Beatrice Lockwood is a 17 year old girl she is this girl nobody likes at school but loves her brother, she is always insulted and humiliated by the bully of school Justin bieber what happens when he falls for her and her life changes forever....................


2. TWO

After an hour of walking i finally got to school, as i entered the school all eyes were on me, i heard giggles and laughter and side talks, i was angry and sad at the same time and i also felt like loosing it but i just controlled it.i got my ipod and put on my earpiece to block out all the insults before start to cry, i put my head low and headed for class which has't even started yet so decided to still keep my headphones on still its starts,i sat at the back seat and put my head low.class started and i was listening to the teacher talking until i was hit on the shoulder i picked it of the floor and it read"hey dork nice clothes,and pls keep it up and you may be promoted to loser'i rolled my eyes and through it on the floor.


finally class was over i got my books packed in my bag put my headphones back on cause i knew that i will be loaded with insults through out the rest of the day so what do i have to loose. i was about to leave the class room when i hit someone infront of me"oh my gosh i am so sorry"i picked up the books to give when i saw it was justin bieber:the baddest boy in school and a very big bully"HEY WATCH WERE YOU GOING"he yelled at me''i said i'm sorry"i said beginning to cry."its ok SHAWTY"he smirked and i blushed"don't call me that"i was about to leave when he blocked my way''excause me"i spat through my teeth"whoa no need for the attitude shawty"he put his hands in the air like in a surrender."i told you DON'T CALL ME THAT"i tried pushing him through put he was too strong''whatdo you want'i asked politly,he wrote on a piece of paper and put in my back pocket then hit my butt which made me gasp and walked pass me.i went to my locker and put my books in it then i opened up piece of paper which read:call or text me 555-3654892 i gave a sigh and dipped it back into my back pocket and headed for my next class.

justin's pov

i got something out of my locker and headed for my next class as i was entering the class i was hit by this girl who was very pretty then when she raised her head up it was the dork of school,wow i never new that she could be pretty,did i just say that out loud.''oh my gosh i'm so sorry "that's what she said with her sweet voice what am i sayin she is one ugly idiot."WATCH WERE GOING"i yelled at her then she apologised again but this time was about to cry "its okay SHAWTY"i said to her and she blushed a little and i smirked and she said i shouldn't call her that.she was about to leave when i blocked her way and put a note in her back pocket and hit her butt.WHOA i hope i don't like this girl.


i headed to my seat which is at the back of class and my girlfriend ashley came in and gave me a suprise kiss which lasted for about 20 seconds then i realesed my self from the kiss and it was totally unexpected"hi honey, take me out, pick me up at 8,were casuals and i will were pretty as usual''she said and with that she kissed me again and headed to her seat she can be so annoying uh i should really dump her soon.finally class was over and i headed to my locker to put my books away and i saw her she was by the girls bathroom and was looking down(not that i care or anything)i went over to her and asked her what happened she just walked away from and left me standing there alone.(that's the last time i ever try to do something nice for someone)and i left for the last class for the day..SCIENCE.


Beatrice's pov

As i was heading for the next class,i got a call from my mum that my dog died and the puppies got sick(yeah i love animals,don't critice me ok)so i began to cry then big jerk came my way and saw me crying he asked me why i was crying i just ignored him and walked away(i'm never going to share my problems with him its bad enough i am insulted for just walking.i walked to science which was my final class of the day,i entered and to my surprise HE was there,i was so mad i kept my head down hoping he won't notice me but he did he called out to me calling me names and throwing wrappers on me i yelled "YOU IDIOTS SHOULD LEAVE ME ALONE IT'S BAD ENOUGH THAT I HAVE NO ONE TO CALL MY FRIEND IN THIS SCHOOL BUT MY BROTHER ALL OF U SHOULD FUCK OFF ME"i felt good saying that, they all stared at me in astonishment but i didn't care i just walked to my seat at the back and they all began laughing of course that made me really sad then i looked up and saw that justin was't laughing i was shocked then the teacher came in and class began.i just let all the issues behind my head not to bother me during class,i hate my life at school.

Justin's pov

The girl or should i say dork entered the class and she kept her low thinking i won't notice her but i did anyways i called to her calling her names,insulting her and throwing wrappers at her i felt bad at first but i didn't again then she got angry and yelled which suprised everyone in the class especially me they all began to laugh except me what she said really got to me and i started feeling sad and sorry for her,i don't think she deserves to be bullied put i don't even know why i started bullying her maybe just maybe i like her!!!NO its not possible i have a girlfriend a snobish one.i got snapped out of my thought when the teacher came in thank God i think..............



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