Niall's baby

How will Niall cope with having a child. How will Emily mange when Niall is on tour..will they be able to cope with all the stress of having a baby. Find out when you read my first fanfic! Hope you guys like it.


5. Living with twins

Emily: Nialler what are we going to call our beautiful boys,can you think of any boys names that you like? 

Niall: I think we should name one of the each. I like the name Dylan, what do you think?

Emily: I love that name!! I also love the name Reece! 

Niall: That's settled then! Dylan and Reece our boys!! I love being a daddy to our two gorgeous boys! I love you Emily 

Emily: I love you too Niall baby! Our life is perfect right now. I've got you and our boys and that's all that matters! 

*wah* *wah* 

Niall: I'll go baby, you rest now princess, I love you and I'm so proud of you! 

Niall: I love you Dylan and Reece, you two and your beautiful mummy are my world *kisses them both on the head* 

Emily: Our babies are perfect! I love my family so much! 


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