it might sound weird but when im hurt physically and mentally i fade.... 16 years ago i was born but i didnt breath, i didnt cry, i didnt have a pulse. i was taken away from my parents, i was a still-born. just when everyone thought it was over 5 days later i came to life!


4. Mute

Urgh school, the word that makes you get up early and study well, so much effort. Most girls wore their best clothes and covered their face in make up just to try and attract some boys but let me tell ya it's the least attractive thing! I didn't think much about what I wore I just threw on a black tee shirt with a white patterned skull in the middle and some navy high waist shorts. I shoved some studded converse on my feet grabbed one of my SnapBacks parted my long blonde hair so it went over each shoulder and quickly put on some mascara. I grabbed my shoulder bag and was out the door, skipping breakfast like normal. I made my hair so you could clearly see my blue highlights, personally I love them! I looked down and there hanging around my neck was the locket my parents gave me it had a picture of them on each side. I had my hoop earrings in like normal and my other ear piercings, I had 3 piercings in each lobe and an ear cuff in my right ear. I also have my belly button pierced, not that it matters. I walked to school in my own little world, I was listening to my music when I saw him. I'm pretty sure that it's Liam. But I've never seen him walk along this street before! I know that he's not new because I've seen him in school a few times! Maybe he's just moved down this street or maybe he always had lifts? I watched him as he walked, he walked on his own like me. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a dirty white vest top and a jean jacket, the sleeves torn off at the shoulder. You could see his tattoos and he only had his bag on one shoulder. He too was listening to music. 

Just before the school gate he met up with a group of guys they too were covered in tattoos except for one dude, he didn't have any. Together they looked like a group you didn't want to mess with! I walked past quickly but a hand grabbed my shoulder and spun me around "thank you" he said "for everything" 

Urgh class where cool kids can't seem to get over themselves! Preppy girls in your face and people giving you dirty looks! I never speak in class only if I really have to but It would usually be only one word. Many people think I'm mute. Some people try to talk to me but then think I'm being rude and ignoring them! No I'm not ignoring you I just don't feel overly compelled to speak to you! 

I still try my best in class as weird as it sounds but I do, even though my dream of becoming a doctor was slipping further and further away, I still tried. 

I never usually ate lunch in the cafeteria I usually grabbed a sandwich or an apple and ate it under a tree. But today it was different I was sat under that tree with my sandwich and apple (I couldn't make up my mind so I had both) when Liam's group of friends came and sat with me I thought that they just sat there for a minuet waiting for Liam where ever he is, but then one said hi. I turned my head around to find the four of them looking at me "umm..hi" I replied quietly "do you know about Liam?" one said. I guess they were talking about the fading thing so I nodded my head slowly "are you the same?" the blonde one asked I just looked at my hands and sighed. I didn't like people knowing about it but i guess its too late now "so are we." they said. 

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