Don't waste time,Princess.(Luke brooks fanfic.)

"Into music?'' an thick Australian voice came from the door i could hear because i took off my headphones ,but i can't take them off for long i also can read lips so that helps .damn i left the door unlocked .i turn to notice the familiar face the one with incredibly big glasses. he's in one of my classes "my name is Luke " he said, so that's who he is. Luke. whatever .i got up and grabbed my guitar case and tried to slid pass him. but he took a hold of my arm .it brought up memories bad ones. i could hear the voices coming in . i looked up who the hell does he think he is and i shook his hand off my arm.
''what?!'' i said "sorry " he said ,fixing his glasses "are you Kai?" "yes why?"
"im your partner "Luke said .i really don't care who you are just move.i thought "whatever" i said i slid pass him but made sure i pushed him .
hard.he doesn't know what's coming .

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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