Sting Sweet, Sodomy

Enslaved in a brothel, Kai a sociopathic young girl entertains her way through it, while finding her inner Dom.


3. The Golden Goose

Saturday couldn't come sooner. I wake at the sound of the garage closing. I shoot upright.  


I have 5 hours before Thalliah gets here. I whisked out a duffle bag and filled it with trendy clothes and important trinkets.  

I take a bath and pull out my stash of make-up I bought last week. Light eyeliner. Tad crooked. Blush on my pale yellow skin. Finished with a pop of color on my full lush lips. 

Tick tock


A fancy black sleek tinted sedan pulls up the drive way. My heart sinks. I run to it and jump in innocently trusting Thalliah was waiting for me. The car locks and drives off. I finally look around and there is a middle age Asian man beside me & what looked like a 1960s beauty in front. 


Stunned. " is.. did Thalliah send this car service?"


The once Saigon beauty nods. Not looking directly at me I maybe 14 but I proceed to understand the silence. 

Twenty minutes pass. 


Old Saigon parts her lips slowly as if it sucks the energy from her. She let out a soft sigh then spoke,"My young beauty, I understand you are 14?" 

"Yes, ma'am." I try to stay polite. 

"Do you have boyfriends? A beauty as you. Boys must bow to you." 

I gushed, "no ma'am, mother does it allow it. I have never even spoken to a boy." 

I quickly regret my answer. I may have hinted my immaturity. 

She smiles, looks oddly at the stern man beside me and he nods. 

I spoke quietly interrupting their stare, "Is Thalliah close?" 

Uncomfortable silence. 


"My little Jade Jewel, you will not be seeing Thalliah for quite a while."


My face wrinkles and I stare at her trying to understand what she meant. 

"Thalliah has debt." She says. "She owes me a great deal of service for her debt." 

"She ran away and has vanished."

She slowly glazed over to me and said,"Your sister has given you up for barter." 

A wide wicked smile, "Her debt will be paid with your sweet services within 4 swift months."

I still did not understand. I longed for more clues. Ignorant and dumbfound for been send to spy on a company we not only own but nurture? Saigon says,"If you run I will slit Thalliah's pretty long throat."

I gasped and then I knew I was fucked. 

She chucked,"You have no one to blame but your selfish sister my child." 

"She served you on a porcelain plate." 


The car turns left and I watched us drive up a long gated and heavily guarded drive way. It stretches 7.2 miles long with two check points.  It was eerie, cold and dense of old huge trees. I no longer believe we are in or around Houston. I can usually retract my steps but this time there is no way this place is even on the fucking map.

My hand starts to clam, I am nervous. Shy. Excited. Sad compulsive.. hard work I must do to pay but four months should be a breeze. I typically believe I can be a hard labor. 

The car stops. The man next to me grabs a gag and blind fold me. He reacted so quickly I didn't even have time to react. I followed orders and tried to stay respectful. This reminds me of my fantasies. Dark & unknown. I felt a rush hit me, between my legs it tingles and I touch it softly until it dampens.

I smile innocently, like i was going to be unveiled to a proper tea party.

The anticipation overwhelms Kailee significantly. Her anxiety starts to arise. Her breathing panting faster. Master is annoyed and he grabs Kailee He places her in a room. Kai takes a deep long breath. Kailee loved to imagine and pretend but that girl has the courage of an ant? I try to peek but then kept wanting the awes of surprise so I didn't question the man. 


Three minutes later he asks nicely the laws of amputee. Kai smiled and said  she wasn't sure. 

"Get in there and you will refer to me as Master!" As he shoves me in the room I slam against the wall and bounced off the floor on to a new mattress. Saigon lady is to be called Madame. Or mum and before I could ask what this business is Master walks in my room over powers kailee and forces dope into her. He shoved it slowly into Kailee's tight virgin ass. Her screams were heart wrenching. Kai could not take it anymore. She half skips then jumps but misses Kailee. Kai couldn't protect her from what was about to happen. Master jumps both Kailee and Kai. Grips them down tightly an rapes them. 

That night Kai laid there. Numb. Dizzy & Fuzzy. She tried to save Kailee from the salvage rape but failed too. Kailee is no longer a virgin. I held my hands cupping my cheeks and broke into a madden laughter, while Kailee into sorrowful tears. 

Kai made the decision to lock Kailee away to protect her and that night forward, Kailee was sheild and protected from the Hell the funny, twisted hole. 

I never expected bells and whistles. I knew the atmosphere would stink of uncertainty. Thalliah shared her story of negative romance & loads of uncomfortable awkwardness. Kailee giggled while she giveth all the details. 

I pictured giving mines to a man of worth. A wild story of the century.  I suppose Master would be a man of worth in this part of hell. A wild cynical story I now posses. Awoken sounds of soft moans. It's cold, well more chilly. I am wet. It's me moaning. Oh my head. Heavy. I almost forgot where I was.

The door opens, Madame walks in with a tray. 

"Hold out your hand child."

She dropped two blue pills and told me to take it. I obey. After a minute I felt calm, relaxed, and tingles. She left a pack of cigarettes on a small table by my bed. In her pocket she pulled out a thin long pouch. She sets something up while I daze off. Grabs my hand and shoots the smack into me. 

Everything rushes and floats. She left without notice and faceless man takes her place. My eyes roll back. Pure fucking euphoria. 

Suddenly Mister grabs me and delicately enters me with soft passion. It still stung a bit but the pain was pleasurable. Kai fucking lived for the dual pain and pleasure. An overwhelming feeling took over and she scream herself into La La Land. 

Again I wake up, no concept of time. Another Mister's face morphed before me. Wait he has no face, none of them do! Glorious, thought Kai. Never will I have to look at a face.Her insides started to build energy and Kai stood tall. Paused for a second. Shook her head and turn towards the faceless Mister, smiled oh so devilish and announced she was ready to fucking play. 

Round one Kai got him overpowered and down. They both rest for a bit. 

He picked up a skinny glass pipe. Smoked a huge hit. Blew it in my face. Shoved the glass pipe at me and I inhale. Then a surge of energy rushes through him and he starts unzipped his jeans, foolishly pulled out his penis it did a tiny wobble. I wanted to laugh foolishly at him but knew it wouldn't be smart.

He smacks it across my lips. Forcing himself hard. He couldn't get there so he shoved his small wrinkly cock in my mouth and eventually something warm and bitter forces itself down my throat. I choke and immediately barf beside my bed. He smiles and whispers to me,"forever remember my taste, my favorite cock tease. My golden gift to you."

Before I dozed off I made a mental note and reminded myself to cut him up and eat him alive. Next time. 


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