Beatrice Lockwood is a 17 year old girl she is this girl nobody likes at school but loves her brother, she is always insulted and humiliated by the bully of school Justin bieber what happens when he falls for her and her life changes forever....................


8. five and half


The principal walked in with the same english guy,justin and another dude(i wonder who the other dude is)


The english guy who had a bruised face was staring at me then he winked which made my cheeks go red i looked at him but justin who also had the bloody nose and bruised face was giving him this death glare,but it looked like the english dude didn't really care,but the other guy,i haven't seen him here before he must be new like the english dude and he was also super cute,i was still lost in my thought when the principal made an announcement,''this two have made a mockery of this school by fighting and it is a big disgrace and dishonour to my name,for this,this two young men are there going to receive punishments depending on their behaviors''and he put the two down''what are your names?''the principal questioned the two boys ignoring the third guy that was there''i'm JB,my peeps call me the jay king or justin and i'm the baddest boy in school,see my face to prove it''he touched his face,which had the bloody nose and bruises all over.''ok mr jb(the pricipal did the didn't care sign with his pointing finger and middle one)judging by your behaviors,you have beaten by other boys and have served lots of punishments,so i therefore say that you are hereby suspended for 2 weeks of school,please get your things and exit the building immediately.''he pointed out the classroom door signalling justin to leave,i was so happy,justin won't be in school for two weeks that means i am saved(whoppee)i showed my expression and i think justin might have seen it cause he did the ''your'e dead hand thing''before leaving the class(ok now i am terrified,but it's a good thing that he doesn't know where i leave i guess.


''ok now for you sunny''the principal brought out the english dude who was hiding behind him.''hello everybody,i'm harold styles but you can call me harry,i'm new here and i didn't mean to get into any trouble with that dude but he was hurting a very pretty girl and i didn't like it so i beat him up and it looks like the baddest boy in school can't beat me now can he''he finished his sentences and the part when he mentioned me i was blushing like crazy and he his so super cute,i think i have my crush well after jb(yeah i liked justin before he started bulling me)i hope he will like me back and men those green eyes i could just marry them or him or whatever........''ok boy you actually look like youre new here since i haven't seen you before so your own have detention through out this week and that means till friday do i make myself clear''he yelled the laast part''y-yes sir''he sluttered.After that the principal,left with the other dude,not introducing himself(i wonder why)whatever,the teacher told him to find a place to sit,i put my head down so he won't sit next to me but i failed like i always do.



I entered the the school,it was actually nice from the looks of it and well i met with this reciptionist,who is really nice she directed me to my class and she gave me this paper which had my classes on it and everything i nedd to know,going to my class i saw this guy with this girl she was really pretty, thought they were going out until i saw he was about to hit the girl(now no guy those that to their girlfriend)i rushed over to them and held the dude's hand so not to hit the lady thank goodness i was on time or else that pretty face would have been distroyed,''you don't hit a girl batty boy''i told him''what is your deal english boy''i saw the girls face she rolled her eyes to what he said(she must really hate this guy)''my deal is you are not to hit this lady or else''i demanded''or else what''the guy said,he really provoked me so bad that i had to hit him,i did on the face and he got a bleedy nose(he deserved it)he hit me back and i did then the girl who was begin bullied ran away from us maybe she didn't want to get in trouble or anything cause by the looks of it she was a goody goody(gg)''you're such an ass you know that''i told him''yeah i know,now back of me and stay away from my girl''

''you're girl,you were just about to hit her''

''i don't see how it was your buisness''

''she is a girl and you are not supposed to hit her''i was about to give him a big blow but we were both stoppped by a fat man,i guess he was the principal or something he took us both up me in on hand and the jerk in another(wow is he strong)''you to are in a load of trouble''he took us into a class and there i saw the girl who begin bullied she was at the back seat..all alone(i think she is like the nobody or bullied(but wow is she gorgeous)the principal said he wanted to make an announcement and then another guy came in maybe he is new like i am.he then said that we should both do something,the jerk went first and after he was done he got expelled(he deserves it)then it was my turn,i played cool and went swiftly,after i was done i got detention for a week but hey i didn't get expelled like some people.:>.the principal left with the othe guy(i wonder why).The teacher told me to find a seat then i went to the back seat were pretty was seating,she put her head down when she saw me like she didn't want to talk or see me(girl you will be mine).i was staring at her like a complete weirdo but i didn't care.Finally the class was over and she rushed out of the class immediately like she dosen't want to see me or talk to me(she is so the hard to get type)but i still like her.


bea's pov

finally the class was over,i couldn't stand that harry dude anymore, he was staring at me like i was the biggest joke in school or i had something on my face,i like him and all but he should really stop with the stare,i had to run out of the class as fast as i could cause i didn't want him talking or staring at me anymore so i just left hoping he wouldn't come after me.i got to my locker to put away my books and at that point i was really happy cause i won't hopefully see justin again and my face and body is bruised free,but i was sad because now theres a guy who i think is turning out to be a weirdo but the good thing is he is a good weirdo(wink).


it was break so i headed to the cafeteria to grab something to eat cause after all this shit i was really hungry and i was stressed and i am a stress eater.i grabbed some pancakes(i know they i like breakfast food but men i am really stressed and i don't really care what i eat as long as it is edible)and a bottle of water and an apple,i headed to a seat and wow was the cafe- packed,it was really difficult though cause no one wanted me to seat with them i was so desperate to talk or seat with someone i went on and sat with ths nerdy,geeky computer guys cause i even thought i was park of their group but i wasn't there wasn't any seat left i was about going to a corner to eat when i heard my name''hey beatrice''I looked back and it was harry that english dude(how did he know my name) he signalled me to come over to him,i saw justin's crew with him and some other popular people( he just came to school and already he is sitting with the most popular people in the whole school that is so weird,i have been in this school since junior school and i haven't even had a true friend).i was desperate since i don't have anywhere to sit and i was really hungry,i went over to where he was sitting and he patted the space next to him,i rolled my eyes and sat next to him,death glares where given to me and stares and whispering was passed around and am guessing it was about me''don't mind them ignore it and it will go away''harry whispered to me''i know i'm used to it since you are new here you probably wouldn't know that''i said softly in his ear with my hot breath making him groan out loud,everyone around the table stopped their conversations to look at us,i giggled softly as his cheeks went red(it was cute the way he blushes:wait did i just say that!!!)they looked at him again and gave him a thats ok smile then they looked at me and gave me the stop medalling with our guy look(they must really hate me)i stopped giggling and immeadiately went sad i was about to cry then he said something i have never heard anyone in this school tell me''i am really sorry and i knew you where the begin bullied after i saw you with that jerk,but you don't look like someone who should be bullied,you gorgeous and most of all you have and awsome fashion sense''he winked at me then i blushed''thanks and i really don't know why i am begin bullied''i looked into his green eyes they were perfect,i could just rest there and melt in them,he took me into a hug and i hugged back,we were looked at by the popular girls on the table,they were giving me death glares but i didn't care i loved the hug and i think i found my new crush.''how did you get on this table,it is like the most popular and restricted table in the whole cafeteria''i whispered in his ear realsing myself from the hug''umm i just came over here to sit cause there wasn't any sit left and they didn't refuse,they were even happy that i sat here don't know why and they welcomed me to the so called group''he rolled his eyes and bent his middle finger and pointing finger like beign sarcarstic,''seriously, do you know how many people have been trying for years to sit on this table?and i a nobody is sitting here''i gestured poking my food with a fork''well then since you're with me you a kindda a popular girl cause i am one''he smiled at me and began eating his food,what he told me got to me i just smiled and ate my food, i was really hungry.


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