Just A Dream

Which one is the dream? And which one is reality? (Still writing! Please read!)


1. Prologue

I rose from my bed like I do every morning for school. I turn off my alarm clock that was blaring CrushCrushCrush from Paramore from my iPod. Since I actually don’t want to get my room messy, I picked the clothes that I wanted to wear yesterday. I put on my vintage blue shirt with black crosses; it was in the middle of fall so I did wear a long sleeves shirt. I wore purple jeans and black, ankle height boots to go with it.
            When I walked into the bathroom, I really didn’t feel to put makeup on since it was 6 in the morning, so I just put some mascara and that’s it.
            I walk downstairs only to find my mom preparing my lunch: pasta. I walked to my lunchbox and placed it on my kitchen table, than I went to grab an apple and some water to put in it.
            “Is that all you’re going to eat?” my mom asks me
            “Yeah” I simply respond.
            “Won’t you be hungry though?” she questions me
            “Don’t worry mom, I won’t starve” I sweetly smile at her.
            I look at the clock to find out that my bus was about to come, “thanks mom!” I said while she put the pasta in my lunch box, I then quickly went to grab my jacket and backpack, ran to get the lunchbox and left with a wave and a smile. It was the last day of my sophomore year.

            When I arrive at school I go straight to my first class: Biology. While I was on my way there, someone stopped me.
            “Guess who!” says someone grabbing me from behind and covering my eyes. The voice was deep but of course I knew who it was.
            “Liam Hemsworth?” I laugh.
            “If only!” says Jessica, my best friend.
            “Hey Jess, so when will you plan that birthday party? I already have a gift for you and can’t wait to give it to you!” I smile
            “To me? I thought you would be excited to give it to my bathroom” she jokingly says.
            “Shut up” I laugh. It was her birthday on June 4 and today is May 30.
            When we reached our class, we quickly went to our seats near the window. I sat in front of her in the very front left. We were just talking about her birthday when suddenly Nathan walked in. Let me explain, Nathan Holloway, the most popular guy of the school, he plays all the sports and has the lead in every musical, of course he is a jerk and has the ego big as an air balloon.
            “Oh look, it’s Lyric! She actually made it to class on time today!” he says towards me.
            “Just ignore him,” Jessica whispers behind me.
            Oh yeah, did I forget? He hates me, and I hate him, so it’s a perfect combination.
            “I have better things to do then respond to that” I say
            “Oh, being all smart now!” he laughs to his friend while coming closer.
            “Not that you would know what that feels like” I say back. I hear Jessica laugh a small laugh behind me and could feel Nathan come closer.
            “Did you call me stupid?” he says to my face
            “No, I just didn’t call you smart” I smile at his face. Then the bell rang.
            “Seats everyone!” our teacher Mr. Gulls says.
            “This is not over” he says walking to his seat.
            “Bring it,” I say while raising both my eyebrows, smirking at him.

            The rest of the class was boring; we just watched a video that put the whole class to sleep, and the other morning classes were not fun either.
            I was now walking to my locker to grab my lunch and walk to the table where Jessica and the rest always sit. I sit with them: Jessica, Brooke, Chris, and Jake.
            “How are you all today?” I ask while sitting down.
            “Excited!” Brooke shrieks. I just look at her questionably.
            “There’s a huge sale at Urban Outfitters” Chris responds, nodding his head and laughing.
            “Ah, makes sense, have fun with that Brooke!” I laugh.
            “I will!” she laughs back.
            “So you guys just totally missed the fight that her and Nathan were having in Biology, it totally woke me up and made my day!” she says while eating some of her peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
            “Again?” asks Jake looking at me.
            “I couldn’t help it! It just comes out of me before I can stop it! But I won anyways” I respond.
            “One day, you will run out of comebacks” Jake smiles,
            “And that one day we should probably go check if there is something wrong with her” Jessica laughs.
            “You know that’s right!” laughs Chris while eating a piece of pizza.
            “So guess who asked me out today?” Brooke smiles like a crazy person.
            “No! He really did it? Can I get a hallelujah!” I laugh.
            “Mason finally asked you out?” Jessica says.
            “Yup!” Brooke laughs.
            “I’ll be keeping my eyes on him then” laughs Chris, and we follow with the laughing until someone interrupts us.
            “Talking about me? No wonder you are all so happy!” Nathan smirks while reaching for a chair and sits in between Jessica and I. His “posse” just stood behind him.
            “Yeah, we are talking about you! About how we don’t have to see that face or hear that voice for a few months; it’s like paradise” I smile sweetly.
            “Just go away and leave Lyric and the rest of us alone!” Jake says.
            “You shut up”, he points at Jake with his eyes.
            “At least he can say something to protect me ‘cause he’s my friend! What does your ‘posse do for you?” I ask
            “Hey! Nathan is awesome!” one of his boys spoke not too sure. He had blue eyes and blonde hair.
            “Thank you for showing us an example” I smile at Nathan’s friend.
            “Whatever Lyric, anyways, I have news for you” Nathan says smiling.
            “What?” I said annoyed.
            “My parents bought a new house, I wasn’t excited about it either”
            “Are you moving to a different city?” I say smiling.
            “No, I just wanted to say that I had to go meet the neighbors because my parents forced me to, and let me tell you that your parents sound like awesome people!” he smiles getting up.
            “What?” I say with my mouth open.
            “I’m your new neighbor” he smiles.
            “What?” I say again.
            “What no comeback?” he smiles and I could see my friends were as shocked at me, “see you at home” he smiles and walks away.
            “Lyric, are you ok?” I hear Brooke talking to me. I was still so puzzled I couldn’t say anything.
            “Is this the part where we take her to a doctor ‘cause she’s out of comebacks?” Chris laughs; Jessica looks at him like he’s crazy, “too soon?”
            “Yah think?” Jessica says.
            “No guys, it’s ok, I’m just shocked,” I say finally saying something.
            “She’s alive!” Chris laughs and Jessica looks at him one more time, “sorry”
            The bell rang for us to leave the cafeteria, “guys?” I say while looking at all of them, and they looked at me, “wish me luck”.

            For the rest of the day, nothing special really happened, all I could think about was Nathan and his new home. This is not good at all. Someone save me.

            I finally arrived home and went to the TV.
            “Hey sweetie, our new neighbors just moved in, and they have a kid that’s your age! His name is Nathan I think, do you know him?” she asks
            “You have no idea” I whisper to myself,
            “But anyways, would you like to help them move in and everything? I would, but I have to work on this project for the company” she smiles at me.
            “Why can’t dad do it when he gets back from work?” I whine.
            “Because he will be tired and will probably take a nap, so go help them,” she said forcibly.
            “Fine!” I said furiously while standing up and going out the door.
            I rung the doorbell and these two adult answered. I guess they were Nathan’s parents.
            “Hi! I’m Lyric and I’m your neighbor! I live right over there” I say pointing to my house, “I was wondering if you need any help with some boxes?” I smile a fake smile. I really didn’t want to help. It sounds mean, but it’s the truth, I’m sorry, but it’s Nathan we are talking about. I was really hoping they would say no.
            “That would be wonderful! Thank you!” Nathan’s mom answered. She looked a lot like Nathan with green eyes and blonde hair.
            “You can start with those boxes, you can put them in Nathan’s room, the first on the left upstairs, thank you” the dad smiles and points at the boxes where on the outside said “Nathan”. I smile and went to pick up the boxes, they were very heavy, “and sorry, but Nathan went to his friend’s house, that’s why he’s not here, maybe you could meet him next time!” the mom smiles.
            “That sounds nice, but I actually already know Nathan” I smile.
            “Oh, are you two friends?” she smiles.
            “Kind of” I smile back, “but don’t worry about it” I say while walking up the stairs with some boxes.
            And that’s what I keep doing for the next 20 minutes. I keep getting two boxes at a time, but when I go downstairs to get more, there were three left, so I’m like what the heck? I don’t want to make an extra trip just to get one box, so I carry all three of them. They were pretty heavy. I was in the middle of the staircase when I lost my balanced and started falling backwards, but I surprisingly didn’t feel the contact with the stairs and my back because someone grabbed me. I turn around only to find the famous Nathan.
            “Wow, Lyric is being helpful, there’s a surprise” he smiles.
            “I was forced to do this, like I would help you voluntarily” I smile.
            “And you’re welcome, you know, for saving you there” he says, I just smile and not even say a thank you, “let me get that” he takes the top box so now I only held two boxes.
            “Nathan helping me? There’s a surprise” I smile.
            “You think I’m doing this to help you? No way! This box is full of all my CD’s!” he laughs and walks up the stairs and I follow. I sat the boxes down and start walking back downstairs.
            “Wait” I hear him say, I turn around to see what he wants, “thank you” he smiles all innocently.
            “What do you want?” I say annoyed.
            “What do you mean?” he asks.
            “You’re being nice to me, what do you want?” I say.
            He laughs and then says, “so you’re friend Brooke is kind of cute…” and he was not able to finish his sentence because I broke him off, “sorry, she has a boyfriend, and oh yeah! She hates you!” I smile and walk downstairs, “goodbye Mr. and Mrs. Holloway!” I smile.
            “Goodbye Lyric! Thank you for helping!” they yell from the kitchen.
            “No problem! Anytime!” I smile yell while closing the door. I was really joking about the “anytime” part.
            I walk back home and see my mom preparing dinner.
            “What are we having for dinner?” I ask.
            “Pizza, your dad is bringing it home right now” she answers.
            “Oh well, I’m not really in the mood for pizza, so I’m just going upstairs to sleep ok?” I smile
            “Are you sure honey?” she asks me
            “Yeah, don’t worry about it, I ate a lot when I got home anyways” I smile and walk up the stairs to my room.
            I closed my windows so it would be darker inside, I turned on the radio on which was playing Heart Attack by Demi Lovato, and then I slipped into my covers and fell asleep.


            “Lyric! Oh my gosh! She’s awake! Guys! She’s awake!” I hear a familiar voice yell. Then I hear a bunch of footsteps getting closer.
            “Lyric! Lyric! Answer me! Are you ok?” I now recognize it was Jake’s voice. He looked different though, his hair was in his face like always, but it was dirty, and so was his face, and I could notice a cut on his lip.
            “What happened to you?” I say pointing to his face and then noticing my hands are all bloody and I started to freak out, “what happened to me?” I said actually moving, but the moving hurt, and I noticed that when I looked around I wasn’t in my room or anywhere I knew of.
            “Don’t you remember what happened?” Jake asks me.
            “Should I?” I look at my hands.
            “Lyric! Thank goodness you’re safe! For a minute, I swore I thought you were gone! When I say run I mean run! The bomb was way to close to you! We had to carry away to our home base hoping you wouldn’t bleed to death! I see Jessica run up to me. She also looked different; her beautiful long curly hair was up in a ponytail, and she had a scar going across her forehead. 
            “How did you get that scar?” I ask her.
            “What?” she looks at me like I’m crazy.
            “Hey are you ok Lyric?” I see Chris run in. Now he looked way different. His blonde hair was put back with a lot of gel, and he wore an eye patch. He quickly came to me to see if I was ok.
            “People! Let me pass through! I am the doctor here!” I hear Brooke’s voice say. The others calmly stepped away and Chris went over to Jessica to hold her hand like if they were together. Then Brooke comes up to me with her red hair up in a ponytail and her bangs bobby pinned back. She was wearing a white jacket like she was a real doctor, and in her head was a needle, like a she wanted to give me a shot.
            “What are you doing with that? You are not giving me a shot! You are not even authorized to that! And why are you dressed as a doctor?” I say and she stops walking, “and why does Jake look so dirty, and why is Chris wearing an eye patch? And Jess! Why is your hair up? You never wear your hair up? And why is everyone dressed like they are secret spies?” I yell confused.
            “Lyric, what year is this?” Brooke asks me.
            “2013” I answer confused.
            “Lyric… it’s 3044” Brooke tells me looking worried.


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