Last chance for a goodbye

Hi I'm Simone (si-mown) and this is my first story,
Jodi was an ordinary girl who had a 19-year old sister named Jillian. Jodi was 10 years old, one day, she got lost at the park looking for her mom until, a strange woman took care of her and helped her find her mother which took about a week. Realizing, she had just changed her sisters life.... And then the whole story takes place, with Jillian in the middle.... What happens next? Find out!


17. New Girl

Harrys P.O.V.

I really like Yanna but her sickening cousins are terrible! Except for Jodi and Sasa. I might as well move on! I mean I can't be with her If her terrible cousins won't let me! They'll let her think I'm the bad guy! Er.... I wish they would just mind their own business!!!!! So I better go home. It makes me sick staying here at this crazy park. As I was walking home my eyes landed on something too good to be true! She was even more beautiful then Jillian but, for some reason I feel guilty looking at her. But, I decided to talk. She was really pretty and funny too. She had the most beautiful brown eyes and straight brown hair that sways in the wind. She was skinny though, and she had the most perfect smile ever. I couldn't stop staring! She was beautiful. I wanted to approach her until, Zayn tapped me on the shoulder and said, "She is so pretty Harry! Think I should.... I dunno maybe a........ Talk to her?" He asked. "No way, Zayn! She is mine! I saw her first!" I replied. "You can't get her Harry! She'll fall for me! She won't go for a sucker like you!" He angrily said. "Watch me!" I said lowering my voice. "Hahaha... You are a man after all! Good luck Harry! Oh and inform me if she turns you down." He said with an evil smirk on his face. I'm surprised Zayn gave up easily. But he did say he would date her if she turns me down though! But..... That's never gonna happen. I approached her and tried to start a conversation. I'm surprised she said she was a fan though, cause she didn't scream in my face like other fans and like Yanna. She was perfect! I'm glad I let go of Yanna already. But, I still feel guilty for breaking her heart. I just wish she would move on. I already have. But somehow I still have feelings for her but every time I look at this new girl, I feel something that I've never felt with Yanna. This girl was special! "What's your name, beautiful?" I asked. She blushed. "It's, .........


hey everyone!

Louis gf-Eleanor

Zayns gf-Yanna

Nialls gf- ?

Liams gf-?

Harrys gf-FeBrOnIa 1DLoVeR

congrats! But remember, there is still Niall and Liam! Start commenting now! Deal ends at August 18,2013 BYE!!! :) mwah*

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