Hary's little brother

Marcel was just a normal boy with a famous brother who toured the world. Marcel has been getting bullied his hole life. Now marcel has heard news that harry is coming and staying home for awhile. Now marcel has to choose between telling his older brother about the bullying or hiding it and acting like every thing is okay. Which one will he choose you'll have to read it to find out


3. Life in the fam

Harry's pov:

I couldn't believe that it's been 3 years since I last saw my baby brother.  I wonder if he's changed at all. I was lost in my thoughts when Niall nudged me. He looked at me then said, "Harry are you okay? You look pretty deep down in your thoughts their dude."  I looked at him smiled then said to him, "What yea I'm fine. I was just thinking about my baby brother." All the guys gave me a surprised look then Lou gave me one of his famous cheeky smiles. He looked at me and said, "Harry you have a little brother?" I shook my head yes.


Then next thing I knew all the lads wore bombarding me with random questions about him. Ill make it easy for you to read them: Lou: "What's his name?" , Zayn: "What does he look like?" , Liam: "How old is he?" , Niall: "Will we ever get to meet him?"

Their wore a lot more but  I liked theis. My answers to their questions wore: Lou-"Marcel." Liam-"14." Niall-"I don't know maybe someday." Zayn gave me an angry look. I looked at him and said, "What?" Zayn looked at me and said, "What about the answer to my question?"


I looked at him with a weird face then said, "O!" Then I took my phone out and showed every one a pic of him. I watched as all 4 of their mouths dropped open. Then Lou walked up to me and said, "Harry, You have a twin?!" I looked at him and shrugged then said, "I guess I do."

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