Bad meets Good

When Lauren moves back to California her hometown going back to her old school she was surprised that nothing has changed after she left except the new guy that got held back and now is in her grade, Lauren knew there was something different about him, and she needed to find out. Even if that meant risking everything.

"Why do you have so many tattoos?"
"Each one tells a story."


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Bad meets Good.


I gribbed my lunch tray and walked through the busy cafeteria, sure it was easy to get around this school since I already was a student here but I still felt out of place.

It seemed my friends found new friends and I was history, I kind of was…..

“Lauren,” Bonnie waved her hand in the air and I made my way to her making sure not to trip or fall and spill all my food on someone. Talk about awkward. “Bonnie.” I cheered and sat down in front of her and her friends.

“Maia this is Lauren she was my old friend.” Bonnie said as I smiled at Maia. Her words echoed in my head.

Old friend, old friend, old friend.

“Nice to meet you.” Maia said. I looked at her and saw that she looked familiar, I tilted my head a little as I was deep in thought.

“No way?”I almost screamed once it hit me who she was, “You where Alice in ‘Miss. Susie ballet school’ play,”

I watched Maia blush a little and nodded, “You where amazing if I say so myself.” I said.

“Thank you.” She said, “Really it means a lot.”

"No problem." I smiled and took a bite of my taco to my surprise the food her was quite good.

"So, Lauren made new friends yet?" Nathalie asked, one of my old friends.

"You know Nat, no." I said cheekly, and rolled my eyes, "I met this guy but he was strange he asked for my name but then walked away but he didn't tell me his name,"

Everyone seemed silent before Nat spoke again, "How did he look like?"

"Uh tall.....I think green or blue eyes and curly hair." I couldn't really remember how he looked like.

"Shit..." Bonnie, Maia and Nathalie said, my eyes wide what was he a stalker or something?


"Look Lauren," Her voice started to lower when she said my name, "His name is. Styles, Harry Styles" oh look James Bond was in town, but she seemed dead serious which was rare for Nathalie maybe I shouldn't joke around about this...

"He was held back so his a year older then us.... rumour has it that he got held back because he skipped class and went to party's instead and got into fights and did drugs and smoked but maybe the drugs and stuff are a lie...." I couldn't believe what Nat was saying.

"He treats girls like a toy, like they are a fucking toy and plays with there hearts, but he has a gang there names are, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan there was another member." It felt all like an intense movie as Bonnie continued what Nathalie was saying.

"His name was Zayn he goes to the school across the road h-he has his own gang or he had one h-he's in jail now..."

"What? why?" I asked, maybe this Harry kid did something bad but didn't get caught he could be a criminal for all we know why didn't the school kick him out with his bad reputation some people are just plain careless.

"Nobody knows only Harry and his gang." Maia said and I looked at her and I didn't exactly know how to react to all of this I just talked to him like a normal person but if I knew all of this before I wouldn't talk to him at all.

"Be careful Lauren we don't want him to hurt you or him break your heart." Bonnie said.

"I promise I'll will be careful." I said.


The whole cafeteria grew silent and I frowned I turned around and saw Harry and his gang walked in, he was looked so sexy I only just took in his appearance he was tall and had piercing green eyes and a mop of curly hair, he held back some locks with a bandana he had tattoos everywhere his friends looked the same, good-looking with loads of tattoos. But there was something that made him different as he walked past me he stopped for a moment and winked.

The whole cafeteria gasped, but I was more shocked then anybody else.


A/N; Hey everyone thank you for reading this far, I hoped you liked it :) I have so many ideas for this and this is gonna be a good one :) Don't worry more about Zayn and Harry coming soon in chapters, please, COMMENT, LIKE and favorite. :)

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