it might sound weird but when im hurt physically and mentally i fade.... 16 years ago i was born but i didnt breath, i didnt cry, i didnt have a pulse. i was taken away from my parents, i was a still-born. just when everyone thought it was over 5 days later i came to life!


6. Hate

It's been three years since that fight, I'm 19 now, I don't see much of the boys now, not even Liam. The followed their dreams and ended up becoming a band and winning the worlds hearts! But there is one person I see quite a bit, Niall.

Me and Niall have been best friends ever since we first met, so I know he's sensitive and I know he sometimes cry's, but lately its been another story, he's been so broken, so many tears have been shed, so much heart and confidence lost. He tells me everything. We sometimes talk all through the night. He shows me the hate he gets on twitter and on other social networking sights, but mainly twitter. I didn't think it was possible for me to love someone so much that the hate he gets makes me feel broken, deflated, distraught! I feel as much pain and sadness as if the said it to me and were inflicting it on me. I just wish everyone could see just what n amazing boy he is! What a mirical it was that he was bor! I wish everyone could see just how much he means to me! No matter what happened I have been by his side, no matter what will happen I will be by his side, no matter I will always be there!

The way he cry's into the crook of my neck only breaks me more but it Los makes me stronger! There is so much to be said, but not or enpught words to describe i! Knowing that my voice kept him going, kept him strong, knowing that my words have made a difference, I will die happy knowing that him and the world l ow how much he means to me will complete my heart! I love him for him he sahouldnt change because some idiot wants him to. Luke my mum said to me when I was little "don't change to make people like you! Stay as you are and the right people will like you. " 

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