Desdemona, Mona for short, has a secret. Mona dreams, and in the world she lives in, dreams are unheard of. Mona's dreams are horrifying, people are dying, the streets are bare and everything is lifeless. But Mona is about to find out that reality and dreams, can get confused. Mona is waking up, her dreams are her reality and she is in danger. When Desdemona wakes up in the world she sees in her dreams how can she cope with knowing it's all a lie. The Dream-makers need to put her back to sleep whether through death or putting her back in her pod.

Blake has been awake for years an never seen another human being before, so when he finds Mona, crouched in a dirty alleyway, naked, he is more than a tad shocked. Mona has no idea what is going on, she is scared and Blake might be the only one who can save her from the dream makers. One thing she knows for sure, she doesn't want to go back to her dream world.


5. 4

Fear consumed me but there was nothing I could do, whilst feeling slowly returned to me the boy/ man/ whatever carried me. Even though I probably could have moved I didn't want to just in case whoever this was really wanted to kill me. That would not be fun. 

He carried me until he got to a dark ally way, the stench of it made my eyes water and it looked seriously unhygienic. Then again it looked like no one had lived on these streets for years, so there probably weren't people to clean them. 

I'm a freaking genius! Ugh, sometimes I wanted to slap myself with a rusty hammer. 

"It will all be okay Desdemona, we just have to get through the night." The guy was saying. My gaze went from the floor where he had placed me to his face, in my new ability to really see I saw that he had blue eyes an blonde hair, Adolph Hitler would have liked him. 

"How do you know my name?" I asked, slowly inching away from him and deeper in the gap created between a wall and a dumpster. Despite the fact that he had gotten me out of that place, I didn't trust him. Not one bit.

"I work at the place that I just took you away from, of course I know your name. They ordered me to terminate you, but I couldn't." He shook his head sadly.

"Why not? I know they killed that other girl, Anna." I said. Now that he admitted to working for those people... I was more likely to hit him over the head with a wooden plank then talk to him. Suddenly I remembered that I was naked, guess they never heard of clothes in that place, so I wrapped my arms around my chest and closed my legs tightly together to stop him from seeing anything. 

"I just... couldn't. I don't know why. Listen, I'm sorry but I have to go back, they need to believe I got rid of you. If you can get through one night you should be fine, there might be old clothes in the houses. Just... stay out of sight." Said the guy before he left. I was stranded, in a world I didn't know, alone. Well if this didn't prove life sucked what did? 

I curled up in the cap and turned by back to the wind, trying to regain some warmth. Tears started to fall from my eyes like snowflakes, at least they were silent. I was so scared, though if someone called me on it I would probably deny it. As I leant against the wall, I found myself drifting off to sleep. 


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