this isn't right or is it ?

Effy is 18 years old has bright blue eyes and light purple hair . she is a bad girl she smokes ,drinks she falls in love with niall and he loves her but they both know they can be together beacuse they are so different but will they be with each other in the end ? will one of his best friends get her ? or her best friend ? read to find out


6. get away from me

Effy's P.O.V 

 i ii i loved it i shout to Pandora what have i just said no no i didn't mean that i hated it i never want to see him again . What you didn't like our kiss a soft hurt voice said i turned around Pandora was stood there when she shouts out Effy doesn't like you she loves she loves Cook . the whole party went quiet the music stopped What i scream you do Cook asked with hope in his eyes .I froze i just said it without thinking yes i love Cook . What you little slut i thought you loved me Shane screams and runs over to me and just starts screaming in my face i see niall out of the corner of my eye i could see tears streaming down his face . Cook took my hand and shouted hear that bitches she is mine with that we walked out hand in hand . Cook soon left me and went to his house i was left alone walking down the dark streets what was i thinking i should of said no what is Casey going to say she loves cook not me . I walked past the park i was supposed to meet niall in i seen a dark shadow . I would know that blond hair from anywhere Niall i shout , He looks up had red puffy eyes GET AWAY FROM ME he screams tears now streaming down my face , niall please No effy i started smoking for you . No Niall i never asked you to do that , i know you didn,t  but i wanted to get you to see me . I could see him leaning in so i leaned in one thing lead to another and his soft lipes were on mine again . GET OFF MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND , me and niall pulled away quickly we both turned around and Cook was standing there . 

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