Vampire Direction

Three girls called Selena, Ariana and Taylor (NOT SELENA GOMEZ, ARIANA GRANDE AND TAYLOR SWIFT) are in a girl band called Peace. They're best friends with One Direction, Eleanor Calder and Little Mix, who turn out to be vampires. They turn Ariana, Selena and Taylor into vampires. Then what will happen in the battle against the enemies of vampires, werewolves?
**This book doesn't have anything to do with sex. Only contains fighting and there is a major battle at the end**


2. Chapter Two!

Louis' P.O.V:

I need to tell you something, it's a very big secret. Me, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry, Eleanor, Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade are all vampires. Crazy right? We have managed to keep it a secret the whole 2 years we've been blood-suckers. Me and the boys were the first to turn, when it was Halloween week of the X Factor. We walked off away from the other contestant's when we went into the London Dungeons and nearly got lost.


"Well done Harry, you got us lost!" I said and playfully ruffled Harry's curly hair.

"Guys don't take it all out on Ha- Did anyone just hear that?" Liam said. We all nodded, someone was walking really fast around us, trying to scare us. It was either one of the other contestant's playing a trick on us, or this was real.

"Okay Matt, very funny you can come to us now" Zayn said. Then we realised it wasn't Matt (Matt Cardle). Me and the boys held onto each other, scared of whatever it was trying to freak us out.

Then I saw a light, a tiny little light moving closer towards us getting bigger as it moved closer. I could feel Niall shaking, and Harry had hold of my arm. We all stayed silent. There was more footsteps, it sounded like there was more than one person.

"Hello boys" a manly voice said, more like yelled, and we fell to the floor screaming like girls. I looked up to see a strong, muscular guy, with red eyes and fangs. He had a whole gang with him, there was six of them, two were girls.

"W-who th-the hell are y-you?" I managed to spit out, I looked at my hands and they were shaking like hell.

"Don't you see, we're vampires. Blood-suckers, and you're lucky we found you" one of the girls said with a Australian accent. My eyes went huge, they were vampires?! I didn't even know they were real.

"We can help you get out of here" the leader started.

"Don't listen to them boys, they just want to suck our blood and kill us" Liam said, then the leader grabbed Liam, lifting him off the ground by his shirt.

"Someone here's tryin' to be smart" the guy said and punched Liam, before throwing him to the floor.

"Liam!" Niall shouted and ran to him, but one of the guys picked him up.

"Where do you think you're going little leprechaun?" he said.

"N-n-nowhere!" Niall stuttered, I could see the worried look in his eyes.

"Don't kill them, just turn them. All five of them," The leader says and the other four vampires behind him grab one of us boys, "turn Blondie first, then the one who I hurt earlier. Then Curly, Stripey and the guy with the big black quiff"

We all look at Niall, the vampire who's holding him sinks his fangs into Niall's neck. Niall's eyes were filled with pain and tears, he started screaming. Then I realised what he meant by 'turn them'. THEY WERE GOING TO TURN US INTO VAMPIRES!!!!!

Flashback ended

Then when I met Eleanor, I realised that she was my true love. When a vampire finds there one true love they will turn them into a vampire. So that's exactly what I did to El. Obviously Zayn turned Perrie and she turned the rest of Little Mix so that they were all the same.

I know that Harry wants to turn Taylor, Liam wants to turn Ariana. Also, I shouldn't really tell you guys this yet but Niall has a crush on Selena!


Author's Note!:

Hey guys, vas happenin'? Sorry this chapter is a bit short but I had to really quickly type this 'cause I have some family around today. So I can't update until tomorrow or the day after, sorry! :(

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