen when you meet someone in Starbucks....


1. Starbucks 1


Hey guys! I've decidedto start a new fanfic :D Yay!! I got a request from a certian somebody that I write about our plans for the future! You know who you are! ;)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy reading it, and vote! Keep in mind that all of this is made up! All rights reserved to @softball2099 ! Please don't copy this story, if you want to write it in another language please inbox me to ask! And also don't post one of your stories names in the comments, I consider that rude.

 Anyways I hope you like this story! Well... Byeee! XxWhittBbj <3




          STARBUCKS ~ Chapter 1


         * Molly's POV *

It's the last day of senior year! I'm so excited! I walked down the hall heading towards my locker, when Whitney came up to me bouncing with each step she took.  She's wearing dark blue skinny jeans, blue tanktop, her fake big black nerdy glasses, and her black flats. Her hair down and naturally wavy.


"Excited much?" I joked, she rolled her eyes, but still smiled and nodded.


"Very! I can't believe that it's that day of senior year!" she says excitedly. We reach our lockers, which are right beside eachother.


"Yeah I know, I can't believe I'm saying this but. I'm gunna miss this place." I sigh getting  the last of my books to turn in.


"I know, I'm gunna miss this place too." She smiles and shuts her locker, locking it before we head off to return our books. It's last hour and it's free period. Yes! 


"Well we have an forty-five minutes to get the last of our stuff, and then practice for graduation after school." I say, she nods. Then we walked into Mrs. Minor's class, Algebra 2, and sat our book on the shelf. Yeah I know, we're in advanced classes, cause we're smart like that. We  were the only girls and then there were four boys.


"I'm going to miss you girls! You're the best students I've ever had!" Mrs. Minor smiles sadly. We both hug her tightly, for a math teacher she's actually really fun!


"We'll miss you too." we say together and wave at her and head back to our lockers. I unlocked mine and put all my stuff bag and threw away all the unwanted papers.


"Hey babe." I hear a deep voice say from behind me, I turn around to see Jake, smiling at me. I couldn't help but smile back at him. Jake's around 6'2", really buff, tan, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Unlike my hazel ones, and my dark thick curly hair. The top of my head reached his shoulder. I kinda feel bad for Whitney though, she's a shorty. She's about 5' 3", and I'm around 5'10".


"Hey!" I chirp happily, he pulled me in for a hug. 


"Ready for graduation?" He asks, I nod in reply.


"Yeah, you?" I ask, he nods.


"Guess what?" he asks smiling wider, his blue eyes sparkling.


"What?!" I ask suddenly excited.


"I'm going to your college!" He says happily, I screech in happiness and jump on him. He laughs and spins me around.


"But.. How?" I ask really shocked


"Scholarship." He replies, I grin and peck his lips. Then I hear Whitney yelp in suprise, I looked over at her and saw Dean had thrown her over his shoulder. 


"Put me down!" She yells hitting his back. He chuckles and spins around in circles saying-


"Nahh, I'm good." she groans and kicks her legs and repeatedly whacking his back. I couldn't help but laugh at them. They are a really cute couple. Dean was just as tall as Jake, except he has green eyes, and light brown hair. He's also tanned. Dean finally put Whintey down and  she crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him.


"C'mon babe! I was just playing!" he sighs, but she continued glaring at him.


"Please talk to me! I'm sorry!" He says frantically, and hugs her tight. She smiles and hugs him back. The top of her head came up to his chest. That's how short she is.


"Got ya." she laughs, slinging her bag over her shoulder. He narrows his eyes at her, trying to hold back a smile. I hauled my bag over my shoulder and grabbed Jake's hand leading  him out of the school, Whitney and Dean followed us.


I drug Jake to my mustang, and Whitney took Dean to her dodge ram truck. Yeah, she's the country girl, and I'm more of a city girl.


"I have to hurry back to class before I get into trouble. See you after class!" He pecks my lips before jogging off. I smiled slightly and shoved my bag into the back seat of my car. Then I walked over to Whitney and Dean.


"Oh shoot! I gotta go or the teach is gunna kill me." Dean says and  kisses her lips before running off like a mad man. We both laugh softly before heading back to school at a slow pace.


"So what's going on with Jake? You seemed pretty excited from what he told you.?" She suddenly asks, smirking. 


"He's going to our college! Can you believe that?!" I say grinning widely. She smiles...


"That's awesome! I'm happy for you!" she tells me, but I could sense the sadness in her voice.


"What's wrong?" I ask frowning slightly. She sighs, before she stopped walking. I followed her actions.


"Dean isn't going to the same college, he got a scholarship there, but he took a different one.." She says sadly, her grey eyes filled with pain. Why would Dean do something like  that? They're always attached to the hip when they spend time with eachother. I pulled her in for a hug. She hugs back tightly, sniffling.  I was still confused as to why Dean would do that. He always would talk about them going to the same college together, ever since homecoming in Junior year. That's when they started dating, same time me and Jake started dating.


"I'm sorry Whit." I finally say, she pulls away wiping a few tears from her cheeks.


"It's okay. But, why would he do that? He always told me we would go to the same college." I could tell she was confused by this, and I was too. Maybe Jake knows, I'll have to ask him after class.


"Let's go practice on some softball." I smile, trying to cheer her up. By the looks on her face, it was working. We both love softball with a passion. She's a catcher and I'm a pitcher. So it works really well..


"C'mon let's go then!" She say excitedly before running off. You know for such a small person, she has a lot of energy. And she can sprint like no other. I laughed and ran after her.





I hope y'all like it so far! Give me your feedback please!! xx whitt20

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