Desdemona, Mona for short, has a secret. Mona dreams, and in the world she lives in, dreams are unheard of. Mona's dreams are horrifying, people are dying, the streets are bare and everything is lifeless. But Mona is about to find out that reality and dreams, can get confused. Mona is waking up, her dreams are her reality and she is in danger. When Desdemona wakes up in the world she sees in her dreams how can she cope with knowing it's all a lie. The Dream-makers need to put her back to sleep whether through death or putting her back in her pod.

Blake has been awake for years an never seen another human being before, so when he finds Mona, crouched in a dirty alleyway, naked, he is more than a tad shocked. Mona has no idea what is going on, she is scared and Blake might be the only one who can save her from the dream makers. One thing she knows for sure, she doesn't want to go back to her dream world.


3. 3

My surroundings were different this time, I was still in my glass prison and the swirling, frosty mist still floated around me but I could see further this time. I was outside and... there was nothing. From what I could tell I was on the street but it was nothing like the streets I had seen before, it was ... baron. Everything was lifeless and grey. Dead.  I wanted to scream but I feared what might happen. I listened around but there was no sounds other than my breathing, I was alone. For some reason I got the sudden urge to go exploring. However, I could not move, my limbs felt too heavy. I was about to close my eyes again when suddenly the glass lid was opened and a young man appeared before me, I felt too drowsy to even move.

"It's okay Desdemona, it's all going to be okay." The boy said, or maybe he was older. It was all to fuzzy, I couldn't tell. Well whoever he was and however old he was, he managed to lift me from the glass case with ease in a bridal position. Suddenly an alarm went of and the boy began running with me in his arms, as he held me in the warmth of his arms I began to regain control of my limbs. There was one thing I knew for certain with every passing second. This was not a dream. 

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