This is my secret

Hi I'm Ariana and I have a secret that no one can know. I'm 17 years old and I live alone because my parents died a few years ago, it's been kind of hard but I manage. But this secret of mine will soon bring everything I ever worked for to ruin.


3. On the Way to the Concert

    Today is the concert and Max seems more excited than I do.  I know that she's worried too, because when we were getting ready she seemed a little on edge.  " Are you okay Max?" " Yeah, I'm fine, it's just I don't want anything to go wrong during the concert." I could hear the anxiety in her voice as she said this.  " Don't worry if anything goes wrong we'll just have to run." I said that to try to reassure her, but I was only saying that because I felt the same way.  " Hopefully there aren't any Angel's there, so we'll be fine."


  Max's pov:

   " Hopefully there aren't any Angel's there, so we'll be fine."  She said that like she knew it was impossible, but I could tell that she was scared out of her mind.  " Yeah, hopefully."  I really didn't want Ari to hide for the rest of her life, when she has the rest of her life to live and to settle down with a family; while me on the hand have no future my doctor says I only have a year or two to live.  You see, I have cancer, but its only in the first stage so I don't have to start the kemo therapy yet, but sooner or later I'm gonna have too.  " Hey, Ari?" " Yeah Max." I took a hold of her hands because she's my first friend and I don't want her to be sad in the end.  " Hypothetically, if I had only a year or two left to live would promise not to leave me ever, even if you get caught by Angel's promise you'll stay with me."  I looked straight into her eyes because I needed to know that she'll be for me.  " Course, you're my first friend and I wouldn't leave you just to hide I'd stay and fight for you." Let out my breathe that I didn't realize I was holding. " Thanks, I'm glad to know that you'll be there for me."  " But, what made you bring this up?"  " No reason just curious." " Okay, but anyway you look really cute."  I was wearing a white tank top with black swirly designs on it and pink booty shorts with converse.  " Thanks, and you look cute too."  She was wearing purple converse, black booty shorts and a blue tank top with ruffles on the front. " Thanks, so are you ready to go?!"  " Of course I'm ready!"


    ???? pov:

   " Lads this is going to be the best concert ever!"  I tried to sound excited, but the boys could tell I wasn't in the mood.  " You okay mate?"  Liam the responsible one out of us even if he was a bit childish says with a bit of concern. " Yeah, I'm fine it's just--"  " It's just you need to find this girl named Ariana and you need to stop her before she ruins the world ect. ect."  Niall the Irish and really strange one said with a lot of sarcasm in his voice.  " Do you even know what she looks like, mate?"  Liam says as if he knew that I didn't know what she looked like.  " Of course I know what she looks like."  I tried to sound confident but failed.  " Then what does she look like?"  His foot started to tap like my mother used to do when she was waiting for me to explain a situation. " Well, she has brown hair, green eyes, she's about the same height as me." I said that knowing I might be wrong about her appearance.  " Are you positive?"  He was still tapping his foot like he wasn't satisfied with the answer.  " No, truth is I could care less what she looked like.  The main thing is, is that I can sense her when she's near.  " I knew it, do you know how many girls are going to be at this concert, Louis?"  " No, of course not but all I have to do is really feel her presence when or if she goes to tonight's concert."  " Ok, whatever you say mate."  Liam says this with so much satisfaction that I really want to punch him, but don't because that would cause a commotion here. I swear on my Father that I will find her and I will kill her.


   Ari's pov:

   On the way to the concert I could have sworn I heard a voice crying out to me.  " Max, did you hear that?"  " Hear what Ari?"  " Nevermind it's nothing."  It made me worry because it sounded like a guy's voice, but also like he was trapped and scared of something that was coming.  " You have to stay away Ari. Don't come hear it isn't safe for you."  The voice sounded frantic this time like it really didn't want me to go any further than this.  But it's probably just my imagination so I ignored it and that was the biggest mistake of my life and just brought it closer and closer to ruin.     

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